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The Island of Nimbus,[1] also referred to as Nimbus Island,[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was an island with abandoned factories located on Mobius.


The Island of Nimbus was a small island in a bay surrounded by a mountain range. It held a seemingly abandoned, high-tech industrial city that was used to drill for oil.[1]


When Antoine Depardieu, Sally, and Bunnie Rabbot got captured by Snively after attempting to hijack the Cloud Burster, the three were imprisoned on the Island of Nimbus. Tracking his friends to the Island of Nimbus, Sonic the Hedgehog dealt with some Swat-Bots before locating his friends. However, before he could save them, he was forced to bring down the Cloud Burster before it could spew acid rain on Mobius. Using some gears under the island, Sonic triggered an oil sprout that struck the Cloud Burster and made it crash. Returning to his friends, Sonic freed them using a Power Ring. However, due to Sonic's activities underground, the island began to sink, forcing the heroes to escape.[1]


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