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{{Stage order
The Revolution was here?!
|game = SegaSonic the Hedgehog
|previous = Volcanic Vault
|current = Icy Isle
|next = Desert Dodge
|stage = zone
{{Infobox level
|title = Icy Isle
|image = Segasonic icyisle.png
|caption = [[Ray]] in Icy Isle
|game = ''[[SegaSonic the Hedgehog]]'' {{Only}}
|theme = [[Winter theme]]
|number = 2
|previous = [[Volcanic Vault]]
|next = [[Desert Dodge]]
'''Icy Isle''' is the second [[Zone]] in ''[[SegaSonic the Hedgehog]].
*In the Revision A prototype of the game, it's simply known as Ice World, and appears as the fourth playable level.
*This is the first ever ice-themed zone in the entire Sonic franchise.
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The Revolution was here?!

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