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Janelle-Li is the first and only female member of the Brotherhood of Guardians to date and she is mother of the infamous Athair.


Resuming the Mantle of Guardian

Janelle-Li fulfilled her duty as Guardian of Angel Island and had passed on the mantle to her son Athair when he was ten years of age, disappearing behind the fire wall to Haven. Shortly afterwards however, the Ancient Walkers appeared to Athair and informed him of a higher calling. They then transported him to Haven where he explained his new purpose to Janelle-Li. Recognizing that some other destiny was in store for her son, Janelle-Li returned to Angel Island to resume the position of Guardian while Athair became Mitre of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas.

Death and Afterlife

Some years later, Janelle-Li contracted a fatal disease, which provoked her grandson Sabre to ask his father to return to his role as Guardian. When Athair refused, Sabre went in his place, and as a result caused a rift between him and his father that was never healed. Janelle-Li died, and resides in the afterlife with other Brotherhood members who appeared at Knuckles' funeral.

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