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This article's name is conjectural.
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The Hyper Flash is an attack exclusively used by Hyper Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. It is a blinding flash that destroys all enemies on-screen and launches the user in a specified direction.


In order to perform the Hyper Flash, the player must press A Button (Sega Genesis).svg while in the middle of a Spin Jump as Hyper Sonic. Performing the Hyper Flash will cause the screen to flash temporarily, which destroys all Badniks onscreen. The user can then be launched in mid-air towards the direction the Controlpadds.png is held.[1]

The player can also guide the move for the user to travel in different directions. If the Controlpadds.png is in its neutral position or held right or left, the Hyper Flash will launch the user forwards in a horizontal direction. If the player holds up, it will launch the user vertically upwards, essentially functioning as the user's Double Jump. If the player holds down, the user will dash vertically downwards to the ground. The Hyper Flash is Hyper Sonic's equivalent to Hyper Knuckles' gliding attack.

If a Star Post is triggered and a Bonus Stage Star Circle is active, using Hyper Flash will have Hyper Sonic enter the Bonus Stage instantly upon triggering the second jump, even if the player was not near or aiming for the Star Post at the time of the Bonus Stage Star Circle's presence so long as the Star Circle is presently loaded within the general area or screen.


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