The Horn[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are unlockable Car Cosmetics that can alter a car's horn.


Horns have no physical appearance, instead only appearing as sounds. However, the icon used to depict them resembles a yellow and red megaphone with no grip.


In Team Sonic Racing, Horns are basically Mods whose only purpose is to make changes to the horn of a playable character's race car, meaning they have no impact on a race car's stats.

In gameplay, Horns allow the player to change the sound a playable character's race car make when using the race car's horn. Each Horn makes a distinctive sound, and when equipped to a race car, then that race car will emit that Horn's sound when the horn button is pressed.

When starting out the game, the player will have a limited selection of Horns to choose from. However, by completing race tracks in Team Adventure and/or purchasing Mod Pods, the player can unlock additional Horns. A total of forty-five Horns are available in the game.

List of Horns


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