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Hydran is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a resident from the Special Zone and the leader of the villainous Fundamental Four.


In the past, Hydran and the Fundamental Four were defeated by the Chaotix Crew and sent to prison. Four years later, the group escaped to get revenge on the Chaotix. Storing the Chaotix's Satellite Base, the Fundamental Four defeated the Chaotix despite Hydran briefly bickering with Flare when she nearly burned a hole in his suit, with Hydra subduing Mighty by strangling him.[2]

The Fundamental Four as a pot, from Sonic the Comic #81. Art by Nigel Dobbyn and Steve White.

Trapping the Chaotix in a machine, Hydran and his team prepared to liquidize their enemies as revenge,[2] although Hydran hesitated when he noticed Charmy was missing.[1] After a brief discussion, Hydran almost activated their machine when Charmy and the worker bees from the Hive attacked. As Hydran's suit was cut, thus releasing his water form, he and the Fundamental Four were defeated systematically by the bees who used their powers against them to fashion them into an pot, trapping them. Regardless, Hydran still remained conscious, angry over his predicament.[1]

Powers and abilities

Having a body made entirely of water, Hydran can stretch and contort his body to extreme limits.[2]


Hydran wore a specially-made stretchy suit with a fishbowl-like head. This suit served as vessel for his body, grating him a solid form to move around with while retaining his hydrokinetic shapeshifting abilities, like when he subdued Mighty the Armadillo by tying him up with his arm.[2]


Hydran is incapable of supporting the weight of his own mass when not in in a proper vessel. As such, without his suit, he is reduced to no more than "a puddle on the floor".[2][1]


  • Hydran's name is a play on the word "hydro" which is another word for "water".
  • Out of the Fundamental Four which represent the classical elements of Ancient Greece, Hydran represents water.
  • Just as the Fundamental Four are a parody of the Fantastic Four, Hydran appears to be a parody of Mr. Fantastic.
  • When speaking, Hyran's speech bubbles always had a white frame.


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