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The Hornet-3[1] is a robot deployed by the military organization Guardian Units of Nations in Sonic Adventure 2, and a part of the Hornet series.


The Hornet-3 is the most basic of the Hornet series. It is black and gray in color, with red on the top of each of its arms. It has blue trim around the center of its body and a yellow "eye". Emblazoned just above this eye are the GUN logo and the number 05. The bombs it fires are cone-like in shape, primarily colored black, and have red lights around the front edges.


The Hornet-3 usually patrols an area, but will stop to arm its three bomb pods and throw them at passing enemies. Upon its destruction, it awards the player one hundred points. When playing as Tails or Eggman, the player can lock-on and shoot down its bomb pods along with the Hornet for additional points. 



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