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Iron Dominion Takeover

The Iron Dominion invade New Mobotropolis.

The Iron Dominion Takeover was an event that occurred on the planet Mobius in the year 3237 in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. Within these series of events, the Iron Dominion took over the Eggman Empire thanks to the efforts of Snively Robotnik right after Dr. Eggman lost to Sonic the Hedgehog during the Invasion of the Eggdome strike-out battle between the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix against the Eggman Empire and Dark Egg Legion. Later, The Iron Dominion then take over New Mobotropolis after a series of strike-outs against the Freedom Fighters, namely Sonic. This event has become one of the longest saga in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, taking twelve issues of the regular Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and four issues for its spin-off comic, Sonic Universe.



Egg Network chat

Snively on "chat" with Regina Ferrum.

During the Mobius • Moebius Clash, Dr. Eggman had sent out Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge out to take care of Sonic the Hedgehog and his Moebius counterpart, Scourge the Hedgehog. Unfortunately, both of the units were destroyed by their organic counterparts, thus upon hearing this, Snively Robotnik, had called to last resorts and accessed the Eggnet to contact the Grandmasters for their check-ups. He came across one Grandmaster, named Regina Ferrum, the leader of the Iron Monarchs in the Dragon Kingdom, who Snively quickly fell in love with. He then set up plans after Eggman's fall... (StH #191, #192, #194)

The Iron Dominion

Snively welcoming the Iron Dominion.

The Eggman Empire was about to fall badly. Sonic had led the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix to New Megaopolis inside the Eggdome to prepare a strike-out attack inside. Sonic had come across all odds and defeated Eggman's last resort, the Egg Tarantula. When Eggman had lost, the doctor went to the brick of insanity. Snively had then told Sonic after defeating Eggman that he now has to deal with him. And thus, the Freedom Fighters had won. They assumed the Second Robotnik War was over and done with. Little did they realize that Snively had called reinforcements. He then introduced the Iron Queen, the Iron King, and their Iron Dominion to the Eggman Empire, taking over the entire empire behind Eggman's back... (StH #199, #200)

Warnings of an Invasion

Ninjas Get!

Espio and Lightning heading away from New Mobotropolis.

Days after Eggman's defeat, the citizens of New Mobotropolis, along with Sonic and Sally Acorn, go to the New Mobotropolis Coliseum to watch the newest concert by the Forget Me Knots. Suddenly, a bolt of lighting alarms the citizens. This is caused by Monkey Khan, who was getting on to the Freedom Fighters for not finishing the fight between Eggman and them. Sonic, recognizing the same Monkey Khan he encounter years ago. Sonic goes up to attack him, and the two begin to fight in front of the citizens. Meanwhile, Espio the Chameleon notices the lighting marks and heads towards the coliseum. He alarms Nicole about the lighting strikes, but he suddenly detects a spear coming towards him. This was none other than Lightning Lynx, who immediately tells Espio that the Clan Wars are over and that they need to report to their respective tribes, as Lightning is from the Raiju Clan while Espio is from the Shinobi Clan. Nicole, confused, asks Espio what's going on, but he leaves with Lightning, having strange doubts about what is to come. (StH #201)

Iron Dominion Rising

Khan telling Sally the war isn't over.

Meanwhile, in the coliseum, Sonic and Monkey Khan recognize each other and they hit each other with no hesitation. Sally however stops the fight and begins to grip at the two for fighting. Khan then tells Sally that the war isn't over, as the Freedom Fighters only stop the ringleader, not the actual empire, therefore someone else could have taken over. Khan tells the king of New Mobotropolis, Elias Acorn, that the Iron Queen and her dominion have taken over the empire. Elias tells Antoine D'Coolette to gather up the Council of Acorn to discuss the recent events, but Khan grips on them for doing that when Eggman was still around, and it didn't work. Sonic is excited for another adventure, but Sally agrees with Khan and that they must contact the Dragon Kingdom Freedom Fighters. Khan, glum, then tells them that they are gone. (StH #201)