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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

You created me to be your instrument of destruction for some childish competition. In the end, I was defeated by some back-flipping canine. I spent weeks waiting for you to rescue me. Thankfully, a local scouting vessel showed up. They made repairs and improvements, granting me sentience. And more important... the ability to understand how much you had betrayed me.

— Hypnobot, "Robots From The Sky Part 3"

Hypnobot is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. Originally a mindless robot created by Miles "Tails" Prower for a robot fighting tournament, an accident sent him into space where he was discovered by Morristown robots, who made him a sentient being. Believing his creator had betrayed him, Hypnobot set out to eradicate all living creatures as revenge and conquer the world, but was stopped by the combined efforts of Team Sonic and their allies.

Concept and creation

When voicing Hypnobot for his role in the "Robots From The Sky" story arc, Travis Willingham tried to emulate Shere Khan's voice.[3]


Built in the image of Tails, Hypnobot is an orange-yellow humanoid robot with an ellipsoid torso, a dome-shaped head with two sharp fox ears, a flat grey mouth area, and thin grey limbs. He has thick orange forearms with grey boxing glove-like hands and red cables connecting them to his torso. He also has sharp orange boots, a pair of engine-like twin-tails reminiscent of Tails', and Tails' goggles for eyes. Most noticeably, he has an antenna on his front that resembles the tip of a ray gun.


TV series

Season one

Hypnobot and Tails at the Robot Battle Royale.

Hypnobot was created by Tails to show Knuckles up at the Robot Battle Royale after the echidna challenged him. At the competition, Hypnobot got to the finals where it faced Dr. Eggman's robot. However, it lost when Eggman took control of it with its override codes. Eggman then took it to Tails' and had it take over the fox's inventions to form him an army. Tails was able to reach Hypnobot and reprogram it though, and had it get rid of Eggman by toying with his robots. Before Hypnobot could be used for any future defenses against Eggman however, it was seemingly destroyed in an explosion caused by a stray robot.[4] In actuality though, Hypnobot got blasted into space without anyone realizing it.[2]

Season two

After weeks in space, waiting for Tails to rescue it, Hypnobot was found by a scouting ship from Morristown, and taken to be repaired and improved on by the robotic residents. The results granted Hypnobot sentience. Feeling betrayed over his abandonment however, he sought to get revenge on his creator, along with every other living being on earth, and conquer the world. Using his improved hypnotic powers, Hypnobot manipulated the robots on earth to attack the residential organic creatures, while at the same time turning Morristown into his personal stronghold by taking control of the residents.[2]

Hypnobot revealing himself to Sonic and Tails.

While Hypnobot was in Morristown's power core, Sonic and Tails were brought before him by his minions. Although the duo had come to Morristown to stop the rampaging surface robots, they were surprised to see Hypnobot, who told them his story. Brushing off Tails' apologies, Hypnobot had his minions attack the heroes while he fled. Though they caught up to him, Tails' refusal to destroy his own creation allowed Hypnobot to tie him up. Before Hypnobot could finish Tails though, he got kicked off the edge of Morristown by Sonic and fell into a frozen lake, which freed every robot he controlled. However, his frozen body was soon retrieved by Dr. Eggman.[2] Brought to Eggman's lair, a weakened Hypnobot was revived by Eggman. When Hypnobot failed to make Eggman's lackeys defend him from the doctor, he bonded with him over their shared hatred for Sonic and Tails. Getting repairs and upgrades from Eggman, Hypnobot had them form an alliance to conquer Morristown and destroy Sonic and Tails. Assuming command over Eggman's robots, he led Eggman and his army to Morristown, which they stormed. Despite Team Sonic and their allies standing in their way, Hypnobot made the heroes fall back when he made Morristown's robots attack them too. However, the tables got turned when Team Sonic fought back with Team Cybonic—cyborgs immune to Hypnobot's powers. In the end, Hypnobot was destroyed by Tails when he tried to hurt Sonic with Mighton. This also freed every robot under his control.[5]


Originally, Hypnobot was but a machine without sentience.[2] As such, he was obedient, silent and unwaveringly dedicated to the orders of whoever his master was. He was also incapable of making even the slightest expression or gesture.[4] Even so, he knew his purpose and could still recall memories and comprehend the situations he was in. He also had a strong attachment to Tails.[2]

After getting upgraded by the Morristown robots, Hypnobot obtained sentience, granting him free will, emotions and autonomy. He also gained the ability to speak and make both expressions and gestures. However, his newfound self ended up being fueled by bitter thoughts of betrayal after he reflected on how Tails never came for him. This caused Hypnobot to develop an immense hatred for not only Tails, but all organic beings as well, so much that he wanted to annihilate every living being on earth and establish himself as its supreme ruler. This sense of resentment is deeply rooted in him and his conviction cannot be shaken by mere words; even after Tails apologized for abandoning him, Hypnobot simply mocked his attempt to make things right.[2]

As a sentient robot, Hypnobot is intelligent and usually maintains a calm and polite demeanor. He also behaves rather condescending when mocking someone. Behind this formal facade though, he is a remorseless and unscrupulous person who cares nothing for whoever he seeks to hurt, manipulate or destroy, no matter how many it may involve, in order to see his goals fulfilled. His ambitions have made him tyrannical and power-hungry as well, which is exemplified in how tight a leash he keeps on his slaves. Ideals like loyalty also hold little value to him, as he would go as far as to enslave most of the residents of Morristown—the very same robots who saved him from space and repaired him—for his plans to conquer the world, something which Sonic was especially disgusted about.[2]

Hypnobot responds only to his personal interests and those whose interests align with his, and his trust is not easily earned. Still, as a result of his experiences with abandonment, he is not without appreciation for those who come to his aid, even to the extent of making exceptions regarding his hatred for organic lifeforms. In the case of Dr. Eggman, he became the doctor's ally after learning that Eggman saved him from being left to rust and that they shared a hatred for a common enemy.[5]

Powers and abilities

Hypnobot manipulating robots.

Hypnobot has the ability to take control of any opposing mechanical AI by emitting malware signals from his antenna. This allows Hypnobot to remotely manipulate the mind (and body, by extension) of an AI-equipped machine as if it is an extension of his will. He can also use this ability offensively by manipulating machines to such a degree that they self-destruct. This ability can be used on multiple robots at once. Originally, Hypnobot's malware signal only had a radius of one hundred feet. After getting upgraded however, his signal can now encompass an entire planet.[2][4]

After Dr. Eggman upgraded him, Hypnobot received a retractable neck-mounted laser gun.[5]

Hypnobot is shown to be highly durable, having survived both an explosion powerful enough to send him into space and a fall into a frozen lake from several miles up in the sky. He is also fairly agile, capable of making leaps and dodging projectiles as fast as lasers.[2][4]


During his rule over Morristown, Hypnobot wielded a crossbow-like weapon with a cannon that could fire bolas to tie up opponents.[2]


Hypnobot's malware signals are unable to take control of machines without AIs or those whose brains are made from organic matter.[4][5] His malware signals are also unable to pass through lead.[2]

Hypnobot possesses an override code that allows those in possession of it to hijack his controls remotely.[4] Also, despite his tough frame, his antenna is a critical weak point: if that gets destroyed, he will break down in a matter of seconds.[5]


Miles "Tails" Prower

Miles "Tails" Prower is Hypnobot's creator. Originally, Hypnobot obeyed Tails' orders without question, being no more than a mindless drone built to serve him.[4] Despite this, he had a strong attachment to Tails; while stuck in space for weeks, he waited patiently every step of the way for Tails to come and rescue him. After gaining sentience however, Hypnobot started to resent Tails when he came to the conclusion that Tails had betrayed him by not coming for him. His hatred for Tails proved so great that he decided to destroy him and every "fleshy" in the world as revenge.[2][5]

When Hypnobot finally met Tails again, the robot had developed a mocking, condescending attitude towards his creator. Scoffing Tails' apologies for abandoning him, Hypnobot showed no mercy in his attempts to prosecute Tails, whereas Tails could not bring himself to hurt Hypnobot since he was his creation.[2] In the end however, Tails destroyed Hypnobot when he tried to hurt Sonic.[5]

Sonic the Hedgehog

While Hypnobot's hatred is mainly reserved for Tails, he has a noticeable dislike for Sonic the Hedgehog as well, having admitted that he despises him "with the fury of a thousand suns".[5]

Dr. Eggman

Hypnobot gets along rather well with Dr. Eggman, as they share similar morals and opinions. Hypnobot first gained a noticeable appreciation/respect for Eggman (despite his distaste for organic lifeforms) after hearing that he saved him from abandonment. This bond deepened when they discovered that they shared a common hatred for both Sonic and Tails, leading them to becoming "besties." This friendship made them form an alliance as equal partners to conquer Roboken and destroy their enemies.[5]





"Sonic, Tails. How sweet of you to travel all this way."
—Hypnobot reuniting with Sonic and Tails in Morristown, "Robots From The Sky Part 3"
"Oh, did you hear that everyone? Tails is sorry. Guess I should cancel my world domination plans. Engage condescending laugh mode!"
—Hypnobot's response to Tails' apology, "Robots From The Sky Part 3"
"I lost all hope of being 'cool' the day Tails built me in his image."
—Hypnobot expressing his contempt at Tails, "Robots From The Sky Part 3"
"Back off fleshy! Robots, defend me!"
—Hypnobot upon meeting Dr. Eggman, "Robots From The Sky Part 4"
"I propose an alliance. Together, we can conquer Morristown and destroy Sonic and Tails once and for all!"
—Hypnobot forming an alliance with Dr. Eggman, "Robots From The Sky Part 4"
"Time to up the ante!"
—Hypnobot before turning innocent robots into slaves to fight for him, "Robots From The Sky Part 4"


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