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Sonic Adventure 2
Iron Gate

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Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Security breach at Gate 3! Intruder has been located in the north quadrant, and is moving in the direction of the underground base. All units prepare to engage: basic emergency battle formations. Standard battle formations initiated. Locate and stop intruder from reaching the security area. This is not a drill. Repeat; this is not a drill.

— Speakers, Sonic Adventure 2

Iron Gate is the first stage of the Dark story in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and is playable as Dr. Eggman. This stage takes place within the G.U.N. stronghold on Prison Island.


The layout of Iron Gate is basically the same as repeated process over and over again, with new twists when a room is entered. This stage gives the player an idea of what the future levels are like.

Iron Gate appears similar to Tails' Prison Lane, since the two stages take place in different areas of Prison Island.


Having read his grandfather's diary which revealed the existence of a top secret military weapon he had invented, Dr. Eggman went to Iron Gate in order to retrieve the weapon and use it for himself in order to conquer the world. When Eggman blows into the Iron Gate on Prison Island, the security systems try to block him off by closing all the metal security doors, forcing Eggman to destroy in order to pass through.

At the bottom of Iron Gate, Dr. Eggman finally succeeds in penetrating the base and finds grandfather's project, codenamed Project Shadow. To his surprise, however, the weapon is revealed to be a hedgehog named Shadow the Hedgehog.


Throughout the level, the security system will alert enemies to Dr. Eggman's presence by announcing the level he is on. The security of the level gets tougher depending on the security level Dr. Eggman is on. Most of the time, the player must try to shoot locks off doors or destroy enemies while on moving platforms.


1st Mission: Get to the core of the military base!

2nd Mission: Collect 100 rings!

As long as the player does not get hit, collecting 100 Rings in this stage is fairly easy. To so in under one minute and thirty-five seconds, however, requires the player to take a detour when they reach the room with the first level-three doors. Upon entering, the player should walk straight ahead, and they should see a large pipe with a Spring at the end. They should use it to bounce up onto a platform to the left, then destroy the Steel Container to reveal another Spring. The player must then bounce off this Spring and Hover over to the platform on the right. The player will find ten Rings and three Springs which will bounce them up to a pipe above, where there is a row of rings the player can Hover through before dropping back down and continuing on.

3rd Mission: Find the lost Chao!

The Mystic Melody, Large Cannon, and Jet Engine Level Up Items are required for this mission. To find the Chao, the same detour that is described in the "Collect 100 Rings" section must be taken, but the player should drop down next to the Ancient Ruin instead of back onto the main path. They must play the Mystic Melody near the shrine to cause a series of platforms to appear which lead to a Pulley. The player should ride it into the room above and head around the corner to the right. This will take them to a dead-end where another Ancient Ruin lies. They must play the Mystic Melody again, and a Spring and some more platforms appear. The player can find the Chao on the other side of the platforms at the top level against the center of the wall.

4th Mission: Reach the goal within 4 minutes 0 seconds!

This mission is very easy. The player simply needs to continuously fire and try to destroy the doors before they reach them.

Last Mission: Clear Hard mode!

The only significant difference in Iron Gate's Hard mode are the addition of more aggressive enemies and the disappearance of quite a few Rings.

Level Up Item

The Level Up Item in Iron Gate in Dr. Eggman's Laser Blaster, although it cannot be reached until the player gets the Large Cannon from Weapons Bed.

Chao Container locations

  1. In the room following the first Point Marker, the player should take the lift on their right to reach the ledge where the first Chao Container is located.
  2. In the Level 3 area of the stage, amongst the Wooden Containers, the second Chao Container is located just before the third Point Marker and Level 4 door.
  3. The third Chao Container is located in the room where the Goal Ring is.


Big the Cat sighting

Big the Cat in Iron Gate, from the 2012 remaster of Sonic Adventure 2.

In the first elevator shaft, the player must stand on the bridge before the "Level 2" door. From there, Big can be seen to the left, hanging onto the wall further down the shaft.


Score Rank
20,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
18,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
16,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
14,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<14,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Time Rank
1:35 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
1:45 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
2:00 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
2:30 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
>2:30 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Time Rank
2:00 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
2:15 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
2:30 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
3:00 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
>3:00 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Score Rank
20,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
18,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
16,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
14,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<14,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Score Rank
19,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
17,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
15,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
12,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<12,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Remember Me? - M.F.M. ...for Iron Gate" Jun Senoue 2:20


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