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This object exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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The Hurry and Go Home Version 1[1] is an object that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is a transporter created by Dr. Eggman as a "one-way ticket" for Chris Thorndyke to get back to Earth.



The "Hurry and Go Home Version 1" is a beige egg-shaped rocket pod with one window and a gyroscopically stable seat inside. When on the ground, it uses a yellow base to stand on.

Features and abilities

The pod allows dimensional transportation between Sonic's world and Earth when both planets are aligned with each other in time and space; any other time and travel will be impossible. Also, it only has power for one trip. After that, the pod becomes useless.[1]



Metarex Saga

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The Hurry and Go Home Version 1 flying toward the sky.

The "Hurry and Go Home Version 1" was created by Dr. Eggman to get Chris Thorndyke back to Earth for the doctor's own benefits. When Chris met up with Eggman and his crew, Eggman explained his creation, and that Chris only had three minutes to go home in it or he could be stuck on Sonic's world.[1]

Without time to say goodbye to his friends, Chris boarded the pod. Just as the pod left Sonic's dimension though, Chris caught a glimpse of Sonic running underneath, making him shred some tears.[1]


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