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This article is about the Sonic and the Secret Rings boss. You may be looking for the Ifrit from Sonic Rivals 2.

Ifalas zaraz I e zarak. Ifalas zaraz I e zarak. Come forth from the fiery depths of Jahannam, ye condemned by Iblis! Iz Afrit!

Erazor Djinn summoning the Ifrit Golem, Sonic and the Secret Rings

The Ifrit Golem is the boss of Evil Foundry in Sonic and the Secret Rings, after being summoned by Erazor Djinn in order to burn the pages of the Arabian Nights. Shahra refers to it as "a djinn that controls fire", although it appears to be mechanical.


The Ifrit Golem is a robotic entity that is half submerged in a pool of lava. The Ifrit Golem is mostly brown (which is rusted) with red eyes and core on the top of its head. The Ifrit Golem also has two long arms and a torso.


The Ifrit is summoned in the Evil Foundry by Erazor Djinn after he destroyed half the pages of the 1001 Arabian Nights. He reveals to Sonic and Shahra (who broke into the Evil Foundry knowing Erazor was planning something there) that he intended to let the Ifrit burn the remaining pages in the book. The Ifrit Golem is initially invincible, and although Sonic displays his first use of Time Break here, he is forced to escape and locate the Water Blue World Ring. Having found the Ring, Sonic returns and manages to defeat the Ifrit.

When it is defeated, the Ifrit drops a bomb, which Sonic takes outside of the Evil Foundry so that it can explode safely. The bomb releases the Red World Ring when it explodes, leaving Sonic wondering if the djinn had the World Ring (and the rage that the ring contained) inside of it the whole time.

Powers and abilities

The Ifrit Golem possesses pyrokinetic abilities, such as creating a wall of fire via the laser beam it shoots from its eyes. It can also summon explosive canisters as well.


Boss Guide

The Ifrit can use many attacks, such as firing an eye laser that does not hurt Sonic directly but creates a flame wall, dropping tanks of gas when Sonic goes near its hands, and (later in the battle) dropping into the molten metal within its cauldron. It would also fall into the cauldron if Sonic successfully attacked all the lights on its hands, in which the Ifrit would be helpless for a time long enough for Sonic to perform a few homing attacks (or Speed Break) on its head. The Ifrit would not surrender until Sonic performed fifteen homing attacks or Speed Break on its head, causing it to fall into the cauldron and melt in the burning magma. To get the Gold Medal for this boss, the player must finish it in two minutes.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"How It Started" Kenichi Tokoi 4:21




  • World 3: Evil Foundry: Mission 05: Beat the Clock

Special Book Page

  • Chapter 9: #3: Escaping the Factory


  • Ifrit is a reference to a supernatural creature in Islam, the Ifrit or efreet (عفريت). They are usually a powerful type of jinn with death-spirits.
  • Interestingly, when Erazor is chanting his spell to summon the Ifrit, he refers to it as "Ye condemned by Iblis." Iblis is the name of the Satan in Islam and, coincidentally, also the name of the monster from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
    • Coincidentally, a different creature called Ifrit would later appear as a major antagonist in Sonic Rivals 2.
    • Also, the Ifrit Golem and Ifrit from Sonic Rivals 2 appeared in the same year, which is 2007.
  • The first part of the incantation, Ifalas zaras I e zaraq, is heard in Sonic and the Black Knight when Merlina summons Sonic. However, the subtitles spell it differently.
  • A rubber duck can be seen in Ifrit Golem's cauldron in the official artwork.
  • While summoning the Ifrit, Erazor says "Come forth from the fiery depths of Jahannam," which means "hell" in Arabic.


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