Humans (人間 Ningen?) are creatures in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are a sentient species and the most dominant beings on the earth.



Humans' anatomy is very similar to their real-life counterparts, although various depictions of them often stylize them as either realistic, semi-realistic, anime-like and/or cartoony with exaggerated features. Examples of humans with exaggerated features include Professor Pickle, whose eyebrows cover his eyes, and Dr. Eggman with his highly disproportional arms and legs.

Humans' skin tones can fall into multiple shades of colors, such as peach or brown. Their hair colors can also differ, though its never anything out of the ordinary, unlike most anthropomorphic animals. In terms of body shape, humans are much more diverse than anthropomorphic animals, as they can range greatly between different individuals.

Characteristics and culture

Humans, for the most part, are a very diverse species, living in many varied environments, from modern cities to more simpler settings. Depending on the locals and environment, humans may have different traditions and beliefs they follow. Politically, humans are divided among various nation-states, some of which include the United Federation which is lead by a president, and the Kingdom of Soleanna which is lead by a royal family. Despite the craziness and disasters that happen around them though, humans just want to get on with their lives, as they do not like to concern themselves with trivial matters, like the shattering of the planet. While humans have a history of causing many horrific incidents over the most trivial things, Amy Rose and Chip have attested that they are basically a good-hearted species.

While humans and anthropomorphic animals mostly co-exist, as shown by Rouge's involvement with the mostly human-exclusive organization, GUN, it would appear that there is at least some level of very apparent segregation between the two, given how Station Square, New City, and other cities across the world are populated by humans with no known anthropomorphic citizens in any of these locales outside of Amy.

Powers and abilities

Certain individuals among humanity have demonstrated exceptional intelligence and affinity for technology. This is evidenced by the complex machinery and inventions found in their cities, the different advanced mechs used by various parties, and their massive space stations orbiting the planet.


The Energy field created by the combined powers of Sonic and Elise.

Fundamentally, humans have no special powers. Only a very small percentage of them have demonstrated a small degree supernatural abilities. Princess Elise the Third, for example, has demonstrated the power of visions and the ability to create an energy field by combining her powers with others (although this may simply be due to her having Iblis sealed within her). Certain distinct individuals possess as well the ability to sense and communicate with spirits. The Duke of Soleanna has also demonstrated the ability to harness Chaos energy despite seemingly being a normal human.

Dr. Eggman is arguably the most superhuman of any human, exemplified by his surprising feats of strength and speed on various occasions.

In other media

Archie Comics

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, humans are said to be the ancestors of Overlanders, a species of devolved humanoids. Several thousand years ago, humans used to live on Mobius (back when the planet was still called "Earth") as the planet's dominant species. However, due to their actions towards the Xorda emissary, they antagonized the Xorda, causing them to drop Gene Bombs on the planet, eventually leading to the mutation of most humans into Overlanders and the animal kingdom into mobians. However, some humans survived and lived in isolation for thousands of years.[1][2] As such, humanity still maintains a presence on Mobius, albeit in much fewer numbers.

After the Super Genesis Wave, humans became regular inhabitants of Sonic's World, with little to no distinct differences between their game counterparts.

Sonic X

In the anime series Sonic X, humans reside on Earth, a parallel planet to Sonic's home world. In this media, humans are even more similar to their real-life counterparts than in the games, as their technology was almost nothing special until they studied the otherworldy E-Series robots. However, one man, Gerald Robotnik, does not fit this stereotype, as he was able to create things such as the Eclipse Cannon and even Shadow, although there are some hints that he may have had contact with Sonic's world at some point, given his knowledge of the Chaos Emeralds.[3][4]

A different group of humans also exist within Sonic's home universe, who appears to be several times more technologically advanced than even those on Sonic's planet, who are in turn more technologically advanced than the humans on Earth.[5][6]

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

In Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, humans with long pointy ears live on Planet Freedom. They appear to have a regular society akin to that of the United States which is lead by a president. The humans of Freedom live in floating islands above the sky and have long pointed ears.  Like in the video games, they live alongside anthropomorphic animals. The term human is never used in the series.

Sonic the Hedgehog (film)

In the Sonic the Hedgehog film, humans live on Earth, very much like real-life. They react to Sonic as if he is an otherworldly creature. The way humans behave in this universe are very similar to the humans of the anime series Sonic X.

Other appearances

In most other medias, such as Sonic Underground, Sonic the Comic, and Sonic Boom, Eggman is almost always the sole human known to exist, although some other humans can appear occasionally.

Notable Humans

Sonic the Hedgehog series

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)

Sonic X

Sonic Boom

Sonic the Hedgehog (film)

Archie Comics

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