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The Ice Cannon[1] (アイスボール Aisu Bōru?, lit. "Ice Ball"), also referred to as Ice, is an object that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is a Pickup item that lets the user attack with snowballs.


The Ice Cannon and its icon takes the appearance of a large white snowball with transparent snowflakes around it.


Amy firing all of her ammo at the same time.

In gameplay, the Ice Cannon lets racers freeze opponents with snowballs. Each Ice Cannon gives three shots which can all be fired at once or individually. Hitting an opponent with two or more snowballs in succession or all of them at once will leave the opponent temporarily frozen. Getting hit by just one snowball will only slow down the opponent temporarily.

By comparison, the Ice Cannon is more of a strategic tool due to its rapid fire and reliance on the user's accuracy. Also, firing the Ice Cannon while drifting results in its shots being aimed in the same direction the camera is pointing in. Furthermore, the Ice Cannon's shots can get through Fireworks, Twister, other Ice Cannons, and cancel out Drones and Blowfishes.

The Ice Cannon can be obtained via Pickup items, the Bonus Chance, and the Super Pickup which doubles the amount of Ice Cannons received from regular items. Note that if all the shots from a Ice Cannon obtained via the Super Pickup item is fired at once, it will only fire three snowballs at once. To fire an Ice Cannon, press the Weapon button. Press and hold the Weapon button to fire all three snowballs at once. An Ice Cannon normally fires in the direction the racer faces, but if the player holds down the control stick while pressing the Weapon button, the Ice Cannon can be fired backwardly.



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