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This article is about the human in Sonic Unleashed. Not to be confused with Erma from the Archie Comics series.

Ippolita's grandmother, who keeps her hat on so tight that very few get a good look at her face. Irma's hobby is hat making, and she happens to be quite good at it. Sadly, though, her charming chapeaus seem to be meant for one head only: hers.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Irma (イルマ Iruma?) is a character that appears on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. She is a human resident of Spagonia, and the grandmother and caretaker of Ippolita.


At some point prior to Sonic Unleashed, Irma was left to take care of her granddaughter Ippolita. Caring deeply for Ippolita, Irma did her best to take care of her grandchild and tried to raise her in the best way possible, teaching her things such as remaining calm in crisis situations. In Ippolita's words, she was "wicked nice" to her.

For unexplained reasons, Irma ended up suffering from an illness that made her feel pain whenever she moved, and the pain caused by it made her very cranky, bad-tempered and strict, especially towards Ippolita. Also, because she could not move so well, Irma had to let Ippolita take care of most of her daily errands, such as buying groceries and medicine, and if she was late or forgot something, Irma would get mad at her. Despite her strict approach, however, Irma meant well, and did not intend to be mean towards Ippolita. She was also well aware that Ippolita had a rough time taking care of her.

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Irma met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip. Whenever Irma met Sonic and Chip in the following period, she would tell them about how angry she was about Ippolita not being home yet, before asking them if they had seen her or telling them about how Ippolita was nothing but trouble. In truth however, Irma was just worried about her.

At some point afterwards, Irma noticed that Ippolita had begun to smell good. At this point, Irma had another encounter with Sonic and Chip, and told them what she had noticed, before wondering if she was just imaging it. Irma eventually discovered that the smell came from treats that Ippolita had received from Sonic (who had been assigned by Boss to pass them on to her) as gifts for her hard work, which she had kept hidden from Irma. Furious, Irma told Ippolita not to receive gifts from strangers and that she already gave her plenty of snacks and that too many was not good for her, before throwing her gifts away. She soon after met up with Sonic and told him about what she had told Ippolita and what she did to his gifts before explainíng to him that she already had been feeding Ippolita, and warned him not to give her any more treats. Later, when Sonic tried to deliver another present to Ippolita, Irma noticed it and told him to leave her alone.

Over time, Irma's health continued to decline, forcing her to leave Ippolita with more tasks to do than before. Eventually, Irma got so sick that she could not move at all without feeling pain, and was restricted to her bed for a long time. Fortunately, with the help from Sonic and Boss, Ippolita managed to get some Miracle Medicine that could cure Irma. In no time at all, Irma was able move without feeling pain and was back to her old self.

After recovering, Irma met Sonic again and told him in a much better mood that she was doing just fine and that Ippolita was finished caring for her. Having learned that Sonic had helped in her recovery, she asked Sonic to say thank you to the person who told him about the medicine.


Irma's hobby is making hats, something which she has a talent for. However, she only makes them in her size. Irma is normally very nice and cares deeply for her grandchild's well-being. However, while suffering from her illness, she would often get quite cranky from pain, making her rather strict and short-tempered.


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