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IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 4 is the fourth issue in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing.

Official solicitation

Sonic comes across a town under attack from the biggest Badnik force he’s ever seen. Luckily, help is on the way from his old friend Blaze, as well as a new hero! Get ready for the debut of Tangle![2]


Fallout Part 4


In the twilight hours, Sonic arrives at another town that is being besieged by Badniks, which are being deployed from a giant Buzz Bomber battleship above the town. Noticing that whoever is organizing Dr. Eggman's Badniks are stepping up their game, Sonic hurries towards the town. Upon entering the town and starting to smash Badniks, Sonic begins to think that maybe he should had taken Amy's offer and rejoined the Resistance since fighting all the Badniks single-handedly is tough. As Sonic starts to second-guess his second-guessing however, he decides to cast his doubts aside for now and focus on saving the town. Just as he rounds a corner however, he sees a female ring-tailed lemur bashing and destroying Egg Pawns with great vigor using her surprisingly strong, long, and flexible tail, though it becomes charred in the process. A damaged Egg Pawn attempts to fire at her, but is quickly stopped by Sonic, which she thanks him for. As the Egg Pawns surround them, the two exchange names, with the lemur introducing herself as Tangle, stating that she has always wanted to meet Sonic. Tangle states that she has been dealing with the Badnik raids for awhile, though they have become more difficult to handle. As they cooperate to destroy more Egg Pawns, Sonic agrees, adding that he has been looking into the situation and is unsure as to why the Badniks' attacks have become more organized.

In that very same moment, Sonic and Tangle get cornered by two large Moto Bug tanks. Jokingly, Tangle asks Sonic if he is the advance guard for the Resistance, to which Sonic replies that they are probably busy fighting other Badnik gangs elsewhere. As they talk about how to handle the Badniks however, a fire column suddenly appears that roasts the surrounding Egg Pawns. As the fire column dies down, Blaze the Cat is revealed. While Tangle is stunned and just confused about is happening, Sonic excitedly calls out to Blaze, who has taken notice of the surrounding Badniks. Explaining the situation, Sonic asks for Blaze's help saving the village, which she gladly agrees to.

Sonic and Blaze proceed to engage the horde of Badniks, with lots of help from Tangle, and together, the trio are smashing Badniks left and right. However, Blaze soon notices that the Badniks are refilling their ranks faster than they and the village's militia can dispose of them. As Tangle explains that the Badniks are coming from the Buzz Bomber battleship that is flying above the village, Sonic wonders how they can take it out. Blaze notes that it is out of range even for her, which is when Tangle offers her new friends to use her tail as a slingshot. After Tangle gets her tail into position, Sonic and Blaze get on-board it, grab hands, and are send flying into the air. Using her pyrokinesis to give herself and Sonic extra elevation, Blaze, in conjunction with her flames, sends a Spin Attacking Sonic towards one of the hatches on the giant Buzz Bomber. Getting on-board the battleship, Sonic promptly trashes it from the inside, causing it to slowly fall towards Tangle's town. Blaze, however, still hovering in the air, uses a beam of fire to divert the Buzz Bomber battleship away from the town.

As Blaze lands on the ground, she meets up with an amazed Tangle, who wonders if Sonic is alright. Blaze quickly tells her that Sonic will be okay, and sure enough, Sonic comes bouncing towards them, all dazed from the battleship's crash. After Tangle, who is surprised at how Sonic chooses to live his life, helps Sonic back on his feet, Sonic introduces Blaze to Tangle. Although surprised that Blaze is a princess from another dimension and guardian of her world's Chaos Emeralds (the Sol Emeralds), Tangle quickly gets over the shock and thanks Blaze for helping save her town. Sonic, meanwhile, asks Blaze what brings her to his world. She explains that she has felt the will of the Sol Emeralds, and that they have directed her here to prevent a terrible fate that will befall Sonic's world. Sonic, however, casually explains that she is about seven months too late, and explains that Eggman locked him up and took over the world, only for his friends to break him out and help him defeat Eggman.

Tangle breaks up the conversation by bringing up what Sonic mentioned earlier: that the Badnik attacks (which Sonic does not think are under Eggman's control) are getting more organized and dangerous. While Tangle fears that this could mean that something worse is coming, Blaze states that while the Sol Emeralds have not been clear about her purpose in Sonic's world, she will remain in it until that purpose has been made clear, much to Sonic and Tangle's delight. First however, Blaze wants to see to that the fires in Tangle's village are quelled, and asks Tangle to show her where she is needed. Utterly amazed by Blaze, Tangle agrees to it. As she departs, Blaze leaves Sonic to look for the ringleader behind the Badnik attacks. Bidding farewell to the girls, Sonic takes a very brief breather before hitting the road again.

Elsewhere, a dirty Dr. Eggman is watching a parent and her child from inside a house. As he watches the child cry about how he cannot carry his wagon inside since it is broken, Eggman ominously states that he will soon fix it and everything else...







  • The Hover Wispon that appears on this story's second page is mistakenly colored red instead of green.
  • The pose Blaze makes in the panel depicting her initial appearance strongly resembles the one in a 3D artwork of Blaze from Sonic Channel.
  • The objects that float around Sonic's head as he recovers from the battleships crash include Rings, Chaos Emeralds, and Flickies.
  • Sonic mentions that Eggman locked him up and took over the world, before his friends broke him out, referring to the beginning of Sonic Forces.
    • Sonic tells Blaze that she was “about seven months too late” to help prevent Eggman’s takeover. In the game, Sonic was said to have been imprisoned for six months before his escape, implying that about another month has passed since that event.

Other features

  • Sonic Letters Squad
  • Stretch Armstrong And the Flex Fighters - Free Digital Aschan


Tangle: Nice one! You're a natural. Do this a lot?
Sonic: You could say that. Sonic the Hedgehog.
Tangle: Oh, sweet! Always wanted to meet you. Tangle the Lemur.
Sonic: Charmed.
Tangle: Likewise.
Blaze: Sonic! You are here. I assume these are Dr. Eggman's robots?
Sonic: You know it. The village needs our help, so if you don't mind....
Blaze: It would be my pleasure.
Tangle: That was amazing... ...but is Sonic going to be alright?
Blaze: He will be.
Sonic: That was so much fun you guys...
Sonic: Right, so, introductions! Blaze, this is Tangle. She’s a local. Tangle, this is Blaze. She’s a princess from another dimension and guardian of the Sol Emeralds. They’re like Chaos Emeralds. Only fiery.
Tangle: ... Haha―yeah, okay.
Sonic: I'm always happy to see you, but what's the occasion?
Blaze: I felt the will of the Sol Emeralds. I've come to prevent a terrible even on your world.
Sonic: Ha! No offense, but you're about seven months late.
Blaze: What do you mean?
Sonic: Eggman locked me up and took over the world ...
Blaze: ...What?
Sonic: S'cool. My friends busted me out and we kicked his butt.
Dr. Eggman: Oh-ho-ho...don’t worry, little one. I’ll fix your little red wagon. Soon, I’ll be fixing everything!



The full image of the four connected Cover A covers.

  • Cover A for this issue is the fourth and final of four connecting covers.[3]


Cover artwork

Preview pages



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