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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Hooter sitting on Bellok's shoulder.

Hooter is an owl who appears in Sonic Underground. It is the pet and best friend of Bellok and is almost always seen perched on his left shoulder. Bellok loves Hooter dearly and is very protective of it.[1]


Hooter has mainly gold-colored plumage with white-tipped wings, a brown patch on either wing, and what looks like stitches down the chest. Hooter appears to be an old-aged bird and usually has a bewildered or dazed expression on its face.


In a scheme to destroy the Sonic Underground, Sleet decided to trap the hedgehogs in Worst Castle and ambush them from outside, threatening to eat Hooter if Bellok didn't help him in his plot. As Bellok and Hooter were very close, he had no choice but to aid Sleet. Bellok later confessed his actions to Sonic and begged the hedgehogs to protect Hooter from Sleet, Dingo and the Swatbot battalion. The Underground managed to defeat the Swatbots and escape the castle via the mirror, saving Hooter from harm.[1]


Hooter owl

A different owl that resembles Hooter.

  • When Manic and Sonia are traveling to the castle, an owl that resembles Hooter can be briefly seen flying through the air, screeching and landing on a tree. It is unknown if this is Hooter, though it is most likely a different bird of the same species.
  • According to Bellok, Queen Aleena likes Hooter very much.


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