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IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 28 is the twenty-eighth issue in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing.

Official solicitation

"All or Nothing," Part Three! Sonic's allies continue their missions against the Deadly Six, attempting to reclaim the Chaos Emeralds. Who will return from their final stands? And will they make it back before Sonic has to face Zavok? Fantastic battles continue as we reach the climax of the Metal Virus Saga.[1]

Featured stories

All or Nothing, Part 3


Zor's Chaos Emerald is shot off by Whisper.

In Orchardville, Silver continues to struggle against Zor and his shadow clones. Whisper watches them hidden in a tree, while her Wisps carry some prisms. Zor reveals that he knows who Silver is through usage of the Eggnet. He is fascinated about him being from the future and asks how far ahead; Silver replies that he was from a future a couple hundred years or so from now. As Zor still takes delight in the fact that everything he and his teammates were doing would bring misery for years to come, Silver uses his psychokinesis to keep him stationary. The hedgehog calls Zor messed up and asks how the Zeti could be that way; Zor breaks out of his hold and has his shadow clones grab Silver from behind, asking how he could be so disgustingly heroic and selfless. Silver looks to him with a grin and tells him that he has faith in people and believes that things will get better; he also adds that he has a "Guardian Angel" watching over him. Following this, Whisper uses the Variable Wispon's Laser Mode to shoot at the prisms the Wisps were holding so that it hit the shadow clones and Zor, removing the Chaos Emerald from his chest. Silver catches the Emerald happily and proceeds to use his psychokinesis to crush Zor's owl mech, forcing the Zeti to fall off of it in despair. As Silver, Whisper and the Wisps take their leave, Zor calls out after them, saying that they could not leave him there as they were heroes and he was now trapped and powerless against the Zombots. Realizing that the situation was inhumane, Zor takes a liking to it, lays on the ground and describes it as perfect as Zombots slowly walk toward him.

In Riverside, Espio runs and dodges attacks shot at him from Zazz's Moon Mech. While laughing at the matter, Zazz commands the Zombots to box him in. The chameleon jumps in the air and throws his kunai attached to a rope to the roof of a house; he pulls himself up away from the horde, much to Zazz's displeasure. He fires at the rooftop with his Moon Mech, forcing the chameleon to back-up and turn invisible. Zazz laughs but when the smoke clears and he sees the rubble but not Espio, he angrily yells after him and calls him lame for turning invisible again. He then shouts for Espio to come out and fight him like a man; the invisible chameleon jumps behind Zazz and kicks him in the back. He then dodges underneath his legs and delivers a flurry of hits at him. Following this, Espio jumps onto his head, kicks it downward, then jumps off of him, revealing himself. The angered Zazz reels forward, stating that his attacks were not bad but Zavok had done much worse. When the Zeti asks if Espio was ready for round two, he declines, saying that he already won and disappears from his sight once again. Zazz then manages to see Espio jumping from rooftop to rooftop away from him; he calls him a coward and tells him to come back and fight so that he could show him the real power of the Chaos Emerald. However, when he checks his chest, he sees that the Emerald is gone and instead he finds a note from the Chaotix Detective Agency that says "Justice is served." As Zazz screams in anger, Espio falls through the Warp Portal saying that though he was the only one present in body, his teammates were there with him in spirit.

Jet stays behind with Wave and Storm to face a Zombot horde.

In Winterburg, Jet flies toward Master Zik on his Extreme Gear, demanding that he lets his teammates go. Master Zik calls the hawk a brash, young fool, saying that only now did he begin to understand the consequences of threatening his elders. While hitting Zombots with her wrench, Wave tells Jet to leave before it was too late and adds that she told him that a full frontal assault was a bad idea. Storm, who is fending off Zombots with his Extreme Gear, asks what they will do, as he could punch the Zombots yet that was all he knew how to do. Jet helplessly looks on, with Master Zik pitching in on how he was a poor leader; he tells him that one should not sacrifice their own unless it gains them the advantage and says that all he needed to do was utter a single command for Jet to lose everything. When Master Zik asks Jet to humor him and beg for mercy as it had been so long that he had crushed an enemy under his own heel, the hawk refuses saying that they were the Babylon Rogues; they do not give up, they do not beg, and they do not lose. Upon saying this, Jet hits the Zeti with a large gale of wind from his Bashōsen. As he falls down, Storm beams with opportunity and uppercuts Master Zik overhead. Wave then uses her wrench to snatch the Chaos Emerald from his possession. Master Zik tumbles to the floor and is soon grabbed by Zombots. He states that it was not tactical and there was no skill; he continues saying that Jet just got lucky. Wave passes the Emerald to Jet, saying that he should leave. This confuses him and requests that they all leave instead. Wave clarifies, saying that her Extreme Gear was lost to Zombots and Storm's board is nearly smashed into pieces, meaning that Jet had the only functioning board and should go because of this. The ponders while looking at the Chaos Emerald and makes a decision; he ties the Emerald to his board and sends it through the Warp Portal and readies himself to fight with his teammates. Jet tells them that like he told the Zeti, the Babylon Rogues do not lose. According to him, Sonic will get the Emerald and do his hero thing, but they will show the Zombots a real challenge in the meantime.

Back on Angel Island, the survivors return via the Multi-Portal Generator from their trips. Metal Sonic quickly catches Jet's Extreme Gear while Eggman catches the green Chaos Emerald, realizing that they did not make it. Sonic catches the red Chaos Emerald, and as Amy asks where Cream was, she sees Sonic's distressed expression. The hedgehog states that Gemerl was with her and she will be okay because they were going to make things right. Silver then mentions that Sonic needed two more Emeralds to become Super Sonic and save everyone, though Sonic had thoughts about that. He tells Silver that everything is infected in the future, meaning that the current events happened already, meaning that they failed. The difference this time was Silver coming back in time to help change the future. He tells him that if they were going to change the future, they needed to use the one thing that was not there before and so asks Silver for his help; the young hedgehog accepts, saying that Sonic should just tell him what he wants him to do. Tails spots the Faceship and states that Zavok had found them. Eggman sarcastically tells him that he catches on fast and then tries to get in touch with Rouge, saying that they were out of time and asks her to enact whatever plan she had now. As several Zombots approach the island under the command of Zavok, he asks Sonic if he could see the faces of all his friends that he failed from his hiding spot. Looking upon Angel Island, he comments on it being smaller than the Lost Hex but not less beautiful, yet still states that he cannot wait to bathe it in Metal Virus. Lights soon begin shortfuse and explode from above. Confused, Zavok soon spots Rouge with the white Chaos Emerald who sarcastically asks if the Emerald powered the one ship. She turns to him saying that she wanted to do this more elegantly but supposes that brute force works on brutes like him. Before taking off, she tells Orbot and Cubot to tuck and roll.

Sonic faces a group of familiar Zombots.

Rouge kicks and breaks out of one of the eye windows, escaping from a furious Zavok. The Faceship's systems short circuit, forcing it to fall down into the ocean, crashing down onto the large horde of Zombots. Eggman complains that his best effort to date had gone to waste, with Sonic adding that he was glad that the Zombots could survive that kind of damage. Sonic then asks if Rouge knew that the Zombots could survive by crashing the Faceship onto them, to which she replies that she did as she does her research, adding that Sonic was welcome for her help. When Sonic asks about Zavok's Chaos Emerald, Rouge tells him that they will retrieve it when the fires die down and states that the Zeti was not going anywhere; Eggman contradicts this, pointing back down to Zavok who was emerging from the rubble and was heading straight for them. With his Chaos Emerald, Zavok unleashes his full power and transforms into Giant Zavok. He then shoots a massive fireball out of his mouth at the island, shaking it and angering Knuckles. Sonic asks Tails and Rouge for air support and tells Silver to bring the Chaos Emeralds. Giant Zavok grabs a large handful of Zombots, charges up his throw with his Emerald and hurls them onto the island. Before Sonic can finish his sentence, he is met face-to-face with Zombots, including some of his allies.



Races and species:







  • On page ten, Wave appears to have an extra tuft of hair at the side of her head.
  • In the third panel of page fifteen, Zavok's legs are colored red instead of black.
  • On page twenty-eight, when everyone tries to keep balance after Zavok blasts fire at Angel Island, there are no signs of the Metal Virus on Sonic.

Other features

  • Story so far: "Story so far" is a summary of the current plotline for the comic.
  • Roll Call: Roll Call acts as a quick reference guide to new readers about the characters. This issue provides data files on Sonic, Tails, Amy, Whisper, Silver, Knuckles, Rouge, Espio, the Babylon Rogues, Dr. Eggman and the Deadly Six.
  • Sonic Letters Squad: Sonic Letters Squad is a section where the comic staff can post fan artwork and fan letters that have been sent in to them. The other pages showcase raw artwork of each of the variant covers for the issue.
  • Underwhere #1 - Free Digital Ashcan


Zor: Struggle. Wriggle. Writhe and cry. You can't escape. You'll soon be mine.
Zor: Tch. How can you be so disgustingly heroic and selfless?
Silver: Because I have faith in others. I believe things will get better. And because I have a guardian angel watching over me!
Zor: Y-You can't leave me like this! Y-You're supposed to be heroes! I'm trapped! Powerless! This is inhumane! It's... It's... Perfect!
Jet: We're the Babylon Rogues. We don't beg. We don't give up. And we don't lose!
Orbot: I can't believe this was our best option!
Cubot: Desperate times call for desperate desperateness!
Knuckles: Did he just spit on my island?!


  • This issue was initially going to be released on 8 April 2020, but was soon moved to 22 April 2020 instead. It was soon delayed indefinitely due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but was later rescheduled to 24 June 2020.
  • The full image of the two connected cover RI covers.

    Cover RI is the second piece of the two-part panoramic connecting cover artwork by Nathalie Fourdraine.[4]


Cover artwork


Early covers


Interior artwork


Preview pages



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