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Quotation1 Taste my Hyper Exo Manifier! Quotation2
Miles "Tails" Prower, "Closed Door Policy"

The Hyper Exo Manifier is an object that that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It was a weapon created by Miles "Tails" Prower, capable of freezing opponents.



The Hyper Exo Manifier resembles a thin green bazooka composed of both wood and metal. It is made of several components, including a sugite crystal cluster (equipped on the rear), a transparent disk-shaped rock that acts as a focusing lens (equipped in front of the crystal), a refraction chamber, and a reflux reflector.[1]

Features and abilities

Hypo exo manifier effect

The Hyper Exo Manifier's effect on a Froglodyte.

When used, the Hyper Exo Manifier shoots a reddish orange beam that causes the targets it hits to glow red and become completely immobilized. Using the weapon causes it to overheat though.[1]


TV series

Season one

The Hyper Exo Manifier was under development for some time by Tails. During Sticks' yard sale, he found various components which were perfect for his weapon. When the Froglodytes kidnapped Sticks, Tails tried to complete his Hyper Exo Manifier to use it against the Froglodytes. After several failed tests, Tails finished it and managed to use it on one Froglodyte, only for it to disintegrate afterwards, much to Tails' dismay.[1]




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