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Hugo Brass was the former Commander-in-Chief of the Guardian Units of the Nation, later becoming its military strategist in 3236 while maintaining his rank of commander. Having direct communications with the President of Station Square, Commander Brass organized some of the most well known of G.U.N.'s operations.


Commander of G.U.N.

File:174px-Hugo Brass.jpg

Hugo Brass as the Commander of G.U.N.

Following the theft of Station's Square's Chaos Emerald from its bank by Shadow the Hedgehog, it was presumed that Sonic the Hedgehog was responsible, due to their similarities in appearance. Commander Brass organized the team to retrieve Sonic and bring him to Station Square for justice. He selected one of G.U.N.'s finest groups, Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2, to personally get the job done. (StH: #98)

Military Strategist

In the next encounter with the mobians , Commander Brass had been succeeded as Commander-in-Chief of G.U.N. by Commander Abraham Tower, becoming its military strategist in 3236. At a combined briefing between the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the President of Station Square, Commander Brass briefed the Freedom Fighters on their dragon situation. Suggesting the attacking dragon be "terminated with extreme prejudice", he also assigned Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 to accompany the Freedom Fighters on their mission. (StH: #107, SU: #1)

During the Xorda's attack on the planet, Commander Brass personally joined G.U.N. soldiers on the field of battle against the Quantum Dial. Both he and Tails assessed the situation together before the attack. (StH: #125)

When it was discovered that Dr. Eggman was planning to launch two nuclear missiles, one at Knothole and one at Station Square, Commander Brass personally discussed the situation with the President. Due to the Xorda's attack exposing the city to the outside world, Brass pressed that due to the city's vulnerability they should launch a pre-emptive strike against the Eggman Empire, rather than relying on Sonic the Hedgehog at the Freedom Fighters to stop the launch. The President however declined, stating they would only counter attack once Eggman's missiles were airborne. The President also informed Brass that he had attached his special operative, Rouge the Bat, to command the G.U.N. expeditionary force aiding the defense of Fort Acorn. (StH: #131)

Forced Turncoat

Eventually, Hugo Brass became a victim of the Eggman Empire, being brainwashed and Legionized. Once the process was complete, Brass was made a Dark Egg Legion Grandmaster, and led a chapter in Eurish. After receiving a faked transmission from Snively claiming Dr. Eggman had been killed, he was forcefully summoned to a meeting aboard the Death Egg Mark 2 along with the other Grandmasters, and ordered by the dictator to seek out a missing Blue Chaos Emerald while also expanding his chapter's territory. Brass was then dismissed and sent back to his post like the others to resume his duty.


  • His name probably comes from the Clock Company Hugo Boss, which also made Bronze Celebrity Watches.
  • Brass's last name likely comes from the term used for police officers.
  • In his first appearance, Brass appeared to have a G.U.N. logo on the back of his head, as if it were shaved that way, it also had the word G.U.N depicted under it.
  • In his first three appearances Brass was depicted as having white skin. However, in his most recent appearance, Brass was depicted with brown skin.
  • Brass' physical appearance in later issues bears some semblance to Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop.
  • Although Brass appeared to be the head of GUN in his first appearance, Flynn says that Brass should, for now, be treated as the head of operations in Station Square and Abraham Tower is the chief commander, until he decides what to do with Brass. In issues following his first appearance, Brass was labelled as "military strategist", suggesting he had been replaced as Commander-in-Chief and acted as G.U.N.'s strategist to the President.

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