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Metal Sonic absorbing the Hyper-go-on of a Pink Wisp, from "Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 2".

So anyway, these aliens are made up of a REALLY powerful energy source called Hyper-go-ons. It's inside of them...

Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic Colors (Wii)

Hyper-go-on[1] is a force that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the life source and energy of the Wisps.


Wisp Power

The Wisps using Hyper-go-on to restrain a black hole, from the Wii version of Sonic Colors.

Hyper-go-on materializes into a white, glowing substance.[2][3] It is a very strong energy that serves as the life force of Wisps and can be utilized for several other purposes. It is able to grant the use of Color Powers, convert itself to Boost energy, power machinery, convert Nega-Wisps back to their normal selves, and even teleport entire planets.

Hyper-go-on appears to be incompatible with the power of the Chaos Emeralds; during the Wisp incident, Sonic could not tap into any Hyper-go-on energy if he had the Chaos Emeralds on him, and during the Lost Hex incident, activating a Color Power would automatically shut off the Chaos Emeralds' power.

Color Powers[]

Main article: Color Power

By harnessing the Hyper-go-on energy from a Wisp, users are able to use its Color Power, transforming into a different form that grants special abilities such as new attacks or environmental advantages. The appearance of the transformation and the abilities obtained depends on the type of Wisp and its Hyper-go-on energy.


Sonic Colors[]


Dr. Eggman forcefully extracting Hyper-go-on from Wisps, from "Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps - Part 1".

In the Wii version of Sonic Colors and Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Dr. Eggman made a nasty scheme to conquer the earth that involved stealing the Hyper-go-on energy obtained from Wisps and converting it to negative energy to power both a massive mind control cannon and his Badnik army.[2] To accomplish this, he rounded up the planets inhabited by these creatures and connected them to Egg Planet Park. The doctor and his forces then made full-scale invasions on said planets to capture the local Wisps.[4] Additionally, the villain made sure to set up dozens of Wisp Capsules, Prison Capsules and small bases[2] across the park to extract Hyper-go-on from thousands[3] of unfortunate Wisps, a process of which turned them into Nega-Wisps. The energy was then stored inside giant tanks in the mind control cannon at the Tropical Resort.

During a battle between Sonic and the Rotatatron, the Hyper-go-ons' tanks were punctured by one of the latter's arms. As such, when Eggman tried firing the mind control cannon, it malfunctioned and backfired. This triggered a chain reaction that sent the accumulated negative Hyper-go-on energy flying in every direction. One burst of energy impacted the moon, coating it in a purple smoke. The uncontrolled energy then began to form a massive black hole that began consuming Egg Planet Park. Fortunately, the Wisps saved by Sonic used their Hyper-go-on to not only save him from the black hole, but also neutralize it, restore the Nega-Wisps to normal, and return their planets to their rightful places in the universe.

Sonic Lost World[]

In Sonic Lost World, Sonic would once again make use of the Wisps' Hyper-go-on energy to aid him while exploring the Lost Hex and taking on the Deadly Six.

Sonic Forces[]

In Sonic Forces, the Avatar made use of a variety of Wispons, handheld weapons designed to harness the Hyper-go-on powers of any one species of Wisp without inducing a transformation. Sonic would also make use of the White Wisps' Hyper-go-on in order to perform his Boost.

Team Sonic Racing[]

In Team Sonic Racing, Teams Sonic, Rose, Dark, Vector, and Eggman utilized the Wisps' Hyper-go-on energy for more recreational purposes: to attack each other's vehicles while partaking in Dodon Pa's Grand Prix.


  • An unused Dr. Eggman voice clip suggests that Hyper-go-on is more powerful than Chaos Emerald energy. However, since the line is unused, it cannot be guaranteed.
  • In Sonic Colors, whenever Eggman robs Wisps of their Hyper-go-on energy, they turn into Nega-Wisps. Despite this, when Sonic uses the Hyper-go-on energy to transform into a Color Power, the Wisps appear to be fine. This could be because Eggman completely drains the Wisps, whereas Sonic only uses some of their power.


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