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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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The Inter-dimensional Portal Creator,[1] also referred to as the Portal Gun,[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a small device that can open portals between dimensions. It can be found in multiple realities.


The Inter-dimensional Portal Creator is a small and flat white metal box with a red button on top of it. Surrounding the button are four gray metal flaps.

When activated, the Portal Gun can project a portal that connects one dimension to another, thereby allowing inter-dimensional travel.


TV series

Season two

In an effort to get rid of Sonic, Morpho would use one of his Portal Guns to create a dimensional portal in front of Sonic while he was drag-racing, causing him to drive straight into another dimension. Fortunately, that dimension's native Tails had his own Portal Gun that he eventually used to get Sonic back to the Sonic Boom World.[2]

When Eggman sought help from Morpho after he had incurred Shadow's wrath, the robot gave Eggman two Portal Guns so he could hide in another dimension. In that dimension, Eggman tricked his local counterpart, Lord Eggman, to take his place in his dimension after lending him one of his Portal Guns. Lord Eggman would use that Portal Gun to bring Shadow and Sonic to Eggman in his dimension after Shadow mistook him for his Eggman. In the ensuing battle with Eggman and Metal Sonic in the other dimension, Eggman's Portal Gun wound up opening a portal that the quarrelling quartet used to return to their home dimension. Sonic soon after used a Portal Gun to return Lord Eggman to his dimension before the universe caved in from hosting two Eggmans.[1]


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