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That day, I gave up my own unsightly face. And I let go of the old me, the one that was so weak, so that I could become stronger. And then, at last... I obtained the power. The power to make all yield to my will. I. Was. Reborn!!!

— Infinite, Sonic Forces

Infinite (インフィニット Infinitto?), also known as the "Ultimate Mercenary" (究極傭兵 Kyūkyoku Yōhei?), is an antagonist that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an anthropomorphic jackal and the former captain of the Jackal Squad mercenary group. During a raid, Infinite was hired by Dr. Eggman to become the leader of the Eggman Army, only for him and his squad to fall at the hands of Shadow the Hedgehog while protecting one of Eggman's facilities. Ashamed of his loss, Infinite decided to obtain the power of the Phantom Ruby not only as a means of becoming stronger, but also to abandon his "weak" past self.

With his newfound power, Infinite aided Eggman by helping him expand the Eggman Empire to its largest size to date after defeating Sonic the Hedgehog. Near the end of the war with the Resistance though, Infinite engaged Sonic and the Avatar on multiple occasions until he was defeated during the decisive battle for the planet and consumed by the Phantom Ruby.[2]

Concept and creation[]

During the original drafts of Sonic Forces, Infinite was originally called "Zero".[3] His final name was intended to reference the nature of his ability.[4]

According to the producer of Sonic Forces, Shun Nakamura, Infinite was created with an impressive and strong presence in mind since he would be accompanied by old bosses in Sonic Forces. This is the reason why he was made stronger and faster than Sonic the Hedgehog. His nature likewise inspired the staff to elaborate on his origin story. Sonic Team was also peculiar about giving him a cool, but evil design, with his mask being designed especially to emphasize his evil nature.[5] Character artist Shinkichi Tanahashi later elaborated that Infinite was designed as a vicious existence that stood in the way of the bonds with friends that Sonic represents. His overall design motif was derived from the Namahage, a demon-like being in Japanese folklore, with focus on key words like "cruel", "clinging to power", and "not believing in bonds." Since Namahages look scary, they also made for a cool and catchy silhouette that Infinite came to possess. Tanahashi noted as well that the design process was difficult, but that the silhouette of Infinite's face logo worked well during development.[6]

Infinite went through several design changes. His original design was that of a ghost-like figure, with one of the examples including one with monster-like horns. A common element his early design shared with his final one was his mask and large hands with sharp claws. The team later proposed a design using a buffalo motif, but it got scrapped in favor of his current jackal motif, which would settle as the outline for the character's design. Infinite's species in particular, jackals, were derived from Anubis, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, who possessed a jackal head. These designs included bandages to create an eerie sense of coolness. It was also around this time that Infinite's mask began to take on its current form, albeit with scars on it. This mask was given its patterns inside the ears (with one pattern on one side and the inverted colors on the other) because it gave it a geometric eeriness. Late in Infinite's design process however, it was decided that his bandages and the scars on his mask were to be removed because they made him "look weak." Following then an adjustment in colors, Infinite reached his current design.[6]


Infinite is an anthropomorphic jackal with black fur. He has a white fur pattern on his back that resembles a ribcage, a bushy tail with five white tips, and long, white and stiff dreadlocks. His muzzle is white and protruding with cheek tufts, and he has a black nose and noticeable fangs. He has complete heterochromia, with his right eye being blue and his left eye being yellow. There is a large white scar across the right eye. He wears a white collar around his neck and black gloves with silver designs on the backs, covering his sharp claws. He also wears pointed, metal and black hi-tops, with his personal infinity symbol engraved on the red soles.

After abandoning his old identity, Infinite began wearing a silver-colored metal mask with white and black circular patterns on the inside of the ears, with the right ear being black with white circular patterns and the left being white with black circular patterns. While his left eye is visible through a red visor, his right eye is covered by a black lightning bolt-shaped piece, similar to an eyepatch, that is connected to his mask's right ear, which glows red when he uses his power. His figure is usually accompanied with a red aura around him.

Infinite possesses the finalized version of the Phantom Ruby copies that is fused to his chest. When Infinite channels the power of the gemstone, he can surround himself in a red aura, with particles that resemble forms of pixelated glitching scattered throughout his body.



Infinite was once the captain of the Jackal Squad, a band of mercenary thieves raiding others for a profit.[7] In time, he gained a public reputation as the "ultimate mercenary".[8]


Infinite leading his squad on an attack on Eggman's base, from Sonic Forces: Rise of Infinite.

One day, Infinite led his squad on a raid of Dr. Eggman's base in the Arsenal Pyramid in an attempt to steal his devices for a hefty bounty. Using the Phantom Ruby, Eggman created an army of Egg Pawn Phantom Copys to fend off the Jackal Squad. Slipping past the Egg Pawns, the ultimate mercenary ordered his squad to handle the robots while he moved in to kill Eggman with his sword. However, Infinite accidentally struck the Phantom Ruby instead, causing it to show him an illusion of what he desired the most: a desolate, destroyed world. Using this to push Infinite aside, Eggman, who also saw the vision, took a liking to him and offered to make him the leader of his Eggman Army so they could accomplish their goals together. Realizing he had grown bored of the world as it was, Infinite took Eggman's offer in spite of his squad's protest.[7]

Shadow vs Infinite Episode Shadow

Shadow fighting against Infinite prior to his transformation, from Sonic Forces.

Sometime later, Infinite and the Jackal Squad got assigned by Eggman to guard his facility in Mystic Jungle. When Shadow the Hedgehog came to raid and destroy the facility however, the Jackal Squad were easily annihilated by the hedgehog.[9][10] Berated by Eggman for his squad's incompetence at protecting the facility, Infinite caught up to Shadow and tried to ambush him as payback for what he did to his squad and to live up to his title. However, the ultimate mercenary was caught off-guard by Shadow's abilities and ended up being soundly subdued by the brooding hedgehog. As he took his leave, Shadow called the captain "worthless". As he recovered, Infinite realized, much to his horror, that he was afraid. The jackal then proceeded to throw a tantrum over how weak he was.[11]

Infinite's mask

Infinite grabbing his mask, from Sonic Forces.

Bitter about his defeat, Infinite cast aside his old identity as the ultimate mercenary, going as far as to wear a mask to hide his face, in order to become stronger. He then obtained Eggman's finalized Phantom Ruby copy, which granted him virtually limitless power.[12] Following a number of experiments in the innermost area of the Eggman Empire Fortress,[13] Eggman managed to fuse the jackal with his finalized Phantom Ruby, creating the weapon he needed to defeat Sonic and conquer the world with.[14] Reborn,[12] Infinite became Eggman's right-hand man in his conquest.[15]

Shortly after obtaining his powers, Infinite was dispatched by Eggman to deal with E-123 Omega, who had proceeded to slaughter a whole lot of Eggman's henchmen on his way through Eggman's base. Confronting Omega, Infinite effortlessly defeated the robot with his new abilities.[16] Shadow soon after showed up at the facility to find Omega, and Infinite welcomed Shadow to their awaited reunion. When Shadow revealed that he did not remember Infinite however, Infinite proceeded undaunted to tell Shadow his backstory and what he had been up to since their first meeting a couple of months back. Once he was done, Infinite attempted to crush Shadow by trapping him in a virtual reality. Although Shadow broke free, Infinite was nonetheless impressed by the power he now possessed. After then hinting at his agenda to defeat Sonic, the facility he and Shadow were in began to collapse. Infinite, however, made his escape while cackling wildly.

Sonic Forces[]


Infinite fighting Sonic in the City, from Sonic Forces.

In Sonic Forces, about a month after Infinite's last meeting with Shadow, Eggman launched an attack on the City. When Sonic showed up to stop it, Infinite appeared to fight him, alongside Phantom Copies of Shadow, Zavok, Metal Sonic, and Chaos that he had created. Overwhelming Sonic with his power and Phantom Copies, Infinite defeated and captured Sonic.[17][18]

After imprisoning Sonic onboard the Death Egg, Infinite and Eggman went on with their conquest unrivaled. With Infinite's power and his Phantom Copies, the doctor was able to conquer over 99% of the planet, resulting in the Eggman Army controlling that much of the world.[19][20] In the meantime, Infinite worked alongside his Phantom Copies to instill fear into the subjugated population.[21][22] However, a rag-tag Resistance founded by Sonic's friends was soon formed to continue the fight for freedom, though they proved to be of little threat to Infinite.

A few months after defeating Sonic, Infinite wiped out a Resistance squad in the City, before turning his attention to the sole survivor, the Avatar, who cowered in fear. Mocking and taunting them, Infinite allowed the Avatar to flee with their life, only so he could relish in their terrified screams.

Six months after defeating Sonic, Infinite went to the Spaceport, but did not get involved in the Resistance's infiltration there. Sometime later, Infinite went to the Mystic Jungle to pick up Eggman's remaining Phantom Ruby prototypes so they could be disposed of before they could be used against Eggman. While there, Infinite met Silver the Hedgehog, whom he decided to crush to send a message to the Resistance. Although Infinite easily defeated Silver, he did make Infinite drop a Phantom Ruby prototype without noticing it. Before Infinite could finish Silver, however, Sonic, who had been broken out of prison, showed up and interrupted him. Intrigued by Sonic's arrival, Infinite attempted to rattle him, only to get brushed off by Sonic, who tried getting the secret to his power from him. Infinite refused, however, and knocked Sonic away to deal with him. Although Sonic put up a better fight than before, Infinite still beat him. Seeing Sonic as no threat to him, Infinite left.

Meeting Eggman in Green Hill, Infinite destroyed what was thought to be the last Phantom Ruby prototype. During their subsequent talk, Infinite revealed to Eggman that he let Sonic go after their last battle. While Eggman was greatly concerned over this, Infinite dismissed his worry. After then ignoring some sounds, Infinite asked Eggman if their plan to wipe out the Resistance went on as usual, which Eggman confirmed, and the two briefly relished at the thought of their victory before Infinite took his leave.


Infinite threatening the Avatar, from Sonic Forces.

When the Resistance attacked Metropolis, Infinite showed up, and, on Eggman's orders, unleashed his Phantom Ruby's power. Creating gravity shifts and giant monstrous versions of himself, Infinite cast the Resistance into chaos, resulting in the Resistance suffering huge casualties before withdrawing. Watching the anarchy, Infinite wondered aloud if the world would send him a challenge, just as the Avatar from all those months ago, now a Resistance rookie, approached him, though Infinite did not recognize them. Sensing their fear, Infinite tried to intimidate them. However, when the Avatar chose to stand their ground, Infinite fought them. After a bit of fighting, however, Infinite recognized the Avatar. He proceeded to summon cannons to finish them off, but, because the Avatar wielded the Phantom Ruby prototype Infinite dropped earlier, they were immune to his attack. Though at first shocked, Infinite dismissed them upon defeating the Avatar and departed, stating that only two days remained before the Resistance was to be wiped out.

After the Resistance destroyed the Phantom Rubies' primary power source onboard the Death Egg (thus leaving the Eggman Empire with only their backup reactor underneath the Eggman Empire Fortress), an infuriated Eggman had himself, Orbot, Cubot and a reluctant Infinite retreat to Metropolis. When the Resistance attacked the city again, however, Infinite appeared before Eggman when Sonic and Tails came to capture the doctor. On Eggman's orders, Infinite opened a portal into Null Space, which sucked both Sonic and the Avatar into it, seemingly trapping them forever. However, while Infinite and Eggman were losing Metropolis to the Resistance, Sonic and the Avatar showed up before them again, having just escaped Null Space. While Infinite was only slightly displeased about this, a furious Eggman had them withdraw to the Eggman Empire Fortress.

Sonic Forces cutscene 310

Infinite ready to drop his sun on the Resistance, from Sonic Forces.

When the Resistance Army stormed the Eggman Empire Fortress, Infinite confronted them with an army of his Phantom Copies while the rest of Eggman's forces backed him up. Fighting through, Sonic and the core members of the Resistance faced him. Infinite, however, easily blasted them back and got ready to finish them off, only to get caught off-guard by a fully repaired and vengeful E-123 Omega. Growing irritated by the opposition, Infinite initiated Eggman's endgame: using his Phantom Ruby, Infinite created a virtual sun that he planned to drop on the Resistance, which would destroy them. As Infinite was about to drop his sun, however, it suddenly got canceled out by the Avatar and the Phantom Ruby prototype they were in possession of.

Weakened from creating his sun, Infinite withdrew to the center of the fortress, although Sonic soon caught up to him. Confident that he could still beat Sonic, even in his weakened state, Infinite engaged Sonic in battle until his Phantom Ruby copy was fully recharged. As he got ready to finish Sonic though, he was interrupted by the Avatar, who joined forces with Sonic. Working together, the Avatar and Sonic finally defeated Infinite. As Infinite was struggling to comprehend his defeat, Sonic told Infinite that it was heart, soul, and friendship that beat him. Unable to control his powers anymore, Infinite suddenly disappeared as he and his Phantom Ruby copy were pulled towards the reactor, and ultimately consumed by the original Phantom Ruby,[2] all while Infinite protested that he could still fight.

Other game appearances[]

Sonic Dash[]

In Sonic Dash, Infinite appears as one of the playable characters. In this game, he can be unlocked after obtaining 100 of his Character Cards.

Image Rarity Affinity Bonus Upgrade Profile
Power-Up Highest level
SFSB Infinite Render
Epic N/A Dash Boost 9
x2 Multiplier 11
Magnet 11
Shield 10
Headstart 11

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle[]

In Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, Infinite first appeared in the version 4.0.1 update as a bot-controlled rival that could be encountered randomly. During the "Challenger Mode" Event, Infinite would appear in every race.

Infinite was soon after added as a playable character to the game's roster during the "Infinite" Event, as a celebration of the fourth anniversary of Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. He has the following gameplay characteristics:

Image Rarity Stats Items
Projectile Boost Trap
SFSB Infinite Render

Speed: 10/10

Acceleration: 10/10

Strength: 6/10

Reality Warp
Phantom Dash
Deadly Replica

On 3 October 2023, Infinite was rereleased as Warlock Infinite, a variant character of Infinite dressed in a warlock costume, as a part of the version 4.21.0 update. This character has the following gameplay characteristics:

Image Rarity Stats Items
Projectile Boost Trap

Speed: 9/10

Acceleration: 8/10

Strength: 8/10

Phantom Dagger
Phantom Dash
Phantom Dagger

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Infinite appears as a Primary Spirit with the following characteristics:

Image Stat statistics Spirit Battle
Base Max Enemy Fighter(s) Enemy Power Stage Battle conditions
InfiniteConceptArt Power: 1,790
Attack: 1,083
Defense: 707
Power: 7,185
Attack: 4,347
Defense: 2,838
Metal Sonic (140 HP) 4,400 Big Blue Rule(s): Hazard: Screen Flip
  • The screen will suddenly flip after a period of time
  • Stamina battle
  • The enemy is metal
Name Type Class Music Acquisition
Infinite Attack ★★ (Advanced) "Fist Bump"
  • Battle via World of Light (The Light Realm)
  • Battle via Spirit Board
  • Purchase from the Vault Shop for 1000G
No. Slots Ability
797 2 N/A

Sonic Dash+ / Sonic Prime Dash[]

In Sonic Dash+ and Sonic Prime Dash, Infinite appears as one of the playable characters. In these games, he can be unlocked by obtaining 500 of his Character Tokens.

Image Affinity Bonus Unlock Requirement Upgrade Profile
Power-Up Highest level
SFSB Infinite Render
Sonic Dash Flicky Sonic Dash Pocky Obtain 500 Sonic Prime Dash Infinite Token Dash Boost 10
x2 Multiplier 11
Magnet 9
Shield 12
Headstart 10

Sonic Frontiers[]

In Sonic Frontiers, Infinite was briefly mentioned by Tails when he was recalling his past behavior.[23]


Before fusing with the Phantom Ruby, Infinite was a violent, heartless, and vicious gun-for-hire whose main interest as a mercenary was to earn bounties. Openly encouraging his subordinates to go for the kill, he had no qualms about taking a life. Beneath the surface, however, he harbored darker, almost unhinged desires for anarchy: when he struck the Phantom Ruby, it caused it to reveal his deepest desires in the form of a desolate, war-torn world. Implied to greatly dislike stagnation and the current world, he admittedly joined the Eggman Empire because he had grown tired and bored of the world, and desired to change it, evidently for the worse, just to provide some amusement.[7]

Even before acquiring the Phantom Ruby, Infinite was an arrogant individual. He took pride in his title as the "ultimate mercenary" and believed himself to be a powerful foe, seeing as he denied being weak after having been beaten up by Shadow the Hedgehog. He was evidently also nearly fearless; before his encounter with Shadow, he had apparently never experienced fear himself.[11] Even when being on the receiving end of Dr. Eggman's fury, he found the doctor to be little more than an annoyance.[24] It was first after standing face-to-face with Shadow, a being who was able to trump his speed and strength, that Infinite found himself so shocked that he was trembling in fear.[11] Prior to becoming Infinite, he also had at least some degree of care for his subordinates in the Jackal Squad, as he angrily confronted Shadow over the destruction of the Jackal Squad before fighting him.[8] Prior to gaining the Phantom Ruby, Infinite was also very loud, boisterous and rough, and used very gruff and informal speech owing to his mercenary background.[7]


Infinite slaughtering a group of soldiers without remorse, from Sonic Forces.

After casting his old self aside, Infinite picked up a persona that greatly amplified his dark traits, becoming a much darker and more lethal figure as a result. He also gained a far colder, subdued, menacing, and outwardly composed demeanor, with his speech being more eloquent, formal, and theatrical, although he still appears to show pleasure in causing others misery. Indeed, when fighting Silver the Hedgehog he said that he is 'always happy to crush a hero'.

After obtaining unrivaled power in the form of the Phantom Ruby, Infinite believed himself to be unbeatable, causing his confidence and arrogance to grow to astronomical heights. Though his confidence was not without validity, his hubris proved to be so great that he would at times leave his enemies behind rather than kill them, believing fully that they were no threat to him. He would also often express a strong sense of superiority when speaking, all while showing no respect for others except himself, although people like Shadow would note that he had a "big mouth". Even in battle, Infinite would remain extremely collected, aloof, calm, stoic, and confident with a cynical, nonchalant, and sarcastic demeanor; when he faced Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time, he barely spared his enemy a thought even as they engaged in direct combat.[25] Fittingly, Infinite would also mock those who found strength in others. He is, however, able to acknowledge attributes to his opponents he deemed commendable, as he acknowledged before attacking Omega that the latter was "spirited"[16] and during his rematch with Sonic, he begrudgingly acknowledged that Sonic had improved since their last time.

Following his change of identity, Infinite became endlessly cruel, extremely sadistic, and horrifyingly ruthless. He took great pleasure in causing pain and torment for others. He also relished in how the world's population was afraid of him and had a twisted need to see others fear him, expressing that feelings like fear, anxiety, and doubt were "delicious" to him. He even willingly let the Avatar run unharmed from their battle, just so he could relish in their terrified screams.[26] He also proved to have a dry, yet dark sense of humor.

Unlike Dr. Eggman, who would reveal his plans and motives while gloating to his enemies, Infinite chose never to reveal anything vital about himself when confronting his enemies, making him mysterious and enigmatic; when Sonic tried getting information about his power from him in Mystic Jungle, Infinite ignored all of Sonic's attempts to provoke a response from him and instead tried to eliminate him.

After gaining the Phantom Ruby's power, Infinite grew very unconcerned with the opposition, seeing military organizations like the Resistance as little more than "rabble" or insects to be crushed by him. As such, he implies during his encounter with Silver that he was perfectly happy to allow rebellions against him solely for the sake of crushing them regardless of whether said rebellions initially served his immediate agenda.[27] Similarly, he also expressed that, due to his defeating their savior Sonic earlier, the Resistance should not have bothered fighting against him at all.[28] On some level, however, Infinite desired a challenge, as he would wonder if the world had any real challenges left for him after crushing Operation Big Wave. Regardless, Infinite desired above all else to make sure everyone yielded to him, as he noted that "all will submit" when plotting to help Eggman dominate the world. To this end, he was willing to burn the whole world to the ground with his power.

Infinite's most notable character trait was his inferiority complex, especially regarding any perceived weakness he might have. This was most especially apparent when he fought Shadow and was easily beaten by him. After Shadow bluntly told him he was worthless and told him to not show his "pathetic face" to him ever again, Infinite proceeded to rage about how he was not weak[11] before ultimately subjecting himself to being fused with the Phantom Ruby, and completely discarding any trace of his old identity, to the point where he refused to show his own face. Indeed, when reencountering Shadow after the procedure, he acknowledged from Shadow's lack of memory of him that this meant his old self had been "too pathetic to remember." Other indications of this trait were shown where he expressed disgust at Eggman calling a retreat, viewing it as a tacit admission to weakness. Even after his defeat, Infinite tries to insist that he can fight on, even as he is pulled from the battlefield. This inferiority complex is implied to have developed into a mad obsession with strength, and to a lesser extent his sadism. When Shadow runs through a Phantom Ruby-made Green Hill, Infinite's thoughts are echoed through a false Omega, constantly repeating that he was not weak, almost like a paranoid reassurance, showing Infinite as a perhaps insecure individual.

Owing to his obsession with strength, Infinite also demonstrated a Darwinian view of life, which is especially evident with his fight against the Avatar at Metropolis, where he declared that the weak ultimately exist solely to be vanquished by the strong, and later his admission that he underestimated how desperately the feeble will cling to life when the Avatar managed to hold their own against him.

Oddly, despite valuing the Jackal Squad enough to attempt to attack Shadow as revenge for the latter wiping the unit out,[8] he indicated during his final battle with both Sonic and the Avatar that friendships are a "fleeting illusion", and that one can only rely with certainty on themselves.[29] Whether this implied that he blamed his valuing the Jackal Squad for losing to Shadow is unclear. In addition, both Sonic and Amy noted that Infinite's existence was ultimately sad and lonely.[29][13]

In both of his identities in the Japanese dub, Infinite speaks with the male personal pronoun Ore, a very informal way of communicating with others. Similarly, the Japanese dub has him frequently referring to his opponents as trash.

Powers and abilities[]

Before obtaining the finalized Phantom Ruby, Infinite was apparently a strong fighter in his own right, his skills having earned him the title as the "ultimate mercenary".[8] However, he was nowhere near as powerful as the likes of Shadow the Hedgehog. After being fused with the Phantom Ruby, however, Infinite gained powers superior to those of the Master Emerald's. In his own words, Infinite had acquired "unrivaled" power and the "ultimate strength" through his gemstone.[30][31] Infinite's newfound strength proved so great that he was able to effortlessly defeat figures like E-123 Omega and Silver the Hedgehog, and ultimately best even Sonic the Hedgehog twice, the first time with great ease. He was even able to single-handedly overwhelm the entire Resistance army during Operation Big Wave. His power was such that not even the Miles Electric was able to give an accurate reading of his capabilities.[32]

On his own, Infinite was shown to be fairly fast and agile in his movements, being capable of high-speed leaps and lunges across several meters, although his speed was easily outclassed by Shadow's Chaos Control abilities. He has also demonstrated above-average durability by taking a sound thrashing from Shadow and then getting back up. He was also skilled at swordplay.[7]


Infinite summoning energy cubes, from Sonic Forces.

After Infinite's fusion with the finalized Phantom Ruby copy, he acquired the ability to generate, destroy, and manipulate virtual realities, which he could turn into virtual reality projections to interact with reality.[33] Said virtual realities are illusions, which Infinite creates by exercising control of one's visual and depth perception by feeding the brain false information.[34] He was able to use his projections to enable his virtual realities to interact with the real world in order to bestow powers on himself. Having no limitations to the illusions he could create, Infinite had, within the influence of his Phantom Ruby, unlimited abilities.

Within his Ruby's virtual realities, Infinite was able to make himself faster and stronger than even Sonic.[22] His speed was so great that he was able to outpace Sonic while he was boosting. Similarly, his strength became potent enough to knock away someone of Sonic's size with enough force to crack a concrete arch upon impact.[25] He also used his Ruby to give himself the power of flight and levitation, deadly energy beam emission, energy ball projection, self-replication, size enhancement, shockwave manipulation, gravity distortion, object materialization, and teleportation. He was even able to manifest giant monsters in his likeness, trap beings in virtual realities, create a whole sun that moved according to his will, and mimic the special techniques of others, such as Metal Sonic's exclusive V. Maximum Overdrive Attack. In battle though, Infinite primarily used his finalized Phantom Ruby copy to generate crimson cubes that he could skillfully and willingly move around. If an opponent got struck by these cubes, they would be sent into a virtual reality where they were assailed by objects manifested by his Ruby's power. He could generate a large number of these cubes and arrange them into a variety of different shapes and forms.


Infinite creating monstrous clones of himself through his Phantom Ruby copy, from Sonic Forces.

Infinite could also use his Ruby's power to create Phantom Copies that cause his victims to falsely perceive the presence of other characters. These copies are described by Shadow as having "mass and form, but no heart or soul". These copies, so long as Infinite desired, could also carry the memories, powers, and personalities of the originals. Accordingly, Infinite could create an unlimited number of them. He could also alter them to make them stronger than the originals, such as making a Metal Sonic Phantom Copy bigger and granting him the ability to use electrified versions of his energy cubes as well as to materialize objects to use as a shield.

Using his finalized Phantom Ruby copy's power, Infinite was also capable of manipulating nothingness itself, allowing him to create Null Space, which is a seemingly inescapable void in space-time where absolutely nothing exists. When opening portal into Null Space, Infinite could reinforce such portals to expand and suck everything nearby into them.


During his time as the leader of the Jackal Squad, Infinite possessed a red sword. This sword was evidently very sharp, being able to cut through robots with ease.


While Infinite's illusions are formidable, they can be neutralized by someone who has a Phantom Ruby prototype. Likewise, his finalized Phantom Ruby copy's illusions only work if the target is within the Ruby's field of effect. Also, his finalized Phantom Ruby copy requires a tremendous amount of energy to function. Should its energy supply be cut off, his finalized Phantom Ruby copy would be rendered inert. In addition, he also was able to be consumed via the Phantom Ruby itself if it tried to reintegrate any prototypes, which was ultimately how he was beaten.

Another weakness of Infinite's is his extreme sense of confidence and constant need to satisfy his sadism. When Infinite destroyed the Avatar's squad, he willingly let them run away unharmed as he enjoyed the sounds of their screams. Later, when he had Sonic at his mercy a second time, rather than finishing him there and then, he just left, seeing Sonic as something he need not bother himself with. Both these actions proved to be Infinite's downfall when Sonic and the Avatar later ended up beating him together. To a lesser extent, his insecurities over perceived weaknesses he might have also interfered with his ability to channel Phantom Copies, which is demonstrated by how his facsimile of E-123 Omega ultimately started to break down when declaring he never knew defeat by going on a repetitive rant of "I am not weak!" (Heavily implied to be Infinite's feelings over being beaten by Shadow bleeding into the facsimile).


Shadow the Hedgehog[]

Screenshot 20171107-202957

Infinite trying to attack Shadow, from Sonic Forces.

I've only become what I am because of you, yet you don't remember. But I suppose that's the way it goes. It simply means that the old me was too weak, too pathetic to remember. And now, you've become nothing more than an insect waiting to be crushed underfoot.

— Infinite, Sonic Forces (Episode Shadow)

Arguably the person who had the most impact on Infinite was Shadow the Hedgehog. After his squad was destroyed by the brooding hedgehog during an attack on Eggman's Facility, a furious Infinite attempted to attack him, only to be effortlessly defeated. Before he left, Shadow made his disgust clear and demanded never to see his "pathetic face" again. Infuriated that he had been humiliated, the mercenary took Shadow's words to heart and went on to discard all remnants of his old life, becoming the entity known as Infinite.

Much later, Infinite once again encountered Shadow, having defeated Omega, and was ecstatic, though Shadow failed to remember him. Infinite's reaction to this was to cast Shadow into a false interpretation of Green Hill, where Shadow would be falsely contacted by an Omega who at first, seemed to be perfectly normal, but as time progressed, soon devolved into incessantly repeating that he was not weak. Infinite later uses a false Shadow to help instill fear into the Resistance during Eggman's reign.

It is implied that Infinite was afraid of Shadow before he took his current identity, visibly trembling as the hedgehog criticized him. Interestingly, after his transformation, Infinite seemed to pick up several of Shadow's personality traits, such as not finishing off opponents he deemed "too weak".

Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Screenshot 20171110-194002

Infinite facing Sonic, from Sonic Forces.

Well, look who's back from the dead. The little blue savior.

— Infinite, Sonic Forces

Infinite's first meeting with Sonic the Hedgehog had him beating the blue hedgehog effortlessly. This ultimately had Infinite's ego receiving a massive boost. When meeting Sonic for the first time since he defeated him at Mystic Jungle, Infinite proceeded to sense a smell from Sonic and assumed the smell was the fear of encountering him due to last time, though Sonic corrected him and explained the smell was actually sweat due to Sonic having run all the way there, and also smugly explained that Infinite had not left an impression on him at all. After beating Sonic for the second time, he proceeded to spare him, solely because he deemed him not worth killing. However, he did express shock that Sonic held his own for longer than he expected, due to his data indicating he would not be a challenge from last time. Him sparing Sonic would ultimately prove to be Infinite's downfall, as not only did Sonic inspire the Avatar to fight against him, but both Sonic and the Avatar proceeded to bring him down for the count.

Similar to Erazor Djinn, Infinite also derogatorily referred to Sonic as a "filthy sewer rat".



Infinite meeting the Avatar, from Sonic Forces.

I remember you. You ran from me before. You survived then, but you throw it all away now. Curious.

— Infinite, Sonic Forces

Infinite had a personal connection with the Avatar, as he was responsible for slaughtering their friends during one of his raids during the six months between Sonic's defeat at his hands and the Avatar's joining of the Resistance, with Infinite ultimately sparing them simply to satiate his sadistic desire to watch them flee in terror. They later re-encountered each other at Metropolis, with Infinite trying to intimidate the Avatar, although they, due to Sonic's words of encouragement, ultimately chose to fight Infinite instead of giving in to fear. Infinite then tried to finish them off after remembering who they were, although due to Avatar's possession of a Phantom Ruby prototype, they managed to evade the attack, leaving Infinite shocked before ultimately dismissing the matter and leaving them be. Ultimately, the Avatar, alongside Sonic, ended up bringing him down for the count.

Dr. Eggman[]

Screenshot 20171110-193624

Infinite and Dr. Eggman, from Sonic Forces.

Let's do it, Doctor! I'll help you change the world!

— Infinite, Sonic Forces: Rise of Infinite

When Infinite and his squad raided Dr. Eggman's base for tech to sell, the doctor's army overwhelmed them. Also, the Phantom Ruby allowed Eggman to get the upper hand against Infinite. Impressed by the jackal, Eggman offered him a place in the Eggman Empire. Infinite, having grown bored with his life, agreed to his proposition. However, he did express some annoyance with the Doctor, especially when the latter scolded him, as evidenced by his grudging reply to Eggman's order to confront Shadow (which he was about to do anyway due to Shadow wiping out his squad).[24] Infinite was later a willing subject in the Phantom Ruby experiments and had the final version merged with his very being.

Following Eggman's domination of Sonic's world, Infinite would continue to prove loyal to the doctor, serving as his right-hand man and enforcer, though he did not hesitate to voice his displeasure with some of Eggman's choices. He also openly acknowledged himself as the better of the two, giving him somewhat more of an equal footing with the doctor than most. Interestingly, Infinite is one of the only powerful entities that Eggman aligned himself with who did not end up betraying him.

Jackal Squad[]

Jackal Squad! Move in for the kill!

— Infinite, Sonic Forces: Rise of Infinite

It would seem that Infinite was close to his former squadmates in the Jackal Squad, as he was furious when Shadow destroyed them. Likewise, the rest of the squad seemed to place a lot of faith and trust in Infinite, believing that they could survive on their own, though ultimately, Infinite's desire to end his boredom proved more important to him than the interests of his teammates.




Main article: Infinite (boss)
Modern Sonic VS Infinite

Infinite before his boss battle in Mystic Jungle, from Sonic Forces.

Infinite appears as a boss that is fought on three separate occasions in Sonic Forces. The first battle is in Mystic Jungle and is against Sonic; the second battle is in Metropolis and is against the Avatar, and the third and final battle is in the Eggman Empire Fortress and is at first against Sonic, but then changes into a battle against both Sonic and the Avatar. During each of these battles, taking damage will result in the player getting thrown into a brief virtual reality with extra hazards. The first and the third battle have the player chase after Infinite, while the second one takes place in an arena.


"...Hahaha! Interesting. All this time I've been going though the motions. I've actually grown quite tired of the world as it is. Let's do it, Doctor! I'll help you change the world!"
—Infinite agreeing to help Eggman, Sonic Forces: Rise of Infinite
"You... You destroyed my squad. I'll show you why they call me the ultimate mercenary! Take THIS!!"
—Infinite to Shadow, Sonic Forces (Episode Shadow)
"I... I'm shaking... Me? Me... Afraid?! Ugh. Pathetic?! Me... He's calling ME weak!? No... I am not weak. I'm... I'm not. I'm not weak! I AM NOT WEEEEAAAAAAK! URRRAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"
—Infinite's breakdown after being defeated by Shadow, Sonic Forces (Episode Shadow)
"Heh... You are spirited. I'll give you that. Very well. My new power will be the last thing you see!"
—Infinite confronting E-123 Omega, Sonic Forces: Looming Shadow
"I can taste your terror, child. All that anxiety and doubt... It's delicious. Give in to your fear. Flee screaming and I'll let you live."
—Infinite taunting the Avatar, Sonic Forces
"Well, look who's back from the dead. The little blue savior. But what's that I smell? You reek of fear. Glad to see I left an impression."
—Infinite facing Sonic for the second time, Sonic Forces
"I will teach you to hold that tongue next time we meet. You can count on it."
—Infinite after being defeated by Sonic in the Mystic Jungle, Sonic Forces
"Fine... I will teach you fear, then pain, and then... well, at least the fear and pain will end."
—Infinite about to fight the Avatar, Sonic Forces
"Pathetic little hedgehog. Even with the Phantom Ruby weakened, I still have enough power to smash you into blue jelly. I'll show you how outclassed you really are!"
—Infinite facing Sonic for the third and final time, Sonic Forces
"No, wait! I can still fight!"
—Infinite's last words after being defeated by Sonic and the Avatar, Sonic Forces

Theme songs[]


GEE plush toy Infinite

Infinite plush, by Great Eastern Entertainment.

Various merchandise of Infinite has been sold, such as a pin from the Sega Shop, and an action figure made by Tomy. A player piece figurine of Infinite was made for the Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers board game. In 2020, a 10" plush toy of Infinite was released by Great Eastern Entertainment. An enamel pin of him made by the same company was also released. A 4" articulated action figure of Infinite and an included Phantom Ruby as an accessory was released in May 2023 by Jakks Pacific.


Infinite received a mixed reception from fans and critics. Martin Wood from Game Rant writes that players found Infinite to be one-dimensional and generic, with a weak revenge story and premise.[35]

In Otherworld Comedy, Infinite won a poll to appear alongside Shadow the Hedgehog with a 50,1% of the votes, with his opponent being Cream the Rabbit. However, he lost the second poll to appear alongside Knuckles the Echidna against Sonic the Hedgehog.


  • According to Ian Flynn, who asked what Infinite's real name was when writing the script for the Sonic Forces digital comic, "Infinite" is in fact the jackal’s real name.[36]
  • According to Christian Whitehead, Infinite was originally going to debut in Sonic Mania, but ultimately was not implemented.[38]
  • Infinite’s mask design may be based off of the Japanese Yokai Namahage, a punisher soul who scared naughty children into behaving.
  • Infinite is the second Sonic video game character to be depicted with heterochromia, with the first being the Commander.
  • Infinite has a brief cameo in the "Come Join the Eggman Empire" propaganda video nearing the end, where he emerges from behind the Egg Pawns when the narrator claims that the possibilities for those under his Empire are "infinite", acting as a subtle pun as well as a foreshadowing.[39]
  • Infinite is the most frequently fought boss in Sonic Forces, fought a total of three times over the course of the game.
  • Infinite is the second villain which disparagingly refers to Sonic as a rat with Sonic correcting him regarding his actual species. The first is the Erazor Djinn.[40]
  • Concept artwork for the stage Null Space implied that Infinite would have been encountered in the level to some capacity.
  • Infinite's Phantom Ruby-induced aura varies in design depending on the console. In the E3 2017 trailer and the comic prequels, his aura is depicted as being flame-like. In the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Sonic Forces, his aura glows red and forms a purple haze with various glitch effects. In the Nintendo Switch version of the game however, he instead merely has a red outline.
  • Jokingly, according to Sonic Twitter Takeover 3, Infinite collects or at least has some form of media involving Sonadow, the popular romantic ship between Sonic and Shadow.[41]
  • In two pieces of concept artwork, it is shown that Infinite could have used his tail as a "third arm". The reason why this idea was scrapped is unknown.
  • According to Morio Kishimoto, there is a possibility that Infinite might return in future games due to him being a character from the mainline games.[42]


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