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:[''Inside her burrow, Sticks has some art portraits til she punched one of them in her rage and kicks one near her door which it was opened by two officers and Comedy Chimp.'']
:[''Inside her burrow, Sticks has some art portraits til she punched one of them in her rage and kicks one near her door which it was opened by two officers and Comedy Chimp.'']
:'''Comedy Chimp''':
:'''Comedy Chimp''':
:'''Sticks''': It wasn't me! It was Dreamcaster!

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In the Midnight Hour (transcript)

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This is transcript for the Sonic Boom episode "In the Midnight Hour".

[Scene: Hedgehog Village, night.]

[Sticks is covered in paint and kicking and punching something, making karate calls. It's revealed that she was attacking a canvas, which now has a picture painted on it.]
Sticks: Sticks, you are a mixed martial artist. [She picks up the canvas and stares at it.] Don't lie to me, me; this thing stinks! [She tosses the canvas away.]
[Sticks hears a strange sound, and when she looks in the direction of the sound, there's an eerie, cloaked figure levitating beside a television antenna. Sticks silently creeps up to it, but the figure looks at her; its eyes are red, hypnotic swirls.]
Sticks: Ahhh! [She runs away, scared.]

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, night.]

[Sonic is sleeping in his hammock when Sticks comes up to him.]
Sticks: Sonic! Wake up!
Sonic: [mumbling in his sleep] What'd you say, sugarplum?
Sticks: Don't call me "sugar plum"; I'm not Amy! [She grabs Sonic by his nose, and he wakes up.]
Sonic: Sticks?! What are you doing?! Unhand my face!
Sticks: You've gotta come with me to the TV studio; there's a red-eyed prowler up to no good!
Sonic: But I was right in the middle of a really sweet dream. I was dancing with sugar plums! [He smiles and holds up one hand, but then he stares at the viewer.] You know, when I say it out loud, I kinda regret having said it out loud.
[Sticks grabs Sonic's hand and drags him out of the shack.]

[Scene Change: Hedgehog Village, night.]

[Sonic and Sticks arrive at the TV studio, but Sonic is still sleepy; he yawns as Sticks looks around.]
Sticks: But I saw him with my own two eyes! I smelled him with my nose! I smorfed him with my sixth sense!
Sonic: I'm going back to bed. [Walks away, leaving Sticks on her own.]
Sticks: That's the trouble with being a paranoid kook; when something really is going on, no one believes you! You can say that again. I know, right?

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Team Sonic is having a meal in there and Sticks has just explained the whole story to the others]
Amy: And you saw him by yourself all night in the empty Village Center while finger painting?
Sticks: It's called Jujutsu Realism, and it is the purest form for expressing the depths of my soul. Plus, I found forty paint cans in my burrow and couldn't find anything else to do with them. [Yawns]
Knuckles: Tired, huh? Not me. I slept like a baby last night! No really. An abandon crib washed up on the beach.
Tails: You know, Sticks, sleep deprivation has been linked to an increase in delusional behavior.
Sticks: That can't be it. I never sleep. But im telling ya, there's something fishy going on at that station and I'm gonna prove it.

[Scene Change: Hedgehog Village, night.]

[Sticks is having a stakeout behind a tree when she spots the figure entering the TV studio. When she gets inside, he sees the figure holding a mic in front of a TV camera.]
Dreamcaster: Hello, my sleeping friends. This is the Dreamcaster, and I'm gonna take you on a magical journey. All you have to do is follow my silky voice to the land of sugar plums where you want to go of your own free will and not because you're hypnotized.
[Suddenly, Dreamcaster's speech gets interuppted by Stick who is yelling her battle cry and tries to kick him. However, she misses and knocks down the set lights and the tv camera, causing Dreamcaster to retreat. Sticks now has the mic and looks at the camera trying to warn the villagers of Hedgehog Village.]
Sticks: Denizens of our village, you're all being brainwashed! Don't be fooled! A robot is controlling your thoughts! Wake up, sheeple!
Sheep Villager: "Sheeple" is a negative term. We prefer "Sheep Villagers". I'm writing a letter to that network.

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, night.]

[Sonic is awaken by Sticks who is on tv.]
Sticks: [On TV] You're minds have been taken over by the Dreamcaster.
Sonic: Oh, geez. Sticks, what have you done now?

[Scene Change: Hedgehog Village, night.]

[The villagers are gathered near the TV station muttering angrily. Sticks runs out of the studio to see the villagers.]
Sticks: I'm glad you're here. You guys ready to rage against the machine?!
Comedy Chimp: You! You destroyed my studio, you wacky broad! And I lost my insurance payment in a poker game!
[The villagers continue to mutter angrily until Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy arrive.]
Sonic: Hold on! I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.
Comedy Chimp: There is. I had pocket deuces. Who doesn't go all in with pocket deuces?
Sonic: No. I meant a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this.
Sticks: The studio was destroyed by a brain-washing robot who was trying to invade your dreams though the television!
Sonic: Well, I'm over too.
Tails: Sticks, nobody's seen this robot but you.
Sticks: But he really exist! His name's Dreamcaster!
Tails: That's the worst name I ever heard.
Sonic: It's not so bad.
Knuckles: Yeah. The "er" at the end is kinda nice.
Sticks: Look, we all agree that the name is terrible, but he's hypnotizing you with dreams of sugar plumes. Why can't you get that through your dumb heads?!
Knuckles: As the proud owner of a dumb head, I don't like that you're talking down to me. And I don't care for your condescending altitude.
Tails: Not sure if that was a clever pun, or if you have no idea of what you're saying.
Knuckles: Why can it be both?
Sticks: I can't believe you guys don't trust me! I thought you were my friends.
[Sticks runs away from the villagers.]

[Scene Change: Sticks' Burrow, day.]

[Inside her burrow, Sticks has some art portraits til she punched one of them in her rage and kicks one near her door which it was opened by two officers and Comedy Chimp.]
Comedy Chimp:
Sticks: It wasn't me! It was Dreamcaster!

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