For the power-up in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, see Ice Wave (Item).

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Eggman, Sonic Generations (Console/PC)

Ice Wave[1] is a move that appears in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is an attack used by the Egg Dragoon where it fires freezing and wide waves of ice.


The Ice Wave is created from the energy cannons on the Egg Dragoon's feet. When using it, the Egg Dragoon charges said cannons, then it flips in mid-air. By the end of the flip over the ground, the Egg Dragoon releases a wave of sub-zero temperature ice that sweeps along the ground.

In gameplay, the Ice Wave is used during the Egg Dragoon boss battle. It serves as the mech's most basic attack, and it uses it from the start of the battle. The Ice Wave is a long-distance attack that the Egg Dragoon can launch at the player from afar, and will use it a total of three times in succession before changing moves.

At the beginning of the battle, the Ice Wave move precedes and follows the Fire Beam attack (this counts if the player continues running on the ground). As the Egg Dragoon takes damage, the Ice Wave will become a part of the mech's "Separation Attack" combo. This combo is initiated after the Drill Attack and includes the Egg Dragoon's lower half using the Ice Wave periodically while the upper half utilizes the Fire Beam.

To avoid the Ice Wave, the player can use the Quick Step or Spin Jump. In cases other than the "Separation Attack" combo, this move is easy to dodge. Also, the Egg Dragoon can only use it on the ground.




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