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|image = [[File:Illumina_Artwork.png|242px]]
|image = [[File:Illumina_Artwork.png|242px]]
|caption = Illumima
|caption = Illumina
|first = ''[[Sonic Shuffle]]''<br>{{Only}}
|first = ''[[Sonic Shuffle]]''<br>{{Only}}
|media = [[Archie Comics]]
|media = [[Archie Comics]]

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Quotation1 My dream... is... to make Maginaryworld a world full of light... Quotation2
Illumina, Sonic Shuffle

Template:Character Illumina (イルミナ Irumina?) is a character in Sonic Shuffle. She is the Goddess of Dreams and as well the guardian angel of Maginaryworld and the protector of the Perfect Precioustone.[1] Over time, Illumina lost faith in herself and split into two separate beings: Lumina Flowlight and Void. After that, Illumina's two halves entered a conflict with one another until they reunited and brought back Illumina.


Having created the Precioustone sometime in the past,[2] Illumina assumed the job of protecting the crystal from her residence in the Temple of Light to safeguard everyone's dreams.[1] At one point during her duty, Illumina was overcome with self-doubt and lost sight of her dream, which caused an internal conflict so strong that she split into two beings, each representing opposite ends of the spectrum of emotion: Lumina Flowlight, who represented the positive aspects of dreams, and Void, who represented the negative.

While Illumina herself ceased to exist, her two halves lived on. Lumina, having no recollection of her earlier life, believed she protected the Perfect Precioustone along Illumina, while Void suffered from loneliness. To ease his pain, Void sought the Perfect Precioustone, but he disbursed its pieces across the dimension when he touched it. Lumina, believing Void caused Illumina to mysteriously vanish, called out to other worlds, bringing Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles into Maginaryworld to help find the Precioustones before Void could destroy Maginaryworld. While Sonic and his friends helped Lumina recover the Precioustones, Illumina would sometimes appear in their dreams and tell them about her own dream.

After rebuilding the Perfect Precioustone and subduing Void by converting him into a gem, Lumina was lost self-doubt when she thought Marginaryworld was doomed despite their efforts. However, Sonic and his friends brought Lumina back to her senses after talking about the balance between positive and negative emotion being necessary for people to create and attain their dreams. Lumina then took Void into the Perfect Precioustone and two of them remerged back into Illumina. As Sonic and co. prepared to leave, Illumina thanked them for clearing away her doubts and promised that Maginaryworld would become an even better place before sending them home.


Illumina has a warm and mysterious smile. She is very warming and encouraging, capable of filling the hearts of the listeners with joy and warmth with her words.[1] Her dream is to make Maginaryworld a world full of beautiful light. However, when Illumina lost sight of her dream, she was overcome with self-doubt and lost faith in herself. After being reborn when Lumina and Void rejoined however, Illumina regained her faith in herself and her dream.

Powers and Abilities

Illumina possesses a number of unspecified powers.[3] She is also a skilled harpist as she is able to fill the hearts of the listeners with joy and warmth with the music from her harp.[1]

Appearances in Other Media

Archie Comics

Main article: Illumina (Archie)

Illumina is mentioned in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin off comics published by Archie Comics, though she has yet to make an official appearance. Much like in the game, she is a goddess who controls Maginaryworld from where she manages all the dreams using the magical Master Precioustone. She temporarily split into Lumina Flowlight and Void when she succumb to her doubts, but was eventually restored.


"I'm sorry... I'm the one who lost myself and almost lost my dream..."
—Illumina explaining how she split into Lumina and Void.
"Maginaryworld and people's emotions are fragile. It doesn't take much to crush them... Even the strongest of people have dark emotions in their hearts."
—Illumina about the fragility of feelings and Magiaryworld.
"We must be stronger... Emptiness does not conquer dreams... Dreams conquer the emptiness..."
—Illumina about the dream and emptiness.




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