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Holy Summit is a fighting arena in Sonic Battle. It can be considered the dominion of Chaos. It is also where the player can fight Chaos.


SB Holy Summit

The map of Holy Summit.

Holy Summit is a square-shaped arena. The entire field is covered in blue eyes and white snow, giving the arena mountainous appearance. In additon to gray rocks dotting the arena, there is also a broken railroad track in the upper right corner of the arena. Most noticeably however, is the square-shaped crater in the upper left arena of the arena and the lower right corner of the arena.


Emerl's Episode

After Dr. Eggman unveiled his newest Death Egg and its Final Egg Blaster, Emerl came to the Holy Summit to train with Chaos, learning some of the God of Destruction's techniques in time for the final battle against Eggman in the process.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
N/A Tatsuyuki Maeda. Kenichi Tokoi, Hideaki Kobayashi 3:09
Sonic Battle Holy Summit

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