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You may be looking for the Action Stage/Stage on this continent, Cool Edge.

Covered in snow, this northern land is gripped by extreme cold and dotted with houses built out of ice.

— Description, Sonic Unleashed[1]

Holoska (ホロスカ Horosuka?) is a Town Stage/Village that appears in Sonic Unleashed. Covered in snow, it is a small icehouse village located on the center of the earth's northern ice cap and the coldest place on the planet. Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip visited Holoska during their quest to restore a powerless Chaos Emerald and the village's broken continent following Dark Gaia's awakening.


The continent that Holoska is located on.

Holoska is a giant ice-covered continent which is inspired by the Inuit villages of the Arctic, along with the landscape and wildlife of the Antarctic due to the penguins and giant whales found there. It also has similar features to Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctica. Its name is inspired by Alaska, one of the 50 states that make up the United States of America.


Sonic Unleashed

During the beginning of Sonic Unleashed, Holoska's continent was torn away from the earth's mantle when Dr. Eggman awoke Dark Gaia, resulting in the planet shattering into pieces. After that, Dark Gaia's Minions slowly began to invade the area outside Holoska.

After they had restored Mazuri's continent, Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip traveled to Holoska when Professor Pickle revealed that he had pinpointed a Gaia Temple there. After getting to Holoska, Sonic and Chip managed to recover key fragments to the Gaia Temples in Cool Edge. However, because Holoska's Gaia Temple still remained hidden to them, Sonic and Chip left Holoska to investigate elsewhere.

Later, after restoring Spagonia's continent, Sonic and Chip returned to Holoska to search for more key fragments. In the dusk of night, the two of them entered Cool Edge again and successfully located the object of their search. Now having all the key fragments they needed, the duo was able to open the portal to Holoska's Gaia Temple, where they returned Holoska and its continent to their proper place with the Temple and the Chaos Emeralds after dealing with the Dark Moray that guarded the Temple entrance.

A while later, as Dark Gaia began casting the world into darkness while maturing into Perfect Dark Gaia, the inhabitants of Holoska watched in horror as the sky above the village turned dark, but soon after celebrated as the world returned to normal after Super Sonic and the Gaia Colossus defeated Perfect Dark Gaia.

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In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Holoska (Archie)


Chip after eating the Canned Horror.

  • Holoska could also be based on Finland (Holoska is in the north, they both have the same colors on their flag, and Jari-Pekka is a Finnish name).
  • One of the purchasable items in Holoska is the Canned Horror. When fed to Chip, it will cause him to utter random symbols, indicating that he is swearing.
  • A bonus cutscene from the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version show Sonic and Chip running through Holoska. In the cutscene, Chip gets tired and takes out a chocolate bar, but when he tries to eat it, he hurts his teeth since the candy was frozen solid (after Sonic knocks his finger on it out of curiosity).
  • Originally, the small shrines in Holoska contained what looked like swastikas on them.[3] In Sega's recent patch update, these were changed to look like window panes instead.
  • Holoska's name may be derived from the Russian for "is cold," holodna, and "Alaska."
  • In the internal data of the game, it was found that the original name of Holoska was simply "Snow."
  • Although it is located in an equivalent to the arctic, penguins live in Holoska, which are an animal that only lives in Antarctica.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Holoska - Day" Fumie Kumatani 3:01
"Holoska - Night" Fumie Kumatani 3:18


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