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Sonic Boom
Into the Wilderness (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Into the Wilderness".

[Scene: Village Center, day.]

[Amy is walking through the Village Center with a stick in her left nand. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks walk in and join her.l
Sonic: Hey Ames. Where you headed?
Amy: I'm off to collect Gum tree berries for my holiday wreaths.
Sticks: Exploding berries? Little grenades for when the holidays get out of hand?
Amy: No. [Stops up] They just look nice on your door.
Sticks: But pretty things attract government agents. And opossums. And you know how horrible they smell. The opossums too.
Amy: I'll take that chance. [Starts walking again] See you when I get back from Hidden Meadows.
Sticks: Hidden Meadows, huh? How are you genna get there?
Amy: Well, I was gonna go through Hazard Jungle, past Peril River, over Danger Falls, through Pleasant Gardens and around Jeopardy Lake.
Sticks: Are you kidding me? You'll make it through Pleasant Gardens. I got to teach you some survival skills.
[Sonic, Tails and Knuckles start chuckling.]
Tails: What are we laughing at?
Sonic: If anyone should teach Amy survival skills, it's me. After everything Eggman's thrown at him, surviving in the wilderness is a piece of...
[Sonic walks into the well and falls into it with a splash.]
Sonic: ...Cake. I'm OK. I'll use my survival skills to fashion a ladder out of... Water. Tails, pull me up.
[Tails pulls Sonic out of the well.]
Sonic: Great work, Tails. You passed "Well Rescue". See, I can teach anyone.
Sticks: How about Knuckles?
[Knuckles is holding a walnut in his right hand, which he places on a stump of tree, and gets ready to break it with a rock in his left hand.]
Sticks: I bet that I can teach Amy survival skills better than you can teach Knuckles.
[A thump sounds.]
Knuckles: Ow! [Munching] Mmm! This is tasty.
Amy: And the losers have to do the winners' laundry for a month.
Sonic: That's not a fair bet. Knuckles and I don't wear pants. But I'll do it just to teach you a lesson.
[Knuckles is sucking on his sore fingers.]
Sticks: So, we'll race to Hidden Meadows. That'll take a good four days. And some serious survival skills.
[Sonic runs off and returns a split-second later with a cup full of gum tree berries.]
Sonic: Ta-da! Gum tree berries.
Amy: It's teams, Sonic. You and Knuckles versus Sticks and me. To win, both of you need to get there. Good luck with that.
[Amy and Sticks giggle.]
Sonic: Well, team mate, I...
[The gum tree berries in Sonic's cup explode. Knuckles whimpers and jumps into Sonic's arms.]
Sonic: I thought you love nature.
Knuckles: I do! That doesn't mean I know how to survive in it.
Sonic: [Starts walking with Knuckles in his arms.] Well, even so, this is gonna be a piece of caaaake!
[Sonic walks into the well and falls into it with a splash with Knuckles. Tails drops his shoulders in exasperation.]

[Scene Change: Outside Sticks' burrow, day.]

Sticks: [Blows a whistle.] OK, Team Sticks! The first thing you need to know is survival skills aren't about crafting and making things pretty. It's using what you've got. First up, building fires.

[Scene Change: Outside Sticks' burrow, day.]

[Sticks puts up two rocks and whacks them together to create a spark that ignites a pile of leaves. Sticks looks up from her fire and sees, much to her disappointment, that Amy is making an arrangement with her pile of leaves and ticks. Once Amy is done, an annoyed Sticks walks over to the pile and ignites it with her two rocks.]
Sticks: Let's try something simpler. Knot tying.

[Scene Change: Outside Sticks' burrow, day.]

[Sticks ties a knot with two pieces of rope. Sticks looks over her shoulder and sees that Amy has made a heart with her rope.]
Amy: I added cinnamon sticks to mine. You can hang it in your closet to freshen your clothes. And if you lock yourself in, you can eat them until the fire department rescues you.
[Sticks looks sternly at Amy.]
Amy: So I hear.

[Scene Change: Outside Sticks' burrow, day.]

[Sticks puts up a tent with a rock.]
Sticks: Finish up here. I'll rustle up some dinner.
[Amy receives Sticks' rock. Amy hits the tent's peg with the peg. The whole tent then catches on fire and is reduced to ash.]

[Scene Change: Outside Sticks' burrow, day.]

[Amy is holding a pink and a black mushroom in front of Sticks. Amy sniffs both mushrooms.]
Sticks: Hmm.
[Amy eats the pink mushroom.]
Sticks: Oh, yeah. You're ready.
[Amy throws the black mushroom into the tent behind her. The tent catches fire and is reduced to ash.]
Amy: I wonder how the guys are doing.

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

Soar: Stay tuned for "Survival Skills Made Easy".
[Sonic, Tails and Knuckles sit at a table watching TV.]
Knuckles: Why would anyone watch that?
[Knuckles walks up to the TV and turns its knob, changing the channel.]
Comedy Chimp: And now back to "Are You Smart Enough To Feed Yourself?"
[Knuckles sits down at the table again.]
Sonic: That's more like it.
Knuckles: You know, the test to get on that show is a lot harder than you think.
Tails: Uh... Shouldn't you guys be training?
Comedy Chimp: I have to give in to nature.
[Dave delivers a plate of burgers to Sonic's table.]
Knuckles: Let the training begin. Mmm! [Gulps down the burger.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, day.]

[Amy and Sticks are packing their backpacks while Sonic and Knuckles watch.]
Knuckles: Should we be bringing food?
Sonic: Nah, there's plenty of food in the wild.
Tails: As referee for this race, I want a clean competition. No cheating. Of course, you'll be deep in the woods, so I won't know if you cheat. Look, just don't cheat, OK? I mean, come on, you guys. My job is hard enough...
Sticks: Go!
[Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks run over the starting line and get off-screen. Tails is left standing at the starting line.]
Knuckles (off-screen): Sonic? Where are you? I think I'm lost.

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, day.]

[Amy and Sticks are running through the forest. Eventually, they start walking. Sticks then spots a stick and sets it vertically into the ground Sticks then draws a circle around it and Amy puts a compass right next to it.]
Amy: North is that way.
Sticks: That means it's exactly 2:37. We're right on schedule!
[Amy and Sticks pick up their compass and runs off. Soon after, Sonic and Knuckles emerge from the bushes, all dirty. Sonic and Knuckles look around, and Sonic eventually spots the stick Sticks sat up.]
Sonic: Look! This is exactly what we need.

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, day.]

[Knuckles puts the stick up to his forehead and prepares to charge at Sonic, who is holding a red piece of cloth, like a bull. As Knuckles comes running at Sonic, Sonic pulls the cloth away, leaving Knuckles to run into a tree.]
Knuckles: Agh! Ugh!
[The stick is left stuck in a tree.]
Sonic: Uh-oh, it's 2:37. We'd better get going.
[Sonic runs off.]
Knuckles: Wait for me!
[Knuckles tarts to run after Sonic.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, evening.]

[Sticks and AMy have set up camp. Sticks places a carrot inside a hoop of rope and slowly backs away. A rabbit soon after hops up to the carrot. Once the rabbit grabs the carrot, however, the traps springs, leaving the rabbit hanging in midair from a rope. Sticks then comes in and cuts the rope, holding the caught rabbit in front of her.]
Sticks Dinner!
Amy: There is no way we're eating that adorable little thing. He's too cute.
[Amy takes the rabbit and puts it down. allowing it to scamper off.}
Amy: I've picked us a nice woodland salad.
[Amy shows Sticks the salad. Sticks smiles. Meanwhile, the rabbit hops up to a moose and roars at it while its eyes turn red. The moose screams and runs away. The rabbit follows the moose.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, evening.]

[Sonic tries to put up a tent.]
Sonic: Grrr! Aaargh![grunts]
[The tent deflates.]
Sonic: Perfect! [Flops down on the tent]
[Knuckles tries to ignite a pile of leaves with two rocks.]
Knuckles: I can't get the fire started. [Hits the rocks together.]
Sonic: That's not how you start a fire. Let me show you.
[Sonic runs around the pile of leaves for a second. Sonic then looks at the pile of leaves, but nothing happens. Immediately after, however, his shoes catches on fire.]
Sonic: Whoa!
[Knuckles grabs a sticks and starts whacking Sonic.]
Sonic: Ow! Ow! Knock it off! Stop it! Ow! Ow!
[Amy and Sticks are looking at Sonic and Knuckles from behind some bushes.]
Sticks: This is just getting sad.
[Knuckles keeps whacking Sonic with the stick. The fire on Sonic's shoes goes out.]
Sonic: Ow! Ow!
Amy: Listen, if you guys admit you lost the bet, we'll help with the tent and fire and share our food with you.
Sonic: No way! We might have had a few minor setbacks but this isn't over 'till it's over. Tomorrow's another day.
Amy: Yeah, if you live to see it. Here's some food, guys.
[Amy throws a carrot on the ground in front of Sonic. Sonic and Knuckles look at each other for a few moments, and then start fighting over the carrot.]
Sonic: Grrr!
Knuckles: Give it here!
Sonic: It's mine!
[Sonic and Knuckles start going a thug-of-war with the carrot until Sonic gets a realization.]
Sonic: Look what they've got us doing.
Knuckles: Where?
Sonic: Knuckles, we're going to have to use our brains.
Knuckles: Good idea. And while I'm doing that, you think of something.
Sonic: [Sonic blinks at Knuckles for a few seconds] I got it. We'll just follow them. Then right before they reach the finish line, we'll run ahead and win. I don't know why we were we so worried 15 seconds ago?
Knuckles: I don't even remember 15 seconds ago.
Sonic: Ha-ha.
[Sonic and Knuckles high-five each other.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, evening.]

[Sonic and Kncukles walk up so that they have Amy and Sticks' camp in sight.]
Sonic: Look at those losers, going to bed when there's a whole night ahead of us.
Knuckles: Let's go blindfold ourselves and run into the forest to see if we can find our way back.
[Sonic and Knuckles both laugh and run off.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, morning.]

[Sonic and Knuckles are both sleeping. Sonic is hanging from a tree via a parachute and Knuckles is lying on top of a tree trunk. Eventually, Sonic falls down and walks up. Sonic gets up and looks around.]
Sonic: Knuckles, get up! They didn't wake us up so we could follow them.
Knuckles: That's cheating.
Sonic: It's okay. We just have to figure out which way they went. I'll zip back home and grab a compass.
[Sonic zips off, only to return from the opposite direction, confused. Sonic then runs in the other direction, only to appear from the opposite direction again. Sonic looks around.]
Knuckles: [Grunts] Let me try.
[Knuckles runs off-screen.]
Knuckles: Help!
[Sonic walks up to Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Phew! I thought we were lost.
Sonic: We are lost.
Knuckles: Help!

[Amy and Sticks are watching Sonic and Knuckles through some binoculars.]

Sticks: It's like watching lab rats in a maze.
Amy: Lab rats aren't that clueless. We'd better help them.
Knuckles (off-screen): Ow! I stepped on my hand. Get off me, me!
Sticks: You think?

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, day.]

[Sonic and Knuckles walk through the forest. Amy and Sticks are watching them from behind a bush.]
Sonic: Which way did the girls go? Not to worry... I'll use my tracking skills. Hmm...
[Sonic and Knuckles look at a fork in the road. Sticks' Boomerang is lying on the right path.]
Knuckles: [Points to the right] They must have gone that way.
Sonic: But what if an animal picked up the Boomerang and left it there? We're going that way.
[Sonic and Knuckles take the left path. Amy and Sticks facepalms.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, day.]

[Sticks plants a compass on the road. She then hides behind a giant tree rood with Amy just as Sonic and Knuckles approach.]
Sonic: Look, a compass!
[Knuckles begins stomping on the compass, destroying it.]
Knuckles: Ugh! Gah!
Sonic: Why did you do that?
Knuckles: Nobody tells Knuckles which way is north.
[Amy and Sticks facepalms.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, day.]

[Amy and Sticks leave a food trail along the ground.]
Amy OK, this time they can't miss the clues.
Sticks: Even for them this'll be a piece of...
[The leaves on the floor give away to reveal the opening into a missile silo. Amy and Sticks fall into the missile silo.]
Amy and Sticks: Aaaargh!
[Amy and Sticks land on the floor.]
Amy: ...Cake.
[Amy and Sticks pick themselves up.]
Amy: That was freaky. Where are we?
Sticks: I bet it's an abandoned missile silo.
Amy: It's always some crazy conspiracy with you. What makes you think it's a missile silo?
Sticks: [Points at the missile] The missile.
[Amy turns around and looks. A shot of the missile is shown. Amy walks up to the missile and reads the writing on it.]
Amy: "Eggman Missile Industries. A subsidiary of Eggman Fun Toys."
Sonic (off-screen): We heard you scream.
[Sonic and Knuckles are looking down into the missile silo.]
Sonic: You guys OK?
Amy: Never better.
Sonic: You sure you're OK?
Amy: Yeah.
Sticks: Now get us out of here!
Sonic: Oh, we will... After we get to the finish line using our superior survival skills. Don't go anywhere! [laughs]
[Sonic and Knuckles walk off.]
Sticks: OK, here's what we do. I'll cut up the tent, you put the rest of the food on the console over there.
Amy: How do you know all this?
Sticks: If I had a newspaper for every time I fell into a missile silo, we could stack them and climb out of here. But they're all stacked in my burrow so we'll have to stick to the original plan.

[Scene Change: Missile silo, day.]

[Sticks is adjusting the circuitry in the missile. Amy is sitting on top of the missile. Finishing their tinkering, Sticks closes the hatch on the missile and joins Amy on top of the missile.]
Sticks: All set.
Amy: OK, now what?
Sticks: Bird calls [chirps and tweets]
[Three birds come flying into the missile silo. One of the birds land on the missile console.]
Sticks: Come on! Peck! Peck!
[The bird start pecking on the buttons with food on them.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island wilderness, day.]

[Sonic and Knuckles are running through the forest. They see the finish line right in front of them.]
Sonic: Almost there.
[A loud whooshing sound is heard. Sonic and Knuckls stop up]
Sonic: Hey, you hear something?
Sticks and Amy: Yee-hah!
[Amy and Sticks fly past Sonic and Knuckles on the missile. The girls wave at the boys as they pass them. Sonic and Knuckles stare at them, stunned for a moment, then start running. Meanwhile, Amy and Sticks jump off the missile and uses their tents as parachutes to land on the finish line a moment before Sonic and Knuckles.]
Sticks and Amy: Yes! Winners! [both laugh]
Sonic: No fair!
Amy: Why not? Survival skills are just using what you've got.
Sonic: We... I... You guys want to lead us home?
Amy: Sure. Hey, what do you think happened to that missile?
Sticks: I stamped it "Return to sender".

[Scene Change: Dr. Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Dr. Eggman is in his HQ room with Orbot and Cubot. The whooshing is heard in the background again.]
Eggman: I know that sound. Uh-oh.
[A crash sounds. The screen fades to black.]