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"Hooked on Sonics" is the seventh episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite airing as the seventh episode of the series during the show's original run, it was initially produced as the eight episode of the series. It first aired on 30 October 1993.








The episode begins with the Great Forest being cut down by the Shredder, which is being supervised by Snively and three Swat-Bots, two of which are commandeering a Hover Unit. The Shredder then begins draining the life force energy from the fallen trees, which Snively explains to the Swat-Bot that Dr. Robotnik will use to power his new invention: the Sonic Radar. However, the Shredder's rampage is halted by the appearance of Sonic. One of the Swat-Bots wants to call for support, but Snively stops it and decides to entrust the destruction of Sonic to the Shredder. The Shredder itself opens its eye at the tip of one of its cables to take a look at Sonic, who makes the Shredder look the other way. Meanwhile, the other Freedom Fighters wonder what Sonic is doing; Antoine himself simply replies that Sonic is acting like a fool as usual. As the Shredder turns back to look at Sonic, the Shredder attacks him with its buzz saw, but misses him and instead cuts down another tree. Standing on the trunk under the Shredder, Sonic starts to run towards the robot's leg while the Shredder's eye cable follows him. However, all of Sonic's friends cover their eyes just as the Shredder begins to swing its buzz saw at Sonic from the front. Fortunately, Sonic avoids the Shredder's buzz saw, leaving it to destroy its own eye cable. The Swat-Bots in the Hover Unit proceed to attack Sonic with their lasers, only to hit one of the Shredder's leg instead. Sonic then makes the Shredder chase after him, making it trample over the Hover Unit in the process and forcing the Swat-Bots to declare retreat. The Shredder's other eye cable then begins chasing after Sonic, but Sonic manages to trick it into wrapping itself around the Shredder's own legs. As the Shredder then tries to move, it falls down and is destroyed. Sonic then celebrates himself before running away.

Back in Knothole Village during the night, where a bonfire has been lid, the Freedom Fighters congratulate Sonic on his victory. Sally in particular kisses Sonic, which Sonic soon after returns. While Tails thinks that kissing girls is gross, Antoine is jealous and wonders what Sonic has what he has not. Later, during the same evening, Antoine goes to the Lake of Rings where he talks to Rotor. As it turns out, Antoine is depressed because the love of his life is more interested in Sonic than in him. Rotor agrees that Sonic is a tough act to follow, and jokingly replies that it would take something major to get Sally's attention, like capturing Robotnik and bringing him to Knothole. Rotor then bids Antoine farewell and takes his leave. However, Antoine is taking Rotor's suggestion seriously. As Antoine wonders how he is going to pull this off however, he realizes that he can use a Power Ring.

In Robotropolis, Robotnik punishes his Swat-Bot for having failed to stop Sonic once again by dumping it into a pit. Afterward, he calls a nervous Snively to him. Furious that Sonic has managed to destroy his Shredder, Robotnik orders Snively to rebuilt it. Meanwhile, back in Knothole, Antoine is sleeping at the Lake of Rings. However, he tries (and fails) to keep himself awake. He is fully awakened however, by the emergence of a Power Ring from the lake. Although Antoine is too late to grab the Power Ring before it falls back into the water, Antoine manages to pull it out with a stick. With the Power Ring in hand, Antoine declares that Robotnik is his.

Sneaking into Robotropolis, Antoine hides from a Hover Unit as it passes by. After emerging from hiding however, he is almost caught by a patrol of Swat-Bots, who start to look for him with their flashlights after hearing him trip over some scrap. However, Antoine manages to lose the Swat-Bots by hiding on top of a ladder. Meanwhile, the Swat-Bots conclude that the noise they heard came from a mechanical rat after seeing one run by, and resume their patrol. However, Antoine is soon after discovered by a Surveillance Orb, which he shows the Power Ring to. Antoine then begins telling Robotnik about how he possesses a Power Ring through the Surveillance Orb. Seeing the surveillance video, Snively informs Robotnik, who is working on the Sonic Radar, of what the Surveillance Orb has picked up. Wanting the Power Ring, Robotnik sends Swat-Bots to capture Antoine. However, Antoine refuses to cooperate and demands that Robotnik comes alone to the city limits if he wants the Power Ring. Antoine then tries to hide the Power Ring in his backpack, but it falls out and gets stuck in-between some cables. However, Antoine manages to pull it out in time before the Swat-Bots appear. He also hits the Surveillance Orb when it tries to follow him, before disappearing into one of the alleys. Upon learning of Antoine's vanishing act, Robotnik orders Snively to prepare his hovercraft so he can meet up with Antoine and get the Power Ring. Meanwhile, back in the Great Forest, Sonic arrives at the Lake of Rings and notices that Antoine has disappeared. He sees, however, the stick Antoine used to pull the Power Ring out of the lake. Sonic also sees that there is some residual particles from the Power Ring on the stick, which makes him realize that they got an "Ant' problem".

Meanwhile, Antoine meets Robotnik outside Robotropolis. Antoine shows him the Power Ring, and Robotnik asks why Antoine would betray his friends. Offering him an answer, Antoine tells him to come and take the Power Ring first. As Robotnik approaches Antoine however, he falls into a pit trap that Antoine had set for him. Antoine then states his intention to tie up Robotnik and bring him to Knothole so he can stand trial for his crimes. However, Robotnik easily gets out of Antoine's pit by using the rockets on his boots. After flying out of the pit trap, Robotnik proceeds to fire lasers from his robotic hand at Antoine. As Antoine falls, Robotnik snatches the Power Ring from him and proclaims that he will now uncover its secrets.

Back in Knothole, Sonic and his friends have been unable to find Antoine anywhere. When Rotor receives the stick saturated in Power Ring particles from Sonic however, he guesses that Antoine has undertaken a mission to capture Robotnik. Sonic does not want to believe it, but Rotor admits that he had given him that idea to impress Sally. Worried about Antoine, Sally tries to convince Sonic to save him. Initially, she tries to reason with Sonic by telling him that Antoine would rescue him if he found himself in a similar situation. Sonic, however, does not buy that. As such, instead, Sally tells Sonic that they cannot let Robotnik have that Power Ring. Sonic is not concerned by that either though, as the Power Rings do not last long and can only be used by him. However, Sally insists that Robotnik might be able to uncover its secrets. Giving up, Sonic agrees to help Antoine. As Bunnie points out that there will not be another Power Ring for the next twenty-four hours, Sonic decides to take on Robotnik without one.

At Robotnik's base, Robotnik brings in Antoine. who is being guarded by two Swat-Bots, and places the Power Ring into the Sonic Radar. Thanks to this, Robotnik is able to track the location of Sonic with his Sonic Radar whenever the hedgehog is moving at supersonic speeds. Meanwhile, as Sonic speeds towards Robotropolis, Robotnik fires a laser from the Sonic Radar that almost hits Sonic. Sonic falls, but decides to keep going. As Sonic accelerates however, he is nearly hit by another shot from the Sonic Radar. Still, Sonic does not give up. After nearly getting hit by a third shot however, Sonic is forced to accept that he cannot use his speed. Seeing that Sonic has stopped moving on the Sonic Radar, Robotnik tells Snively to send some Swat-Bots to make sure that Sonic is finished. He then has Antoine sent to be turned into a Worker Bot. At the site of the impact of the Sonic Radar's laser, the Swat-Bots find the destroyed remains of one of Sonic's gloves. Deeming Sonic destroyed, the Swat-Bots return to their Hover Unit and fly back to Robotropolis. As they take off however, Sonic emerges from the bushes and walks towards Robotropolis. Back in said city, a Swat-Bot arrives at Antoine' cell and takes away Antoine.

Despite not using his speed, Sonic manages to sneak into Robotropolis unnoticed. During his trip, however, he notices a giant flying ferry fly over the city. Following the ferry to Robotnik's headquarters, Sonic sees the ferry pick up the rebuilt Shredder, along with Robotnik and Snively. Immediately after, Sonic hides as two Swat-Bots exit the building with Antoine in their grasp. As the Swat-Bots enter a Hover Unit and take their leave with Antoine, Sonic grabs onto the vehicle and rides with it. Meanwhile, Robotnik, Snively, the Swat-Bots and the Shredder arrive in the Great Forest were they place the Sonic Radar. There, Robotnik proclaims that in just a few short hours, the Great Forest will no longer exist. Meanwhile, Antoine is taken to the Roboticizer by the Swat-Bots, with Sonic following them in secret. As Antoine is put in the Roboticizer and the Swat-Bots turn it on however, Sonic immediately turns the machine off and lures the Swat-Bots away. As the Swat-Bots spread out to look for him however, Sonic hides on the ceiling. Once the coast is clear, Sonic returns to the Roboticizer room and frees Antoine, who tells him of Robotnik's plan to destroy the Great Forest. He also apologizes for giving Robotnik a Power Ring. Sonic calms him down however, and asks him if Robotnik has a machine that can track him whenever he is running. Antoine confirms this, and advices him not to run. Despite this, Sonic decides to carry Antoine on his back and run to the Great Forest as quickly as possible.

As Sonic and Antoine approaches the Great Forest, Snively detects their arrival on the Sonic Radar and begins firing at him upon orders from Robotnik. At first, Sonic is able to dodge the laser blasts, but upon arriving at the site of Robotnik and his lackeys, Sonic and Antoine find the Sonic Radar aimed at them. However, Sonic gets an idea. Taking Antoine with him, Sonic runs up on the Shredder and gets Robotnik to fire the Sonic Radar. Sonic and Antoine, however, get away from the laser blast in the last moment, leaving the Shredder to be blown to pieces. Despite this victory however, Sonic and Antoine soon find themselves surrounded by Swat-Bots and Robotnik. Robotnik then receives a Laser Rifle from his Swat-Bots and takes aim at Sonic. However, Antoine manages to pull out the Power Ring in the Sonic Radar and gives it to Sonic. Seizing the Power Ring and using it to boost his speed, Sonic is able to confuse both the Swat-Bots and Robotnik with his speed. Eventually, Sonic tricks Robotnik and his Swat-Bots into firing at the Sonic Radar as well, destroying that machine too. With Robotnik furious at his defeat, Sonic and Antoine decide to take their leave, bidding farewell to the doctor.

Back in Knothole Village, Antoine tells a made-up version of his adventure in which he himself is the hero. Sonic, Sally and the other however, eventually leave Antoine to his own storytelling. In the end, only Tails remains, who finds Antoine's story very interesting.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Russian Все без ума от Соника Everyone is crazy about Sonic
Ukrainian Схиблені на Соніку Mistaken for Sonic


  • The title of this episode is a reference to Hooked on Phonics, a popular commercial brand of educational materials originally designed for reading education through phonetics.
  • If one looks closely when Dr. Robotnik is about to fall into the pit, the viewer can see an exclamation mark appear for a split second.
  • Dr. Robotnik calls Antoine a "pathetic little rodent", possibly indicating his species which is never mentioned in the series. Though this could have been just an insult.
  • Antoine breaks the fourth wall by asking the viewers "Alright, tell me anything: What does that fuel have that I do not?" as Sonic and Sally walk away together.
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