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This object exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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The Hover Shoes (ホバークラフトシューズ Hobākurafutoshūzu?, lit. "Hovercraft Shoes") are objects that appear in the anime series Sonic X. It is a special pair of shoes created by Christopher Thorndyke for Sonic the Hedgehog to help him battle on water.



Resembling Shadow's shoes, the Hover Shoes are metallic with red heelcaps and vamps, yellow quarters, white cuffs around the topline and no toecap. They also have a thick white frame around the front section and five yellow jets along each grey sole.

When deactivated, the Hover Shoes turns into a large yellow egg-shaped device with a silver top.

Features and traits

Hover Shoes, sonic

The Hover Shoes active.

As their name implies, the Hover Shoes produce powerful air streams from their jets which let the wearer hover just above the ground and water surfaces. This is especially advantageous for Sonic who is incapable of swimming, allowing him to combat foes in the water.[1]



Metarex Saga

The Hover Shoes were created by Chris Thorndyke as a means of helping Sonic the Hedgehog on his adventures so as not to be a burden like in the past. Just as Sonic was falling into the sea on the flooded Planet Secco, Chris arrived in time to give the Hover Shoes to Sonic. With them, Sonic could defeat Metarex Gillmans and their boss in their home environment.[1]


Unnamed hover shoes

  • Pre-activated
  • Post-activated

An unnamed pair of shoes resembling the Hover Shoes (also created by Chris Thorndyke) has been used by Sonic on three known occasions.[2][3][4] The soles of these shoes have three holes each that produce energy, and the heels are covered in white plating with a built-in jet engine on each of them for acceleration. Each shoe also has a thin yellow plate across their vamp.

While the Hover Shoes work on water, this unnamed variant enables Sonic to spin faster or hover inside a Ring Tunnel. When activated, the shoes' soles are enveloped in pink energy while their jet engines burst out blue waves of energy for exhaust.[2][3]


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