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Ixis Vale is a Mobian from the time of the Forgotten War. She is a wind mage and a member of the Order of Ixis. Her master is Ixis Mogul.


As one of the Ixis Mogul's minions, Vale watched the process of the many war fronts on Mobius during the Forgotten War. She was the one who brought news to Ixis Mogul when the Albion Knights of Aurora had abandoned their post of work as the results of the Order declaring war. After her death, she was placed in a tomb in the present day of Windy Valley by Soumerica. (SU #43)

Ixis Vale Tombstone

Ixis Vale's tombstone.

In the present day on Mobius, the Secret Freedom Fighters Silver, Shard, and Larry go inside the tomb on their mission to track down Geoffrey St. John. Geoffrey, who was reading the "crypt of Ixis Vale....", had overheard the Secret Freedom Fighters and escaped from them. The three then get trapped inside the tomb, thus finding the crypt of Ixis Vale, as well. (SU #41)

As Geoffrey comes to his master after finding the crypt, he had the bones of Ixis Vale and Naugus will use them to control the minds of New Mobotropolis's Republic of Acorn and its headquarters to make an Ixis Resurgence. (SU #43)

The bones of Ixis Vale, however, were used in a spell that would take over the Republic of Acorn. Luckily, the Secret Freedom Fighters were able to come and stop Naugus from his spell to come alive. As Silver had got the bones of Ixis Vale, Shard had turn the bones into dust, thus Ixis Vale has no parts remaining of herself nor will Naugus' spell ever come. (StH #44)


  • When she was first named in Sonic the Hedgehog #53, her name was spelled "Vail."
  • It is unknown what species of bird Ixis Vale was; Ian Flynn has stated that she may have been intended as a crow.[1]


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