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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Icicle Valley

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A straightforward course through the icy battlements and curving wooden bridges of Blizzard Castle, a wintry world built around an active volcano. Carefully navigate the ice caves and avoid falling into the deep caverns that lie beneath the track. Giant eggs are best avoided if you want to finish first.

— Track description

Icicle Valley is a course in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing that represents the Billy Hatcher series. It is first of three courses in the game that are based off Billy Hatcher, and is the second course in the Chao Cup.


As its name suggests, this course is set in an icy valley around a mountain. It is a fairly simple course with plenty of gradual turns near the end of the track. At the start of the race, the player has the choice of either making a left turn, which would take him on the normal course, or barreling through some turning signs in front of a cave. Should the player choose the latter, he will take a path straight through the mountain. This path has several boost panels.

The conventional path contains an item and ends with a ramp on which the player can do tricks to receive a boost. However, there is a pit on the left-hand side which will kill the player. After the jump, the player must navigate a series of gradual turns. At the end of the course, the player has the option of using a ramp to gain a boost. The downside to this is the abyss on the left side, should the player not be careful. Just before the finish line is a straight section of track. Giant eggs roll down chutes on either side of the track, and can cost the player the lead.


For Blizzard Castle-located tracks, such as Icicle Valley, these are the following tracks selectable for the course: 

  • Tumbling Xylophone
  • Billy's Courage
  • A Jack-in-the-Box!
  • Bossa Nova of Briny Air
  • Volcanic Orchestra




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