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The Jade Ghost is a transformation which appears indirectly in Team Sonic Racing. It is the Color Power gained by absorbing a Jade Wisp and its Hyper-go-on, which turns the user into an invisible entity.


The exact form the user assumes when transforming into the Jade Ghost is unknown, as the users of this Color Power has only been using it indirectly. However, those that harness the power of the Jade Ghost become completely transparent.


In Team Sonic Racing, the Jade Ghost makes an appearance as a product of the Jade Wisp power-ups that can be obtained on the race tracks. In this game, rather than transforming the playable character when using the Jade Ghost, the game manifests the Jade Ghost's power instead.

To use the Jade Ghost in gameplay, the player has to press PSXButton/A button/Switch b while in possession of a Jade Wisp. Once activated, the user will become invisible to all opponents, allowing them to avoid detection from rivals in order to evade being attacked by them. However, the user can still be seen by teammates to make it easier for them to use team actions while using the Jade Ghost's power. In addition, to the user's teammates, the user will be surrounded by a jade glow while using the Jade Ghost.[1]

Powers and abilities

As the Jade Ghost, the user is able to turn themselves completely invisible, thus allowing them to move around without being visibly detected by opponents. The Jade Ghost's only known weakness is that it can only be used for a few seconds and requires more Hyper-go-on from Jade Wisps to be maintained.


  • The Jade Ghost is currently the only Color Power not to have a physical form, as it has not appeared in a game where it can directly effect the user.



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