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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
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The Island of Nimbus,[1] also referred to as Nimbus Island,[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was an island filled with abandoned factories until it was sunken into the sea.


The industrial city on the Island of Nimbus.

The Island of Nimbus was a small island located in a bay that is surrounded by mountains. It had an abandoned industrial city where oil was once being extracted. Despite being abandoned though, there were still old, unused chemicals here. Most of the buildings were likewise intended for factory purposes and had chimneys. There were also special underground machines for extracting oil. In addition, the Island of Nimbus was surrounded by cracked glass pipes that were used to transport oil.[1]


TV series

Season one

The Cloud Burster on the Island of Nimbus.

In the present day, Sonic went to the Island of Nimbus to see if there were anybody to warn about Dr. Robotnik, who was coming to the island to collect the chemicals that were to be loaded onboard his Cloud Burster. Sonic did not find anyone on the island though, so he headed back home. Not long after, Dr. Robotnik, Snively and their Swat-Bots arrived on the Island of Nimbus and began loading chemicals onboard the Cloud Burster. Snively also brought Sally, Bunnie and Antoine to the island, whom Robotnik ordered to be trapped in a special cage and used to lure Sonic to them. Sonic soon after approached the island, but the Cloud Burster had already taken off. Onboard the Cloud Burster, Robotnik ordered a self-guiding fireball to be fired at Sonic from behind. Sonic, however, managed to run away from the fireball through one of the glass tubes connected to the island, before extinguishing it by having it follow him into the water. When Sonic then got out of the water, Swat-Bots surrounded him. However, Sonic managed to sink them. Sonic later intended to save his friends, but the Cloud Burster had already begun spraying its chemicals into the atmosphere. To stop the Cloud Burster, Sonic buried underground and started an old oil extraction machine. A moment later, oil bursted out of the chimneys and flooded the Cloud Burster, forcing Robotnik and Snively to escape the aircraft. Sonic then got his friends out of their cage with the aid of a Power Ring. The heroes proceeded to escape the Island of Nimbus, which began to explode before sinking into the sea as a result of Sonic's actions underground.[1]


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