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Ice Factory

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Not to be confused with Frozen Factory.

Ice Factory is the third track in Babylon Story Mode in Sonic Riders. It follows Red Canyon and precedes White Cave. The course is only playable as Storm in story mode.


It is the total opposite of its version in the Hero Story Mode, Egg Factory. The track is set in a very cold and icy climate. There are many robots are spread across the stage that use freezing guns to freezing everything, including the player. The course's music is the same as the music in Egg Factory. The ice makes the course hard to maneuver through. There is a hidden shortcut that consists of large ice cubes that block the way. In total there are three grind rails, two sets of air rings, and two power shortcuts.


After losing to Knuckles in the Grand Prix, Storm rushes in the room bawling about his loss. Wave insults him for his lack of skills, and they start fighting again. Jet breaks up the fight, before telling them his plans. Suspecting that Eggman might be keeping secrets from them, he orders Storm to invade Eggman's base and find information.






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