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This article is about a real-life person.
Information in this article is about real-life people, companies, and objects, which do not relate to the in-universe Sonic series.

Ian Flynn, also known by his internet brand, the BumbleKing, is an American comic writer. He is currently a contributing writer for the IDW Publishing Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs.[1][2]

Flynn was previously the chief writer for the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its various spin-offs. His tenure began in 2006 with Sonic the Hedgehog #160, and lasted until the comics' cancellation in 2017. He has also written two episodes for the second season of Sonic Boom, and a number of tie-in comics for the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. He would eventually write the storylines for mainline Sonic games as well.


Flynn obtained the writing position on Archie Comics by sending in unsolicited proposals, after a long participation in unofficial creation of comics about Sonic the Hedgehog. He is notable for being a rare case of making a transition from active amateur to pro.[3][4]

Flynn has not only been active with the fan community since his hiring at Archie Comics, but even prior to that with the now defunct site, The Sonic Info Center (TSIC). He gained initial recognition for a fan comic known as Other M. His stories contain heavy usage of prior continuity and returning characters. One of his focuses seems to be guiding the comic to better fit in with Sega's games while still retaining the well known elements of the comic's original material.


Ian Flynn was the head writer for two of Archie's comics: Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe. He was also the main writer for Sonic Boom and every issue of Archie's Mega Man comic series, the latter of which had two crossovers with Archie's Sonic titles.[5][6] He also writes for Dark Circle Comics' New Crusaders and is currently writing for Cosmo, the revival of Archie's Cosmo the Merry Martian character.[7][8] He has also contributed to the comics within Archie's mainline comic series, including co-writing the final two issues of the third Jughead series.

Before IDW Publishing acquired the licensing for the Sonic franchise, Flynn had also provided writing duties for the publisher's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic series.

Around the first reveal of the upcoming mainline game, Sonic Frontiers, Ian Flynn was confirmed to be the writer for the game's storyline.[9][10]

Since 2015, Ian Flynn has hosted his own podcast on YouTube named BumbleKast alongside his friend Kyle Crouse. In it, Flynn answer questions sent by fans which reveal personal opinions from both hosts and behind-the-scenes of his work. Occasionally, they have special guests which involve other members of the working staff or Patreon supporters. The channel also hosts gameplay videos.



Sonic the Hedgehog series

Archie Comics

  • Mega Man:
  • Mega Man: Worlds Unite Battles Issue 1 ("Mega Man vs Deadly 3" and "Worlds Unite Battles: Maverick Hunters Versus Vile")
  • Sonic and the Secret Rings ("Sand, Spirit and Sonic Speed")
  • Sonic Boom:
    • #1 ("Getting a Little Boulder Part One of... er... One")
    • #2 ("Knuckleduster")
    • #3 ("Hammer Spaced")
    • #4 ("Sticks and Stones")
    • #6-#7 ("Everybody's Super Sonic Racing")
    • #8-#10 ("Worlds Unite")
  • Sonic: Mega Drive:
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • #160-#161 ("Birthday Bash!")
    • #162 ("The Darkest Storm Part One: The Gathering Tempest" and "Ties That Bind")
    • #163-#164 ("The Darkest Storm" and "Sonic Riders")
    • #165 ("Leak" and "Call Of Duty")
    • #166 ("Mobius: 25 Years Later Part One: Tempus Fugit" and "The Chaotix Connection"; dialogue)
    • #167 ("Mobius 25 Years Later Part Two: Tempus Aeternus")
    • #168 ("Order From Chaos Part One: The Gathering" and "Courage and Honor")
    • #169 ("Order From Chaos Part Two: The Great Harmony" and "...For a Friend")
    • #170 ("Comings & Goings")
    • #171 ("I Am" and "Enforcers")
    • #172 ("Truth of the Heart" and "Worth the Effort")
    • #173 ("Round Up!" and "See Ya' Later Chao Part One")
    • #174 ("Union" and "See Ya' Later Chao Part Two")
    • #175 ("Eggman Empire")
    • #176 ("Cracking the Empire")
    • #177 ("Home, New Home")
    • #178-#179 ("House of Cards")
    • #180 ("Preparations for War!" and "High Stakes on the High Sea")
    • #181 ("Energjak: Reborn Chapter One: Rising Evil" and "Undone")
    • #182 ("Fallen Angel" and "Albion's Shameful Secret")
    • #183 ("Desperate Times" and "Ashes and Dust")
    • #184 ("Chaos Angel" and "Anything")
    • #185 ("Mogul Rising Part One: Needful Things")
    • #186 ("Mogul Rising Part Two: Devil's Due" and Honor-Bound")
    • #187 ("Mister Popular")
    • #188 ("Beating the House")
    • #189-#190 ("Bold New Moebius")
    • #191 ("Metal and Mettle Part 1" and "Invaders from Beyond")
    • #192 ("Metal and Mettle Part 2" and "Father and Son")
    • #193 ("Otherside Part One: How the Other Half Lives" and "Sonic Unleashed!")
    • #194 ("Otherside Part 2: Cross World Conflict!" and "Sleepless in New Megaopolis")
    • #195-#196 ("Hedgehog Havoc!")
    • #197 ("Consequences" and "Knight Time")
    • #198 ("Egg Phoenix Down")
    • #199 ("Knocking on Eggman's Door")
    • #200 ("Turnabout is Fair Play")
    • #201 ("Change in Management" and "Devotion")
    • #202 ("Dangerous Territory" and "A Lonely Girl's Story")
    • #203-#204 ("Heavy is the Head" and "Friend in Deed")
    • #205-#206 ("On the Run", "Birthright" and Off Panel)
    • #207 ("Blackout", "The Iron Queen" and Off Panel)
    • #208-#209 ("Iron Dominion" and Off Panel)
    • #210-#211 ("Home Invasion" and Off Panel)
    • #212 ("The Roads We Take - Iron Dominion: Epilogue" and Off Panel)
    • #213-#214 ("Reigning Cats and Dogs" and Off Panel)
    • #215-#216 ("Family Matters", "Future Tense" and Off Panel)
    • #217 ("Thicker Than Water Part One", "Welcome Back, Chao!" and Off Panel)
    • #218 ("Thicker Than Water Part Two", "Hindsight" and Off Panel)
    • #219 ("In Service to the King Part One", "Sonic Colors" and Off Panel)
    • #220 ("In Service to the King Part Two", "From the Inside Out" and Off Panel)
    • #221 ("Changing Tempo", "Second Impressions Part One" and Off Panel)
    • #222 ("The World Can Wait", "Second Impressions Part Two" and Off Panel)
    • #223 ("Chaos and the Crown Part One: The Right To Rule", "Special Zone House Call" and Off Panel)
    • #224 ("Chaos and the Crown Part Two: Total Authority" and Off Panel)
    • #225 ("One Step Forward..." and Off Panel)
    • #226-#229 ("Genesis" and Off Panel)
    • #230 ("...Two Steps Back", "Sonic Generations" and Off Panel)
    • #231 ("Lost in the Moment", "Haunted" and Off Panel)
    • #232 ("Dark Tidings", "Fragile" and Off Panel)
    • #233 ("The Trial of Geoffrey St. John", "From the Shadows" and Off Panel)
    • #234 ("Unthinkable", "Dark Hearts" and Off Panel)
    • #235 ("Remember the Fallen" and Off Panel)
    • #236 ("Cry Freedom!", "Leader of the Band" and Off Panel)
    • #237 ("Loyalty Part One: The Right to Rule", "Heart to Heart" and Off Panel)
    • #238 ("Loyalty Part Two: Dire Choices", "Foundation Works" and Off Panel)
    • #239-#240 ("Heroes" and Off Panel)
    • #241 ("Unraveling" and Off Panel)
    • #242 ("Olympic Trials" and Off Panel)
    • #243-#246 ("Endangered Species" and Off Panel)
    • #247 ("At All Costs Part One: Fate Interrupted" and Off Panel)
    • #248-#251 ("When Worlds Collide" and Off Panel)
    • #252 ("At All Costs Part Two: A New Lease on Life" and Off Panel)
    • #253-#256 ("Countdown to Chaos")
    • #257 ("Damage Control")
    • #258-#259 ("The Chase")
    • #260-#262 ("Waves of Change")
    • #263 ("Waves of Change Part Four: Divine Waters" and Off Panel)
    • #264 ("Control Part One: Breaking Point" and Off Panel)
    • #265 ("Control Part Two: Unleashed!")
    • #266-#267 ("Ambushed!")
    • #268-#271 ("Champions")
    • #272 ("A Ray of Hope")
    • #273-#275 ("Worlds Unite")
    • #276 ("Cold Hearted" and "Back in Business")
    • #277 ("Thunder, Rain and Lightning")
    • #278-#279 ("Face of the Enemy")
    • #280 ("Keys to Victory" and "A Special Occasion")
    • #281 ("Wings of Fire Part One: Slow Burn" and "Homesick")
    • #282 ("Wings of Fire Part Two: Fighting Fire with Fire" and "Shards and Sparks")
    • #283 ("The Mission" and "Zero Hour")
    • #284-#287 ("Panic in the Sky")
    • #288-#290 ("Genesis of a Hero")
    • #291 ("Genesis of a Hero Part Four") (cancelled)
    • #292 ("Branching Paths") (cancelled)
    • #293 (story one) (cancelled)
    • #294 ("Memories") (cancelled)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day:
    • 2007 ("Unburying the Hatchet")
    • 2009 ("Sonic of the Ages")
    • 2010 ("Hide and Seek and Destroy!")
    • 2011 ("The Rematch")
    • 2013 ("For the Bot Who Has Everything")
    • 2014 ("The X Factor" and "Sonic Comic Origins")
    • 2015 ("Sonic Comic Origins: Into the Unknown" and "World of Payne")
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia
  • Sonic X:
    • #16 ("Valentine's Fray")
    • #17 ("March Madness")
    • #23 ("Hedgehogging Their Bets")
    • #25 ("The Color Sonic")
    • #26 ("La Layenda del Gran Gordo! (The Legend of the Great Big Guy!)")
    • #27 ("Conquest is Like a Box of Chocolates")
    • #30 ("Big Top Terror!")
    • #31 ("The Return of El Gran Gordo!")
    • #32 ("Title Mismatch")
    • #34 ("Fool Party!")
    • #35 ("Cracking the Eggman!")
    • #37 ("Switcheroo!")
    • #38-#39 ("Big Trouble in Little Station Square!")
    • #40 ("The End!")
  • Sonic Universe:
    • #1 ("Living Weapons" and Off Panel)
    • #2 ("Time & Again" and Off Panel)
    • #3 ("Old Soldiers" and Off Panel)
    • #4 ("The Ultimate Lifeform" and Off Panel)
    • #5-#6 ("Mobius: 30 Years Later")
    • #7-#8 ("Mobius: 30 Years Later" and Off Panel)
    • #9-#10 ("Echoes of the Past")
    • #11-#12 ("Echoes of the Past" and Off Panel)
    • #13-#16 ("Journey to the East" and Off Panel)
    • #17-#20 ("Trouble in Paradise" and Off Panel)
    • #21-#24 ("Treasure Team Tango" and Off Panel)
    • #25-#28 ("Fractured Mirror" and Off Panel)
    • #29-#32 ("Inside Job" and Off Panel)
    • #33-#36 (Off Panel)
    • #37-#40 ("Scrambled" and Off Panel)
    • #41-#44 ("Unsung Heroes" and Off Panel)
    • #45 ("Racing for the Stars" and Off Panel)
    • #46-#49 ("All For One" and Off Panel)
    • #50 ("Forged in Fire" and Off Panel)
    • #51-#54 ("When Worlds Collide")
    • #59-#62 ("Shadow Fall")
    • #63-#66 ("The Great Chaos Caper")
    • #67-#70 ("Total Eclipse")
    • #71-#74 ("Spark of Life"; plot)
    • #75 ("Fury")
    • #76-#78 ("Worlds Unite")
    • #83-#86 ("Eggman's Dozen")
    • #87-#90 ("Shattered")
    • #91-#94 ("The Case of the Pirate Princess")
    • #95-#97 ("Freedom Fighters") (cancelled)

IDW Publishing





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