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The Horse-Drawn Wagon[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. They are wagons that the player can ride in gameplay.


Horse-Drawn Wagons are wagons made of wood, with a single horse being used to pull it.


Horse-Drawn Wagons are only encountered at the beginning of Deep Woods. In gameplay, a player can ride a Horse-Drawn Wagons down an automated segment by making contact with it. At the end of the Horse-Drawn Wagon segment, the player will get off it automatically.

Sonic riding a Horse-Drawn Wagon from a third-person perspective.

While onboard a Horse-Drawn Wagon, the playable character's movements will be restricted to shifting left/right and small jumps while the wagon takes the player down the path in the level. The player is also still able to attack with their sword. During the ride, Crawling-Ones will pursue the wagon in an attempt to attack the playable character, but the player can destroy them with their sword when they get close.


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