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The Homing Dash is a move used by Sonic the Hedgehog and other playable characters in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is a variant of the Homing Attack where the user zooms towards the target in a non-offensive manner.


When performing the Homing Dash, the user jumps into midair and homes directly into a target at high speed while leaving a colored trail, like the Homing Attack. Unlike the Homing Attack though, the users do not curl into a ball; instead, they move through midair like when using the Jump Dash.

In gameplay, the Homing Dash can lock onto nearby enemies and certain gimmicks, like blue fairies and Springs. However, it does not show a reticle over the current target, like the Homing Attack does. This technique cannot destroy Knights of the Underworld, as the player just bounce off them when making contact, but it can destroy Flappers.

To use the Homing Dash in gameplay, the player must press WiiDSA during a jump. If there is not targeted enemies or objects within attacking range, the player will perform the Jump Dash instead. The player can also press WiiDSA during a midair dash to cancel the move. When swinging Sonic's and Lancelot's swords while using Homing Dash, they will rip through all targets in their path, but in different styles.


  • The colored trail that the Jump Dash leaves after being performed, is absent in the Battle Mode.

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