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Sonic Boom
I Can Sea Sonic's Fear From Here

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"I Can Sea Sonic's Fear From Here" is the fifty-ninth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 24 December 2016 in the United States and on 8 April 2017 in France.


After a particularly harsh defeat, Eggman comes to the conclusion that he never wins against Sonic because he is always facing him on favorable ground. So Eggman concocts a plan to have Sonic fight him underwater. Motivational speaker Soar the Eagle will have to use all his coaching talents to help Sonic overcome his phobia of the water in order to defeat Eggman.



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At the end of another battle between Eggman and Team Sonic, Sonic knocks the head off of Obliterator Bot. Eggman, however, insists that this was phase one of his plan and that phase two was secretly being prepared. He points to his right, but it was only a distraction, allowing Eggman to escape. Returning to his lair, Eggman sulks over yet another defeat, with Orbot and Cubot asking how it went (and Cubot being a little more blunt); he responds by saying if it was scored in points, it would likely be in his favor. Orbot, stating theoretical victories are second-best, hands Eggman a cup of tea to celebrate. Staring into the tea reminds Eggman that the thing Sonic fears most is water, and that since all of his past defeats were likely because of the fact that he fought Sonic on land (much to Cubot's skepticism), he should create a plan that would force him to battle him underwater. A musical montage shows Eggman building a device that appears to be a part of the plan, until it is revealed he was only building a washing machine to wash his lucky shorts in, saying that once the cycle completes, he will set his plan into motion.

Meanwhile, near Sonic's Shack, Team Sonic is relaxing on the beach, with Tails attempting to teach Sticks how to play chess, though the badger's viewpoints prove detrimental to the task. Suddenly, they are interrupted when a loud noise emerges from the ocean and sea life is flung out of the water (including an octopus that lands on Tails' head), and they attempt to save as many as they can. Believing this to be a strange occurrence, the team takes Tails' Plane to the site of the disturbance (with Knuckles being pulled behind via parachute), where a periscope rises out of the water. Eggman's voice emanates out of it, revealing his plan; he has created a Wave Machine that, in eight hours, will generate a tidal wave large enough to destroy the Unnamed Village unless the team stops him. A nervous Sonic, however, suggests that instead of stopping him immediately, they go to Meh Burger and get some food, justifying it on the grounds that eight hours is plenty of time. Tails reluctantly agrees, and they fly back to the island (with Knuckles crashing into rocks on the way), leaving Eggman confused; underwater in the Eggmobile—which now has a protective outer layer attached to keep the water out—he knows Sonic will return because he will not be able to allow the Village's destruction and opts to wait (though he complains about not bringing a Sudoku puzzle with him).

At Tails' Workshop, Team Sonic is enjoying their meal, with Sonic nervously suggesting other things they can do with their time—all of them having nothing to do with stopping Eggman's plans. Amy believes Sonic is stalling, which the hedgehog denies; still, the others wear him down and he admits that he is still unable to swim because he did not go to learn how like he promised, as he knew the swimming class would put him with kids who would mock him relentlessly. Fortunately, Tails figured Eggman would eventually try something like this and created high-tech wetsuits for the team to wear in that situation (though Sticks mistakes them for decoys so they can move to another town and start new lives). Later, after donning his wetsuit, Sonic attempts to enter the water, but he is unable to bring himself to do it, even with Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks trying to push him in. Amy sees the situation is more serious than any of them thought and suggests professional help.

At Amy's House, Soar the Eagle attempts to help Sonic conquer his fear, demonstrating how water is completely harmless by dipping his finger into a cup of it; however, he unwittingly flings some into a nearby outlet, setting part of the house on fire, with the team managing to put it out before it spreads. Later, Soar has rowed Sonic out to sea, stating he has a system to help with his fear. He enacts the first step of said system: pushing the hedgehog out into the water and leaving him there with nothing but his wetsuit and a flotation device, which he pops with one of his quills in the midst of his panicking. Deciding to attempt to brave his fear, he dives down into the ocean as the rest of the team arrives in Tails' Plane; Knuckles and Amy join him in their own wetsuits while Tails and Sticks stay behind. Amy contacts Sonic on her Communicator to see how he is handling the situation; though he admits it is not as bad as he first believed, he is still nervous.

Amy awakens Eggman, who fell asleep while waiting for Sonic to arrive, and states that Sonic has conquered his fear, though Eggman attempts to unnerve him further by speaking about how water is all around him and also reveals that he has brought along Crab Bots. Amy and Knuckles attempt to dispatch them with their usual methods of attack, but the task proves impossible underwater. Knuckles asks Sonic for help, but he is also struggling with the Crab Bots, stating he is still unused to water. He manages to swim over to some seaweed, attempting to lose the bots in it. This works briefly, but Eggman fires a laser from the Eggmobile that partially destroys a coral reef near Sonic, burying him neck-deep in rubble; this allows a Crab Bot to walk over and snip his air hose, causing him to slowly suffocate from a lack of oxygen.

Amy quickly alerts Tails of this development, and while he did not bring a spare hose, he believes he can use a hose from his plane's cooling system as a makeshift replacement. Sticks volunteers to deliver it, despite not having brought her wetsuit, and dives into the water. Back underwater, Sonic continues to drown as Amy and Knuckles struggle with the Crab Bots, powerless to help him. Sticks briefly gets her leg caught in seaweed while swimming to the rescue, but still manages to hand the hose off to Amy, assist with destroying a Crab Bot, and get to the surface safely. Amy and Knuckles free themselves from the Crab Bots just in time for Amy to repair Sonic's air hose with the replacement before they free him from the rubble. Eggman, unwilling to allow Sonic to rest, introduces his newest minions: Shark Bots.

Sonic lures the Shark Bots to his location, managing to make reins out of the nearby seaweed and take control of two of them. Tails directs him to a weakness at the bottom-right of Eggman's wave machine, which he crashes the Shark Bots he is riding into; the other two slam into the Eggmobile, cracking its protective barrier. Tails joyously points out that the toppled wave machine is now pointing away from the Village, and as Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy rejoin Tails and Sticks in Tails' Plane and they fly off, it generates a wave that washes a defeated Eggman back onto his island; there, he finds his lair completely destroyed by the wave and is immediately concerned about his flood-insurance policy. Team Sonic returns to Tails' Workshop, where Tails asks Sonic if he feels better knowing he conquered his fear of water. On the contrary, Sonic states the experience has only heightened said fear, adding that he does not even want to see water again. In a demonstration of poor timing, Soar reappears with step two of his system: drench Sonic with a cup of water. As an annoyed Sonic growls at him, Soar asks if this is a bad time to mention his check.


  • Tails introduces his newly invented high-tech wetsuits. These would return in future episodes.


  • When Eggman comes up with his underwater scheme, the metal bands on his wrist controller move as if they are made of cloth.
  • When Tails' Plane is kept in hover mode, no rocket exhaust can be seen being emitted from its rockets.
  • When first shown in the boat, Soar's jetpack has red floatation rims on them. When Soar takes off however, the rims are gone.
  • When Sticks is shown in midair before diving underwater, her eyes are black and her nose is missing.
  • When Sonic first moves away from the Shark Bots, he is seen wearing his neckerchief despite having taken it off earlier.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Arabic أرى خوف سونيك من هنا I See Sonic's Fear From Here
French C'est pas la mer à boire It's not the end of the world
Italian Un mare di paura A sea of fear
Polish Może morze Sonica zmorzy Perhaps Sonic's sea will change
Portuguese (Brazil) Vejo o medo do Sonic daqui I see the Sonic's fear from here
Portuguese (Portugal) Sinto Daqui o Medo do Sonic I Feel From Here the Sonic's Fear
Spanish (Latin America) Miedo en lo profundo Fear in the deep
Ukrainian Потаємний страх Соніка The secret fear of Sonic


  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on Cartoon Network on December 31, 2016,[5] but was later postponed until January 14, 2017.[6]
  • This episode was revealed by Bill Freiberger on his Twitter before its official reveal.[7]
  • Two hours before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[8]
    • Starting from this episode, Freiberger also began posting teaser images and synopses of upcoming Sonic Boom episodes on his Twitter account a couple of days before they aired.
  • This episode plays homage to the long-time lore that Sonic is afraid of water because he cannot swim.
  • This episode marks the first time in the Sonic Boom television series that Team Sonic has gone off Seaside Island to stop Eggman's plans.
  • Eggman jokes about how there are no bubbles underwater, likely in reference to Air Bubbles that can be found in the Sonic games to help keep the characters from drowning.
  • The octopus that lands on Tails looks just like the one seen at the end of "Buster".
  • The welding helmet Eggman wears in this episode is the same one seen in "Hedgehog Day".
  • The head icons of Team Sonic's heads on their respective wetsuits first appeared in Sonic Boom CG Style Guide.
  • Concept artwork for this episode appeared in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.
  • This is the second time Eggman's lair was destroyed. The first was in "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?".
  • Tails' "Hallelujah" response to Amy's "it's raining minnow" is most likely a reference to the song "It's Raining Men" due to the lyrics "it's raining men, hallelujah, it's raining men."


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