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Ice Mountain Zone

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Ice Mountain Zone (アイスマウンテンゾーン Aisumauntenzōn?) is the fourth Zone in Sonic Advance.


Ice Mountain Zone is a winter-themed Zone around the mountain background.



This Zone has snowfall effects and even large underwater pathways to go through. There are round frozen shells that may hide Item Boxes or springs.


Act 1

Act 2


Main article: Egg Spider
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The Egg Spider

At the end of Act 2, the player must battle Dr. Eggman in the Egg Spider that has drills and feet on top of it. The player must battle it underwater and can only attack it by jumping off the icicles Dr. Eggman makes that fall off the ceiling. Luckily, this is the only way the boss can attack. The player also must jump off the icebergs to get to the small amount of space that is out of water to breathe.




Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Ice Mountain Zone (Act 1) Tatsuyuki Maeda, Yutaka Minobe, Hironobu Inagaki, Atsuyoshi Isemura 1:53
Sonic Advance - 18 Ice Mountain Zone Act 1
Ice Mountain Zone (Act 2) Tatsuyuki Maeda, Yutake Minobe, Hironobu Inagaki, Atsuyoshi Isemura 2:18
Sonic Advance - 19 Ice Mountain Zone Act 2


Sonic Advance (GBA) Ice Moutain Zone

Sonic Advance (GBA) Ice Moutain Zone

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