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IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 26 is the twenty-sixth issue in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing.

Official solicitation

"All or Nothing," Part One. This is it. The few remaining fighters from the Restoration and their allies are ready to launch a final assault to reclaim the Chaos Emeralds and finally eliminate the Metal Virus. Can they defeat the Chaos Emeralds' new protectors, or will they all fall-and why isn't Sonic part of the fight?[1]
One last desperate attempt to save the world will take all the help Sonic can get-including from some former foes![1]
With everyone exhausted as the world falls, will they be able to stand up to Chaos Emerald-powered bad guys and zombots?![1]

Featured stories

All or Nothing, Part 1


On Angel Island, Dr. Eggman and Tails are putting the finishing touches on the Multi-Portal Generator; the doctor complains that the device was not up to his standards but Tails retorted by saying they should focus on building something that would not implode the island. Though this was a light jab at Eggman, Knuckles worriedly believed that it was a possibility. Sonic returns from his run to find that Eggman and Tails completed the machine. When Amy asks if Sonic had thought of each person that is going to take on each of the Deadly Six, he suddenly feels a sharp jolt of pain from his evolving infection. This is noticeable and Amy tries to run to his side but Sonic catches his breath, stops her and says that they should get everyone moving. Sonic begins by saying everyone will be splitting into teams where they can; he proposes that Tails and Amy take on Zomom, believing they would be easily able to outsmart him and take his Chaos Emerald since he had low intelligence. He moves on and tells Knuckles and Espio to take on Zazz since he was a berserker and they were the best trained fighters of the group. Knuckles turns this down as he did not wish to leave the Master Emerald behind with Eggman and Metal Sonic; he also added that while everyone else was going on suicide missions, Sonic was in no condition to fight himself. Eggman asks if he was implying that he would betray them at such a critical juncture, to which Sonic also sees the flaw in his plan and accepts Knuckles' decision. Espio is fine with this anyway as Vector and Charmy faced the horrors of the Metal Virus on their own and felt that he could do no less; he added that he already had a tactic in mind.

The Babylon Rogues accept their task while Eggman jokes about Sonic.

Sonic tasks Silver and Whisper with taking on Zor, telling them that he is weird and they should handle him from a distance. The duo accept, with Silver getting excited to work with the Guardian Angel once again. Sonic explains that Zeena thinks quite highly of herself, which tends to make her underestimate her opponents. Though it was a risk, Sonic tasks Gemerl with taking her own and asks him to use this to his advantage. Cream then speaks out, asking why she was not picked as she wanted to help as well. Gemerl protests saying that it was too dangerous for her and she had proven to be very brave already; the robot told her that he cannot lose her too. Sonic then leaves Master Zik to the Babylon Rogues, saying that though he was small and old, he was craftier than the rest of the Deadly Six combined. Jet scoffs at this prospect, saying that they would be able to handle Master Zik with ease; Storm adds that he was not afraid to hit an old man. Eggman then explains that Rouge had to steal the final two Emeralds from Zavok and the Faceship; once they all returned with the Emeralds, Sonic would use them to become Super Sonic and then use the Warp Topaz to undo the Metal Virus. Eggman snidely adds that Sonic may become succumb to the virus first, to which he tells the doctor to not sound so eager as his life was on the line as well. With this, Eggman calls Tails so that they could build a treadmill for Sonic. Though the hedgehog claims that his speed fights the infection more than the motion, Eggman stated that the speed was not doing it anymore and he did not want to risk Sonic turning collapsing somewhere on the island and waking up a Zombot.

Later, in the Rescue Shuttle, Amy contacts Rouge on the Faceship to get an update from her. Rouge tells her that Zavok had been asking a lot of questions as he wanted to figure out where Eggman escaped to; the spy makes it clear that they had to make their move soon. Knuckles and Espio go through the remaining survivors of the virus who have set up camp on the island. Espio explains to Knuckles that it was a miracle that they were able to save so many, though there were more on the world below. Espio then felt worse knowing that the Deadly Six were hunting them down as they spoke and began to imagine what would happen if they failed. Knuckles stops him, telling him that he will not fail. He does, however, tell his friend that in the worst case scenario he will look after the survivors and gives him his word. While Eggman works on the Multi-Portal Generator's stability, Sonic runs on his new custom treadmill. Turning to Metal Sonic, he talks about how Eggman did not get a chance to stay reformed due to Starline. However, Metal Sonic had a choice and chose to go back to Eggman, unlike fellow robots Gemerl and Omega. Eggman steps into the conversation, asking if Sonic actually thought neutralizing the robot would make him less of a threat. When the hedgehog made it clear that he did, Eggman explains that he only neutralized his hardware but not his software, which demanded battle and conquest; his sole desire from that point on would be to become dangerous again. Sonic points out that they did not think anyone could restore him, to which Eggman found him to be right on. However, he did not know about Starline or his return, which had things take a turn for the worse for the hedgehog.

Eggman gifts Sonic with a germ of doubt.

Sonic then brings up how Eggman was living happily and peacefully as Mr. Tinker, bringing joy to others and slyly remarks on how it must have been a waste. When Eggman asks when Sonic is going to let that go, the hedgehog responds that it was to be done until he got a clue. Eggman tells Sonic not to get too high-and-mighty on him, noting that he helped spread the Metal Virus. Though Sonic notes that he was not dumping gallons of it on people, Eggman clarifies that Sonic did fight back the infection for a while and wonders how much it mutated after the failed attempts to remove it; Eggman continues asking how much he spread it fighting Zombots and many miles of infected grass he crossed, or rather caused. Sonic passes Eggman's comments as trying to get into his head and tells him it will not work. The doctor does not believe this and tells his enemy that he has infected him with a little germ of doubt, noting that even when it was all over he would not be able to shake it; Eggman dubs this as his passing gift to the hedgehog. Sonic tells Eggman that they would go back to being enemies when it was all over, which the doctor responds saying that they never stopped being enemies and that helping him was just a convenience.

On the Faceship, Zavok continues to question there were any lifesigns at Eggman's hideouts, but Orbot tells him that nothing could be found except Flickies and Rickies. Zavok does not accept this, wondering if he went to hide in his castle on the Lost Hex and begins to lose his temper. The Zeti requests for a list of every location that Eggman has held a base at, no matter how obscure. Zavok looks through the list, realizing that they were all on other planets. He stops and asks about one name that showed up on the list: Angel Island. Orbot begins to tell Zavok about the island, saying it will take a while. Cubot sees this and decides to create a diversion, saying that there was an alert in the Metal Virus factory. Zavok believes that it could be Sonic and runs down to see what the deal was. After the Zeti leaves, Rouge drops down from the ceiling to approach the two robots; she tells Orbot and Cubot to send Amy the latest coordinates of the Deadly Six and requests to tell her that they needed to attack now. Orbot accept and asks how she will get the Chaos Emerald away from Zavok. Rouge simply tells him that she was still weighing her options and requests that the robots keep playing along for now.

Cream demands the Chaos Emerald before Zeena takes control of Gemerl.

Back on the island, now provided with the coordinates, Eggman and Tails launch the Multi-Portal Generator, which opens five Warp Portals. Sonic gives luck to the teams and each of them head off towards their target. Gemerl hugs Cream and gives her a goodbye, saying that he would be back soon. Cream tells the robot that it was not goodbye as she was going as well. Cream breaks free from the embrace and goes through the portal to Sunset City, with Gemerl in tow. Zeena is busy having Zombots fan her and turns to Cream to ask who she is; the young rabbit tells her that she is Cream and that the Zeti are acting very mean. When Cream demands that Zeena give them the Chaos Emerald right now, the Zeti takes control of Gemerl to make her stand on her own. In Vista View, Tails and Amy find Zomom devouring food in a restaurant. Tails says hello to his old adversary and he and Amy begin to tell him that Zavok sent them to find him; according to the two, Zavok needs the Chaos Emerald back and they tell him that if he gave it to them, they would take it back to Zavok. Tails adds that he would not even need to stop eating. Zomom refuses, stating that he had Zombots bringing him food from all over. Since the two interrupted his post-lunch pre-dinner snack, he claimed that he was going to squash them.

In Riverside, Zazz is bored as though he can make Zombots tear into each other all day, it does not do any damage. He goes on to say that every survivor he threw into the arena got transformed into a Zombot in less than a few minutes which was less fun for him. As Zazz is traveling around on his Moon Mech talking to himself, Espio is hanging onto the side of it invisible. As he reaches for Zazz's Chaos Emerald, the Zeti sniffs, catches the chameleon's scent and grabs him. He then lets go of him, dropping him into the crowd of Zombots and yells that he could not run or hide. In Orchardville, as Zor flies around on his owl mech, a hidden Silver asks Whisper if she could see him. Though she sees him, she notes that she has no clear shot and asks if he could grab the Emerald from where they were. Silver tells her that he cannot be that precise, so he decides to be direct and asks Whisper to cover him. Silver flies out and uses his psychokinesis to grab Zor, telling him that he came from a future ruined by the selfish ambitions of him and his pack; he demands that Zor hand over the Chaos Emerald or he would make him pay for the future today. Zor turns to ask how long Silver had been practicing that line and then comes to realize that what he was doing would lead to a future of misery and destruction, something that he could only ever hope for. With this, Zor manages to break free of Silver's grasp and begins to make clones of himself. In Winterburg, Master Zik is busy directing organized groups of Zombots to begin infecting different areas. The Zeti is called on by a voice above; it is revealed to be Jet and the Babylon Rogues who are seeking a fight with him. Master Zik quickly uses his electromagnetic powers to take control of their Extreme Gears and force them off of it. Master Zik takes Jet's board, complimenting it and says how he may take it for himself.

The Babylon Rogues face Master Zik.

Jet demands that the Zeti get off his board but Storm calls his attention to the Zombots that began to swarm them. Jet tauntingly asks if Master Zik was afraid to fight his own battles, to which the latter responds that he retired from the battlefield a long time ago but supposes that the Rogues could do with a lesson in discipline and humility. Jet simply smirks, calls Master Zik a senile old fool and shouts at his team to get him. The trio jump at him, only for Master Zik to hit Wave and Storm with their Extreme Gear. Jet still manages to reach the Zeti and blows him off of his board with his Bashōsen. Reclaiming his Extreme Gear, the hawk tells Master Zik that he has got him beat. Though the Zeti considers this a possibility, he points out how he has his friends; hearing this, Jet turns around and is shocked to see Wave and Storm surrounded by Zombots.



Races and species:







Other features

  • Story so far: "Story so far" is a summary of the current plotline for the comic.
  • Roll Call: Roll Call acts as a quick reference guide to new readers about the characters. This issue provides data files on Sonic, Tails, Cream, Espio, Whisper, Amy, Gemerl, Rouge, Dr. Eggman, Silver, the Babylon Rogues and the Deadly Six.
  • Sonic Letters Squad: Sonic Letters Squad is a section where the comic staff can post fan artwork and fan letters that have been sent in to them. The other pages showcase raw artwork of each of the variant covers for the issue.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019 - Free Digital Ashcan


Dr. Eggman: Are you implying that I'd double-cross you all at this critical juncture?
Sonic: Yeah. I'm going with "nope" too.
Jet: Oh, please. The three of us can handle Grandpa no problem.
Storm: Yeah! I ain't afraid to hit an old man!
Sonic: Stay classy.
Cubot: Uh, sorry to interrupt, but we've got an alert in the Metal Virus making-thingie.
Zavok: If that's Sonic sabotaging my plans, I'll rip him in half!
Zomom: And you two already interrupted my post-lunch pre-dinner snack! So now I'm gonna squash you!


  • This issue was originally scheduled to release on 26 February 2020, but was soon moved to 4 March 2020 instead.
  • The cover artwork for cover B of the issue was made intentionally similar to the style of artwork Yuji Uekawa used for the 2019 calendar artwork for Sonic Channel.[4]


Cover artwork


Interior page artwork

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