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IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 22 is the twenty-second issue in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing.

Official solicitation

"The Last Minute, Part Two"! As the Metal Virus spreads faster and faster, it's getting harder for the Restoration to keep up... good thing they've got Amy Rose keeping relief efforts organized! Just as long as nothing happens to the Restoration base, everything will be... Oh... That might be a problem. The second of three simultaneous adventures! Can Amy keep the Restoration and refugees from the Metal Virus safe? Someone's trying to let Zombots in... but who?! Don't miss the Halloween variant cover by Nathalie Fourdraine![1]

Featured stories

The Last Minute, Part Two


In Restoration HQ, Amy reviews the status of the Restoration's allies; Sonic is running around getting data for Tails and should be near Barricade Town; Tails is doing research in Central while Tangle and Whisper help with evacuation there; Silver is handling a Zombot outbreak in Ice Paradise on his own; Vector and Espio are reportedly coming back to the HQ with refugees from Pine Grove Village; Rouge is still missing in action. As Amy continues to look at the monitor, she realizes that she is talking to herself too much. Soon, Cream comes into the office with tea and cookies prepared. A weary Amy asks Cream how she does it, leaving the young rabbit to reply that she learned the recipe from her mother, who learned it from her mother and states that she would be happy to teach it to Amy. Amy corrects herself saying that she was asking about how Cream manages to stay upbeat and sunny. Cream says that it is not easy for her as she still cannot sleep well due to what happened to Cheese and Chocola. She sees how her mother and the refugees are just as scared and their fear spreads like the Metal Virus. Due to this, Cream has taken it upon herself to be as brave as Cheese was and put on a smile to share with everyone else. Cream adds that she can do this because of Amy because she is a hero, an adventurer and she never gives up. She believes she and Sonic will find a way to save everyone, meaning there was no point for her to be sad when she knows things will be okay in the end. Wiping away tears from her eyes, Amy hugs Cream and tells her that she is her hero as well. As Amy begins to eat her cookies, she gets a video call from Tails.







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