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Quotation1.svg Muster multiple Motobugs to follow you down the track for a short while, damaging any rivals that touch them! Quotation2.svg
— Description, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

The Honor Guard is a Trap Item that appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.


The Honor Guard takes the form of three Motobugs in a triangle formation, both as an icon and on the tracks.


In gameplay, the Honor Guard can only be obtained at random from Item Boxes by Eggman. As with most other Items, Metal Sonic can also use the Honor Guard if he uses the Steal Item to steal it from the aforementioned users.

When used, the Honor Guard deploys a Motobug on every available lane on the track, except for the one that the user is on when activating this power-up. These Motobugs are always deployed just ahead of the user and will move down the lane they were deployed on a while before exploding, although they are not nearly as fast as the user themselves. If a playable character makes physical contact with the Honor Guard's Motobugs, they will be electrocuted, causing them to lose Rings and slow down for a moment. In addition, the eletrocution will destroy a random power-up in the playable character's inventory. Furthermore, these Motobugs are indestructible, meaning the players cannot destroy them with their offensive maneuvers. To avoid the Honor Guard, the player can either slip in-between the Motobugs or jump over them.

The Honor Guard can be upgraded by leveling the user up to level 4, 10 and 16 respectively. For each upgrade, the Honor Guard will last longer.

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