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Hunter (died 3237) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He was a rogue and ruthless Overlander poacher and a foe of Knuckles the Echidna. He first appeared on Angel Island, capturing Knuckles and his childhood rival Monk, only to be defeated by Knuckles. Following this, Hunter was captured and turned into a soldier by Dr. Eggman, who used him to locate and steal the Master Emerald as well as to send numerous Echidnas to the Egg Grape Chambers, only for Hunter to get killed by Super Knuckles in the process.


King of the Hill

Big Game

Hunter with his equipment.

Hunter first arrived on Angel Island some time in 3236, where he located Knuckles and his childhood enemy Monk.[2] Hunter captured Monk and had him brought back to his vessel while having Knuckles accompany him. Once inside, Hunter explained that he wanted to have a sporting hunt, and that he had chosen Knuckles and Monk specifically for it. Hunter forced Knuckles to participate in his hunt by threatening to kill Julie-Su if Knuckles refused. Forcing the two Mobians to wear electric shock collars, Hunter had them attempt to escape while he chased after them.[3] After locating them and killing Monk by making him fall off a high platform in Hydro Zone, Hunter was knocked out when Knuckles, overcome with rage, struck him with a blast from the Chaos Force. Afterwards, Hunter was imprisoned by the Brotherhood of Guardians in Haven for his crimes.[4]

Return to Angel Island

Death to the Hunter

Knuckles sending Hunter into the sea.

Hunter was freed by the Eggman-supported Dingoes during the take-over of Angel Island. Seeing potential in the villain, Eggman enhanced his fighting abilities and armed him with a "Chaos Spear" that allowed him to teleport his targets into captivity in New Megaopolis (and included a Control Collar to ensure that Hunter does Eggman's bidding, though his apparent hatred for Echidnas caused him to have some resistance). Once more however, Hunter was bested by Knuckles, who transformed into Super Knuckles and cast the Overlander into the sea, where he drowned.[5][6]


Before his death, Hunter captured numerous citizens of Angel Island, including Constable Remington, the Fire Ant Council, Xenin and others.[6]


As one of the greatest hunters on Mobius, Hunter takes a great deal of pride in said title, but never let it cloud his better judgement. Reserved and level-headed, he rarely allowed himself to panic under any circumstances, not even when being jumped by a giant gorilla. Underneath Hunter's calm exterior lies a homicidal being who makes no distinction between race or gender; all look fine on his wall. He does however acknowledge certain prey who prove worthy of the hunt, and showed disgust at a chaos-stripped Knuckles' inability to put up resistance.

Powers and abilities

A superb fighter in his own right along with a master hunter and formidable strategist, Hunter claimed to be able to take on Knuckles in a physical fight after studying him. He was also skilled in the use of various firearms and often used them in his hunts.



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