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The Hyper Zone Projector in use

The Hyper-wave Projector was a device created by the Guardian Hawking which was used to transport all of the various species on Angel Island into pocket zones.


Hawking used the device after the Dingoes attempted to wipe out the Echidnas in Echidnaopolis via nuclear strike. The missiles were destroyed when they struck the city's protective forcefield, but the harmful radiation began to spread throughout the island. In order to ensure the safety of the Floating Island's citizens, Hawking used the Hyper-wave Projector to transport all of the various species to their own pocket zones until he could restore the environment. (KtE: #5)

The effects of the Hyper-wave Projector were undone when Dr. Ivo Robotnik fired the Ultimate Annihilator, bringing Echidnaopolis, the Dingo city and the other native species to the island back to Mobius Prime. (StH: #50, KtE: #4)

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