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Sonic in the Jade Gully Zone.

Jade Gully Zone is a scrapped level that would have appeared on the Sega Saturn cancelled video game, Sonic X-treme. This is the first Zone of Sonic X-treme. The stage is shown to be a peaceful area, nearby a gully, hence its name. It has similar designs as to Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog, Emerald Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Mushroom Hill Zone from Sonic & Knuckles. Fang the Sniper and a boss called "Emerald Cat" would have been encountered at this stage as bosses.[citation needed]

Jade Gully Zone was going to have three Acts: "Emerald Clouds", "Wolf Den" and "Bamboo Transit".


  • Windy Hill from the video game Sonic Lost World takes many elements from this stage.
  • This Zone was given more information than the rest of the Zones shown on Sonic X-treme.
  • In some screenshots of the Fang the Sniper boss fight from this Zone, Sonic can be seen doing his Spin Slash attack from this game.



Jade Gully Sonic Xtreme

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