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Change into Ghost Form with the Jade Wisp. In Ghost Form, you can fly around and attack enemies. You can even target enemies through solid objects. Earn Ghost Energy for each successful attack on an enemy. Look out for Ghost Anchors. Attack them to find secret paths!

Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic Colors: Ultimate

The Jade Ghost (ジェイド・ゴースト Jeido Gōsuto?) is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the Color Power gained by absorbing a Jade Wisp and its Hyper-go-on, which turns the user into a ghost-like entity.


When using the Jade Ghost, the user turns into a green ghost-like entity. In Sonic's case, his entire body turns into a large version of his own head with no facial features except for his eyes, which do not have pupils and are yellow, and his ears which do not have ear canals. His quills also become shorter and rounded at the tips.

Game appearances

Team Sonic Racing

In Team Sonic Racing, the Jade Ghost makes an appearance as a product of the Jade Wisp Item Box power-ups that can be obtained on the race tracks. In this game, rather than transforming the playable character when using the Jade Ghost, the game manifests the Jade Ghost's power instead.

To use the Jade Ghost in gameplay, the player has to press PSXButton.png/A button.png/Switch b.png while in possession of a Jade Wisp. Once activated, the playable character will become invisible to their enemies, but their teammates will still be able to see them. It also causes the user to become semi-intangible and start hovering slightly above ground. As a result, it negates the effects of rough terrain and stage hazards for the playable character, enabling them to cut corners or take shortcuts usually only available to Technique and Power-Types respectively. It even allows the user to drive through other racers and be unaffected by offensive Color Powers. However, the user will be unable to pick up Item Boxes or Rings. Additionally when the effect ends, the Jade Ghost will steal a Wisp from a nearby racer.[1]

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

In Sonic Colors: Ultimate, the Jade Ghost returns as a transformation. In gameplay, while transformed into the Jade Ghost, Sonic is able to fly around and discover alternate paths.[2] The Jade Ghost is also able to phase through solid walls and objects like Unbreakable Containers by homing in on gimmicks and enemies on the other side of the aforementioned obstructions with the Ghost Attack, regardless of obstacles and walls between them. In addition, while the Jade Ghost is in effect, gimmicks called Ghost Anchors will appear out of nowhere. These gimmicks can be targeted by the Jade Ghost with the Ghost Attack and be used to pull the Jade Ghost towards them.[3]

Sonic using the Jade Ghost, from Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

To use the Jade Ghost in gameplay, the player must possess a Jade Wisp. If the player is in an area not suited for the Jade Ghost however, the Jade Wisp will go dormant (which is illustrated by its on-screen icon sleeping), thus preventing the player from becoming the Jade Ghost. Once transformed into the Jade Ghost, the player's Wisp Gauge starts to deplete, and once it runs out, the playable character will revert back to normal. To extend its duration, the player has to collect more Jade Wisps or attack enemies successfully in order to earn "Ghost Energy" for the Wisp Gauge.

When using the Jade Ghost in gameplay, the player has the following controls:

Xbox One PS4 Switch PC
Activate Jade Ghost Xbox RT2-1.png R1ps3.png Switch r.png
Ghost Attack

Powers and abilities

As the Jade Ghost, the user is able to turn themselves invisible, which enables them to move around without being visibly detected by opponents. The Jade Ghost also makes the user intangible, thus allowing them to pass through obstacles and avoid unwanted attacks. In addition, the Jade Ghost enables the user to hover through midair.


The Jade Ghost's only known weakness is that it can only be used for a few seconds and requires more Hyper-go-on from Jade Wisps to be maintained.


Game Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Sonic Colors: Ultimate "Color Power - Jade Ghost" Tomoya Ohtani 0:59


  • The Jade Ghost is currently the only Color Power without official artwork of its transformation.
  • In Team Sonic Racing, the Jade Ghost shares similar abilities to the Boo item in the Mario Kart games.




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