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Send and receive Wisps with teammates anywhere on the track!

— Spotlight trailer, Team Sonic Racing

The Item Box Transfer is a move that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is a technique that allow car racers to grant their teammates a Wisp from anywhere on the track.


The Item Box Transfer is a team action that certain racing cars can pull off. With it, a car racer can request or offer an Item Box power-up to their teammates to help themselves or their teammates out throughout the race.


Team Sonic Racing manual description of the Item Box Transfer.

In gameplay, if the player has obtained an Item Box, they can transfer to a teammate instead of using it themselves. They can do this by pressing the Transfer Item button (Circle/B button/Switch a), which will offer their Item Box to a teammate. A notification with a depleting gray gauge on it will then appear at the top of their teammate's screen, saying that they are offering an item. This notification will stay on top of the screen until its gray gauge is emptied. If a teammate responds by pressing the Transfer Item button back before the gray gauge empties, they will receive the Item Box from the offering playable character. After the transfer process, the receiver can receive three of that Item Box power-up even if the sender only had one, although this does not apply to the more powerful power-ups such as the Yellow Wisp.

Handing over power-ups with the Item Box Transfer is the only way for characters from other classes to obtain Wisps not assigned to their class (e.g. Power-Type character are the only ones who can use Pink Wisps, but by handing it over with Item Box Transfer, Technique-Type or Speed-Type characters will be able to use them as well).

Additionally, If a player needs an Item Box but are not being offered one, they can press the Transfer Item button to send a request to their teammates. If a teammate with an item responds by pressing the Transfer Item button back, they will send their power-up to he requesting teammate. Also, pulling off the Item Box Transfer will charge both the player's Ultimate Meter and their teammates'.