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{{Stage order
The Revolution was here?!
|previous = Music Plant
|game = Sonic Advance 2
|current = Ice Paradise
|next = Sky Canyon
|stage = Zone
{{Infobox level
|width =
|title = Ice Paradise
|image = <tabber>
Zone=[[File:IP.png|242px]]<br>Knuckles in Ice Paradise.
Map=[[File:Sa2ipz.png|242px]]<br>Ice Paradise, as shown on the map screen.
|1st_app = ''[[Sonic Advance 2]]'' {{Only}}
|other_apps =
|description =
|theme =
*[[Urban theme]]
*[[Winter theme]]
|location =
|previous = [[Music Plant]]
|next = [[Sky Canyon]]
|charas =
*[[Sonic the Hedgehog]]
*[[Cream the Rabbit]]
*[[Miles "Tails" Prower]]
*[[Knuckles the Echidna]]
*[[Amy Rose]]
|number = 4
|acts = 2
|enemies =
|sub-boss =
|boss = [[Aero Egg]]
'''Ice Paradise''' is the fourth [[Zone]] of ''[[Sonic Advance 2]]''.
Ice Paradise is an [[winter theme|icy]] [[Urban theme|city]] with slides and yellow-and-white walls that the player can run on. It is similar to the [[IceCap Zone]] from ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog 3]]''. This course has ice slides that can dump the player into bottomless pits if he/she does not jump at the end.
*The music for Act 1 is a remix of the music that plays in the [[Tiny Chao Garden]] from ''[[Sonic Advance]]''.
{{Gallery start}}
Maybe you should curl up.jpg
Just not left.jpg
Ice 01.jpg
Sonic advance 2-1-.jpg
2678116ice paradise zona4-1-.jpg
Sonic Advance 2_24.png
Sonic Advance 2_25.png
Sonic Advance 2_26.png
Sonic Advance 2_27.png
Sonic Advance 2_28.png
Sonic Advance 2_29.png
{{Gallery end}}
Act 1= [[File:Sonic Advance 2 Ice Paradise (Act 1)|300px|left]]
Act 2= [[File:sonic advance 2 music ice paradise act 2|300px|left]]
[[File:Sonic Advance 2 (GBA) Ice Paradise Zone|300px|left]]
{{Advance 2 info}}
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[[Category:Winter theme]]

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