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You may be looking for the Zone in Sonic Advance named Ice Mountain Zone.

Ice Mountain[1] is a race track that appears in Team Sonic Racing.



Sonic in Ice Mountain.

Ice Mountain is a racing circuit based on several winter-themed levels from Sonic games, mainly the Sonic Advance Zone of the same name[2] and Holoska from Sonic Unleashed. It is made up entirely of ice and snow, with icy roads that wind around, between and above each other throughout the landscape. On the edges of these roads are red-and-white striped surfaces. There are likewise mountains of ice and snow, ice caverns, and icy peaks in different formations everywhere the track leads. Noticeably, one side of the sky above Ice Mountain is bright and blue with white clouds while the other half is orange-red with black clouds as a result of a nearby active volcano. The circuit also seems to be populated by an Orca whale. There is also a cargo ship docked near the ice.

Along the racetrack are official stands incorporated into the ice from where the smaller denizens of Sonic's world watch the races. In addition, there are balloons of Sonic and Shadow's heads floating around and large metal cranes carrying cargo. There are also what appears to be metal structures frozen into the local ice, like buildings and giant Egg Pawns.


Along Ice Mountain's track are tall stone columns that inflict damage upon all but Power-type characters that collide with them. Power-type characters such as Knuckles can bust through them with no damage and even gain Rings for doing so.[2]

The track has multiple branching pathways. There are also multiple jumps throughout the level that characters can pull tricks off of to build up boost. There are also ice patches along the tracks that slow the driver down and are slippery, making it harder to properly steer on.[2] However, Technique-based characters such as Tails can drive on them with no penalty.


There is a fork at the start that will send the racers to either the top route or bottom route depending on which the player choose. Near the end of it, the top route also has a small ramp towards the right side of the track, that can send the racers to a shortcut if taken with enough speed, otherwise they will be sent to the bottom route, meeting up with the other path.

Near the dock section of the track, there is a path on the left with thin ice that that leads to a shortcut.




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