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Sonic Boom
Into the Wilderness

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"Into the Wilderness" is the twenty-fifth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 1 April 2015 in France and on 9 May 2015 in the United States.


When Sticks insists on being the one to teach Amy survival skills, Sonic and Knuckles challenge them to a race through the jungle.



Races and species:





With a hiking stick in one hand, Amy walks through the Village Center when her friends stop by and ask where she is going. Amy says she is going to gather gum tree berries at Hidden Meadows to adorn her holiday wreaths with, but upon explaining her perilous route, Sticks offers to teach Amy survival skills. The boys laugh at this, with Sonic boasting that he knows more about surviving due to his numerous battles with Dr. Eggman, as demonstrated when Tails uses his survival skills to pull Sonic out of a well which he fell into while boasting. Sticks then challenges Sonic to train Knuckles in wilderness survival while also having them race against her and Amy to Hidden Meadows, which takes approximately four days to reach from the Village. While Sonic can easily win the race by himself, proving so by zooming away to the meadows and coming back with a bucket full of berries in just one second, Amy points out to Sonic that they are doing this in teams, not solo, and that he has to guide Knuckles to the goal as well, before leaving with Sticks to train. At Sticks' Burrow, Sticks forms Team Sticks and proceeds to teach Amy the basics of survival, which includes starting bonfires, tying knots, building tents, and determining what is edible; at first, Amy struggles with keeping things simple, but eventually learns enough for Sticks to deem her ready. Meanwhile, the boys forgo training in order to eat burgers and watch TV at Meh Burger.

Just outside the jungle, the two pairs wait at the starting line, with Sticks and Amy making their final preparations while Sonic and Knuckles continue to neglect taking precautions out of confidence. After Tails sets the rules as referee, the race begins. The girls proceed normally and are able to take the lead with their survival prowess, while the boys lag behind and waste time goofing off. Evening comes, and all four decide to set up camp; the girls continue to follow procedure and set up camp, while the boys still cannot do anything right expect for Sonic using the sun for the shadow. The girls notice their rivals' incompetence, so Amy offers to help, but Sonic refuses the pity and continues the race. Noticing their disadvantage though, Sonic and Knuckles scheme to simply follow the girls and run ahead of them when the goal is in sight. Instead of sleeping, however, the boys spend the night running about and enjoying themselves.

The next morning, Sonic wakes up and realizes that he and Knuckles overslept, which not only causes their plan to fail, but also leaves them stranded. Watching from a distance, Amy and Sticks feel sorry for the boys and decide to secretly lead them out of the jungle. They are left frustrated, though, when Sonic takes the wrong path despite their attempts to bait them down the right one and Knuckles destroys a compass placed out in the open. In their final, most blatant attempt at assisting the boys, the girls fall into a pit that is revealed to be an abandoned missile silo belonging to Eggman. Following the screams, the boys locate the silo and ask if the girls injured themselves; upon knowing that they are safe, Sonic and Knuckles leave them in the silo and search for the goal first. Unwilling to lose, Sticks quickly improvises a way out by luring a bird into launching a missile in the silo while she and Amy are on it. Just as the boys near the goal, the girls speed past them, then jump off the missile and land safely at the finish line instead of next to the boys using makeshift parachutes.

Angry at losing, Sonic accuses the girls of cheating, but Amy justifies it using the missile as adapting to the situation, which can be considered a survival skill. Out of excuses, Sonic puts his pride aside and asks for the girls' help in leading him and Knuckles home. Amy then wonders where the missile went after they jumped off of it, to which Sticks states that she "stamped it 'Return to Sender'." At his lair, Eggman hears something approaching, but by the time he recognizes the sound it is too late for him to stop the approaching missile.


Amy's left hand behind Sticks

  • When Sticks stops whistling, Amy's left arm can be seen behind Sticks despite that Amy is standing in the foreground.
  • When Knuckles eats a burger, the entire burger simply vanishes within one frame, instead of actually going into Knuckles's mouth.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 深入荒野 Deep in the Wilderness
Finnish Mennään Luontoon Let's go to nature
French Dans la nature In the Wild
German Ab in die Wildnis Off to the wilderness
Hungarian Irány a vadon! To the Wilderness!
Italian Tecniche di sopravvivenza Survival techniques
Japanese サバイバル対抗戦 Survival Competition
Korean 야생에서 살아남기 Survival in the Wild
Persian در شرایط سخت In difficult conditions
Polish Sztuka przetrwania Art of survival
Portuguese (Brazil) A Vida na Selva The Life in the Jungle
Portuguese (Portugal) Uma Aventura na Floresta An Adventure in the Forest
Romanian În sălbăticie In the wild
Russian Навыки выживания Survival skills
Spanish (Latin America) En Terreno Salvaje In the Wilderness
Spanish (Spain) Naturaleza Salvaje Wild Nature
Ukrainian (Pixel TV) У дикій природі In the wild
Ukrainian (PlusPlus)


  • The moose chased away by the rabbit is the same one seen in "Eggheads".
  • The ferocious rabbit is a reference to the Rabbit of Caerbannog from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • According to Bill Freiberger, the scream the moose made when threatened by the rabbit was taken from the viral video The Screaming Goat.[4] This make "Into the Wilderness" the first form of Sonic media to use the audio of a viral video.
  • This is the first episode where Orbot did not speak and Eggman did not attack Team Sonic.


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